Bret “The Hitman” Hart attacked by fan during speech during WWE Hall of Fame show… my thoughts…


Last night on the WWE Network, I was watching the WWE Hall of Fame show and during Bret “The Hitman” Hart’s speech while he was honoring Jim the Anvil Neidhart, some idiot dumbass fan got into the ring and attacked the Hitman. When the incident happened on live TV on the WWE Network, the cameras got shut off immediately so the footage above is what you didn’t see on the WWE Network.

When the idiot fan attacked Bret, you can see that other wrestlers jumped in from the audience for his defense and to get the attacker out. The first two wrestlers that went in the ring to help Bret was Dash Wilder and Travis Browne. Dash is seen in the pink suit coat and black pants. He’s the one who punched the attacker out. Then other wrestlers joined in from the crowd. You can see Shane McMahon in there and all three members of the New Day. Also Drake Maverick and Davey Boy Smith Jr. were also in there.

Some of you may ask, why would some idiot attack Bret the Hitman Hart? Well Bret is a controversial figure in the world of professional wrestling. Bret is a pretty outspoken guy in interviews with the press. Bret is just a guy who speaks his mind in interviews and sometimes his thoughts/opinions aren’t for everyone. Sometimes he says things that upsets a lot of wrestling fans out there and the attacker must be one of his haters.

When it comes to Bret talking about the wrestling business in an honest and no holds barred kind of way, I don’t agree with everything Bret says but he’s still a human being. Bret didn’t deserve that whether you like him or not. What that idiot did was disgusting. Whether you like the Hitman or not, the guy is still a wrestling legend and one of the greatest of all time.

Words of warning, wrestling fans… don’t ever attack wrestlers in the ring or they’ll attack you in return. Wrestling maybe fake yes but these guys would have no problem pulling some real wrestling moves on you in order to protect their fellow wrestlers.

After the incident last night, I would think the WWE would be amping up security big time at Wrestlemania tonight so that it doesn’t happen again.

Glad the Hitman is okay, though. Some of you may ask, why didn’t Bret defend himself since he’s the greatest of all time? Well he is a 60 year old man and I would think he doesn’t have any wrestling left in him anymore so other wrestlers came in for his defense for that reason. Wrestling is fake, this is real life. I don’t think Bret would have been able to defend himself when that fan attacked him pretty quick.

This wasn’t the first time that wrestlers got attacked by fans. It happened many times before.



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