WWE announces their first WWE Hall of Fame inductee… congratulations D-Generation X… all members of D-X including Chyna are now inducted!!!

So the WWE announced their first WWE Hall of Fame inductee and that is a legendary wrestling stable named D-Generation X. All members of D-X which includes Triple H, Chyna, X-Pac, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg will ALL be included in this induction.


This is a well-deserved inclusion in the Hall of Fame and long overdue. D-X was a pretty big wrestling group in the 90’s during the Attitude Era. They accomplished a lot throughout the wrestling business over the years. D-X still do occasional appearances in WWE from time to time, though.

Fans have been trying to fight for Chyna to get inducted in the Hall of Fame and they finally succeeded. Chyna is finally in the Hall of Fame now which is well-deserved and long overdue as well.  Love her or hate her, Chyna did a lot for the business over the years. While Chyna is now in the Hall of Fame as D-X, this also means there’s a very good chance she’ll be inducted in the Hall of Fame individually someday too. When Chyna went as a solo performer, she was an extremely popular star and won over a lot of fans. She accomplished a lot in the wrestling business and she’s a legend. I’m a huge Chyna fan. Have been for a pretty long time and still am loyal to her today. I was bummed when she passed suddenly, although, it wasn’t a surprise.

The rest of the guys in D-X deserves to be in there too. They are all legends. I’m a lifelong wrestling fan and I’ve watched throughout the Attitude Era in the 90’s so I know all about D-X and what they’ve done.

D-X is what helped Triple H become a huge recognizable star in the business.

Hopefully the Undertaker will get inducted this year ’cause that’s long overdue too.


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