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Eric Bischoff answers my question about the rumored Macho Man and Stephanie McMahon past relationship on podcast…

On the “Ask Eric Anything” for the 83 Weeks w/ Eric Bischoff podcast show, I submitted a question to them on twitter asking what his thoughts are about the long rumored “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon past romantic relationship that won’t die.

Well surprisingly enough, they took the question and Eric answered. It’s not much of an answer, though. Eric just said that he “thinks nothing” of that rumor and said it is childish of people to even think or talk about that rumor. He also said he wouldn’t “stoop” so low to talk about it. He kind of slammed me for sending in a question like that, hahaha so it definitely sounded like Eric didn’t like being asked that question but he briefly answered it anyways.

If you’re curious to hear it yourself, give it a listen the “Ask Anything” and he answers my question toward the end of the podcast episode.

83 Weeks

Kind of a disappointing response to me, honestly ’cause I was hoping for an entertaining and honest response but instead I seem to have pissed him off a bit.

That’s okay, though ’cause it was just a question since it was “Ask him anything”, ya know? I’m just glad they took the question, though and I didn’t think they would.

I understand why they don’t want to talk about a hard topic like that ’cause to me it sounds like they are scared of lawsuits and things like that. “Ask Anything” is all about asking hard questions and that’s the name of the game.

Just thought I would show this to you all.


Should “Macho Man” Randy Savage have been treated better by Vince and WWE??? I don’t understand why they would disrespect him???

Last night on the WWE Network, I was watching this “Macho Man” Randy Savage documentary. It’s called, “The Randy Savage Story” which is about an hour and a half long and it’s a very good documentary, actually. Probably one of the best documentaries made for a wrestler that was made for a Randy Savage DVD set.

After I finished watching it, I immediately thought to myself, “Man, Randy should have been treated better by Vince and the WWE’. Yup, Randy should have been treated better.

The reason why Randy Savage never returned to WWE later in the years is not because Vince wanted nothing to do with him, it’s actually the other way around. Randy never wanted anything to do with Vince. Why? It’s because when Randy left WWF/WWE for WCW, Vince made this video segment that they aired on WWF television… a segment that features the Huckster and Nacho Man that makes fun of Hulk Hogan and Randy. That video really upset Randy ’cause the video brought up Miss Elizabeth in it which was what really set him off. I think Vince was upset at Randy leaving WWF for WCW so he made that video in retaliation. Randy’s brother, Lanny Pofo said on the documentary that’s why Macho Man never returned to the WWE later on. Vince really hurt Randy with that dumb video.


The reason why Randy was late getting in the Hall of Fame was not because Vince didn’t want him in, it was because Randy himself didn’t want in. After Randy died in 2011, Lanny held back on Randy’s induction into WWE Hall of Fame a lot longer and then finally gave WWE the greenlight in 2015. While Vince and Randy had a rocky relationship over the years, Vince still loved him ’cause he still couldn’t deny his wrestling legacy in WWE which was why Vince made DVDs for Randy and finally got him in Hall of Fame.

That Hukster and Nacho Man video was unnecessary though and Vince should have known better.

Before Randy died, it would have been cool though if Randy came out of wrestling retirement and made another run in WWE. Imagine that? Sadly, it never happened ’cause Randy didn’t want it to happen at the time but later before Randy died, I think Randy was planning a comeback to the WWE. Lanny said that before Randy’s passing, he was just burying the hatchet with Hulk Hogan which what would have lead to another WWE run… Lanny said Randy would have wanted his final match to be against Shawn Michaels at a Wrestlemania.

Lanny Poffo Says Randy Savage Had Plans For A Final WWE Run, Talks Randy Reconciling With Hulk Hogan, More

Imagine that? Macho Man vs. HBK at a later Wrestlemania would have been great but too bad we never got to see that, though. It was gonna happen and the match was in the works but then Randy died in that car accident.

One thing I find interesting about Randy Savage was his speaking voice, you know he has that deep scratchy voice that he’s known for? Well that voice isn’t acting, he really talked like that. It was his real speaking voice which is funny.

I remember being so bummed when Randy passed ’cause he was my favorite over the years.




Was “Macho Man” Randy Savage’s past relationship with Stephanie McMahon true??? It’s looking more and more likely that it could be…

Those rumors of wrestling legend “Macho Man” Randy Savage dating Stephanie McMahon back when she was younger is nothing new. These rumors have been around for years… even Randy Savage’s brother, Lanny said it happened.

Now one of Randy’s past girlfriends, Gorgeous George said it was true during an interview… George said Randy accidentally told her the truth when he didn’t mean it, ya know… a slip up.

Randy Savage is not around to defend himself or confirm whether or not the news is true ’cause he died in May of 2011. Another way to see whether or not this story is true is to hear from Stephanie McMahon herself.

New information regarding Randy Savage & Stephanie McMahon’s rumored relationship

Ever since this news got out years ago, Vince McMahon the owner of WWE wanted nothing to do with Macho Man ever since. I bet this could be why Randy’s Hall of Fame induction was late… Randy finally got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame after he died, though. The rumors could also be why Randy never had a final comeback or a final match in WWE before he passed.

I believe at the time when Randy dated Stephanie, she was underage, I think and Vince is very protective of his family and WWE company. This is why Vince tried to erase Randy’s legacy as a way to protect the McMahon family and the WWE company.

Like I said above, the only way to tell whether this is true or not is we need to hear from Stephanie McMahon (Vince’s daughter) but I doubt she will speak out about it. Probably to protect herself and to protect her marriage with Triple H.

Since this rumor and speculation will never die, you’d think Stephanie would finally speak out about it??? Who knows… maybe she will put out a statement but I doubt it, though. She kept quiet about this for a long time and will probably continue to keep it quiet. If Steph did speak out then it would probably end her career in WWE and end her marriage with Triple H if it turned out true. Only Stephania knows whether or not this is true and I’m sure this latest news about Gorgeous George talking about it, made Steph a little nervous.

Randy’s a legend, though. “Macho Man” has always been one of my top 10 favorite wrestlers, he’s right up there. I’ve always believed that Randy could have been treated better by WWE and it’s wrestlers ’cause he was never treated well the way I saw things. That’s because I think people were jealous of his legacy and that’s all it is. Randy was huge, probably bigger than Hulk Hogan and I think that’s why they tried to disrespect his legacy.


Why I don’t agree with Hulk Hogan inducting “Macho Man” Randy Savage in the Hall of Fame…

Before Randy’s tragic death, the real-life feud between Randy and Hulk Hogan is well-documented. Here’s a few videos for you to see for yourself. Randy never liked Hogan and I’m sure Randy is rolling in his grave with WWE’s decision on having Hulk induct him.

I wish the WWE Universe would get some kind of petition going and try to get the WWE to have somebody else induct Randy in the Hall of Fame. Hogan is a horrible choice.

Hogan himself often talks about his feud with Randy over the years but the last thing you wanna do is trust Hogan and believe in his lies. I’m almost 100% sure it’s not true that Randy and Hogan buried the hatchet before Randy passed.

What was Vince thinking agreeing Hulk to induct Randy?


“Macho Man” Randy Savage to finally be included in the WWE Hall of Fame…

Took them long enough. The WWE Hall of Fame is just as bad as the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Too many wrestlers not inducted yet who are deserving.


Other wrestlers that deserve to get in are:

Owen Hart
Chris Jericho
The Undertaker
The Rock

Yeah, I said Chris Jericho. You may not agree with it but Jericho aka Y2J accomplished a lot in the WWE. He was the first to win the Undisputed Champion and he had too many great feuds & matches over the years. He will definitely make his way in there someday, though. If you think that Jericho doesn’t deserve it, then you are insane. He spent many years in wrestling so he’s definitely considered a legend by now, in my opinion.


Cool Video: Hulk Hogan posts his tribute video on Randy Savage…

Over the years, there’s been a lot of speculation in the wrestling community that Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan always hated each other. Well this video should put the hate accusations to rest because this is good enough proof that Hulk always respected the Macho Man.

While I don’t like Hulk Hogan myself, this is actually a good video. Good on Hulk for once!


Thought: Why the Macho Man means so much to so many people…

Some of you may ask, why is the Macho Man so important? Why is he a big deal in the news? Not only he is a favorite in the wrestling industry, he is also a favorite to a lot of non-wrestling fans as well. The Macho Man is a great actor, entertainer and live performer. He is the king of making memorable catchphrases that everyone can impersonate. He can make memorable catchphrases more than any other wrestler out there. He was also a phenomenal wrestler and a great bodybuilder. He had an amazing physique. He was still in great shape even in his 50’s. He was a very lean and muscular guy.

He is an inspiration to people of all ages, from children to adults. Why? Simply because, he is a love-able person. People are interested in his image. The full bearded look, sunglasses, long hair, and bandanna. He was also funny and entertaining. People also loved the clothes he wore when he performed in the ring.

In my opinion, it was the Macho Man that made professional wrestling mainstream, not Hulk Hogan. Many wrestlers over the years became wrestlers because of Macho Man. If there was no Macho Man, there would be no Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair or the Ultimate Warrior. Randy Savage means a lot to so many people. He was a hero, not just in the wrestling industry, Randy Savage was a hero to everyone in the world.

You would see Macho Man everywhere you go. I’m also sure you would hear at least one person say, “Ooooh yeeeeeahhh”, which is the most impersonated catchphrase. Macho Man was the king of the entertainment industry. The Slim Jim commercials and made a few cameos for a few films.

Lets hope Vince McMahon will let Macho Man in the Hall of Fame next year. I still can’t believe he’s gone. I’ve been a die hard Macho Man fan, for years. He did what he did, because loved to entertain people. He liked to make people smile and laugh, that’s what he did this for. He was one of the best entertainers in the world and no one could top him ever.

He maybe gone but the wrestling industry needs to keep his legacy alive by letting him in the Hall of Fame, release more Macho Man DVD’s, action figures, etc. Anything to keep him remembered. Yes, the wrestling industry lost a lot of legendary wrestlers over the years such as Eddie Guerrero and more. Macho Man was special and he’s gonna be missed.

In his honor, I plan to watch the Macho Man 3 disc DVD set this weekend.


RIP: “Macho Man” Randy Savage 1952 – 2011

When I was a kid, I started watching professional wrestling because of none other than, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, a wrestler who is most well known for his famous catchphrase, “Oooooh yeeeaaahhh”.
That’s when I became addicted to old school WWF. I still watch wrestling today because of him. Randy Savage is, in my opinion, the true legend of wrestling. There is none other like him. He was also one of the best performers in professional wrestling who had the best microphone skills than any other wrestler in history. He put on some pretty amazing promos over the years.

Randy Savage worked for WWE from 1985 – 1994, having some of the most memorable feuds against Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Ultimate Warrior… being a few of his most well known opponents. Throughout the years of WWF, he had managers Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan and Classie Fredie Blassie by his side. Later in the years, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage teamed up together for a tag team called, The Mega Powers. Randy Savage retired from WWF in 1991 after beating “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan to become “King of the Ring”.

Later that year, Savage made a WWF comeback to feud with Jake the Snake Roberts. Around then, that’s when the relationship storyline with Miss Elizabeth began. This is where Ric Flair comes in to feud with Randy Savage, Ric tries to steal Miss Elizabeth from Randy Savage. This is Randy Savage’s most famous storyline. The Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage feud was a classic.

After the feud was over, Randy teamed up with the Ultimate Warrior to form a tag team called, the Ultimate Maniacs where they continued to feud with Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect. In 1993, Randy Savage became a color commentator instead of a wrestler, then he retired from WWF for good in 1994, to join Ted Turner’s wrestling company, WCW.

In WCW, Randy Savage would continue to feud with Flair until Savage joined Hulk Hogan’s, nWo group in 1997. Randy Savage retired from WCW in 1999. In 2004, Randy Savage made a return to wrestling for Jeff Jarrett’s “TNA”. Randy only stayed there for a year. He mostly feuded with Jeff Jarrett.

After, Savage’s brief TNA run, Savage retired from wrestling for good. He started to star in a string of “Slim Jim” commercials, which he is also most famous for. Last year at the San Diego Comic Con, Randy Savage appeared via satellite to promote the upcoming Mattel WWE action figures. That was the last we heard from Randy Savage in the wrestling business.

This is a very sad loss for the wrestling industry. The wrestling world lost a great one. I am pretty devastated. He has a been a favorite of mine for years. I was hoping for a Randy Savage WWE comeback but it’s never going to happen now. He was one of the greats. An inspiration. A hero to us all. He will be missed. RIP, the “Macho Man”, Ooooooohhhh yeah. Snap into it!


Cool Video: The Macho Man Randy Savage reveals new toy by Mattel!!!

OMG!!!! Even the Macho Man Randy Savage was at SDCC! Well sort of. Randy Savage was actually there, via satellite screen. The reason WWE was there this year at SDCC was that they were there to introduce new action figures made by Mattel. Randy was on a screen to introduce, “The Macho Man” toy. Guess what folks? Randy played the  “Macho Man” in character!!! After all these years Randy’s been away from wrestling, he still has it! He STILL plays “Macho Man” very well, it even put a smile on my face! COME ON RANDY, please come BACK TO THE WWE for one last run! If Bret Hart can do it, so can The Macho Man! Randy Savage just hinted a return to wrestling in 2011???

Enjoy this awesome video!!! 🙂


Thought: Brock is seriously calling for a “Macho Man” Randy Savage return to the WWE…

So I finally picked up the “Macho Man” Randy Savage DVD, “Macho Madness” over the week. I haven’t watched all of it yet, I’m just starting to watch the first disc since this is a 3 DVD set. I have a lot to watch ’cause there’s so much to watch on this thing.

I wonder why Randy Savage has never made a return to WWE. He did make a brief return to TNA way back in 2004, that was about it. I want the “Macho Man” to come back to the WWE for one last run. If Hulk Hogan already did it, so can Randy Savage.

Yeah, I know Vince McMahon and Randy Savage, never got along too well in real life. Since the WWE just released a DVD dedicated to Randy Savage, it’s quite obvious Vince McMahon still has a lot of respect and love for him.

Maybe Randy Savage will agree to one last WWE match when he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame? I certainly would love to see Ric Flair vs. Macho Man again!

Macho Man was one of my favorite wrestling characters back in the 80’s. I haven’t watched the rest of the DVD yet, but will this weekend. All wrestling fans wants a Macho Man return to the WWE. Sure, Randy is getting old, his hair is white now and has a grey beard, but I wish he would give what the fans want is give us one last “Macho Man” WWE run, ooooohhhh yeahhhhh…