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Cool Video: Dolph Lundgren finally responds his thoughts on the upcoming “Masters of the Universe” re-boot…

While promoting the new “Expendables 2” movie with IGN, they asked Dolph Lundgren his thoughts on the upcoming “Masters of the Universe” re-boot, on whether or not, Dolph approves of it. Well, it seems that Dolph is all for it ’cause he just said it’s a good idea. Will Dolph be willing to make some kind of appearance in the film? He said he would, but he would not play the He-Man character again because of his age. Keep in mind, Dolph was young when he first played the He-Man role. I would think he was around the early 30’s back then. Dolph said he would rather play the King (in which he is referring to the character, King Hiss, or maybe King Randor).

The original “Masters of the Universe” film with Dolph didn’t do well in the box office and got mixed opinions. The film still gets mixed opinions to this day, but I love the film very much. It’s a shame we didn’t get a sequel with Dolph like originally planned. I thought “Masters of the Universe” was a fun movie and a great action film.

For the new film, I think the entire film should be taken place on the home planet of Eternia, instead of on Earth in our present time. The new “Masters of the Universe” will probably be action packed and will probably be a big CGI fest, will probably be in 3D but, I’m hoping they’ll stay faithful to the action figures and cartoon series. I think a reboot is a good idea too. He-Man deserves a proper film since the last one failed. It deserves another try.

Who’s going to play the new He-Man? I can think of two different actors for that character and it would be appropriate if they use a younger actor who is big and muscular. The two best candidates for the new He-Man would be either Chris Hemsworth (Thor) or Jason Momoa (Conan, Game of Thrones). They need to cast someone for Teela, Man at Arms, Skeletor, and Evil Lynn. I also hope they make a better Beast Man too.

Lets hope they don’t bring back the Gwildor character from the original film ’cause I hated that character, he was the only thing I didn’t like about the original, “Masters of the Universe”.


Report: WWE not going back to TV-14 anytime soon, folks, sorry!

During the Linda McMahon and Blumenthal election in Conn., the WWE has gotten many complaints from die hard fans that they are not liking the PG rating and fans wants WWE to go back to the TV-14 era. Fans want WWE to go back to bloody violence, sexy divas and swearing/bad language in WWE like in the Attitude Era days. The WWE doesn’t plan to go back to that anytime soon.

Why? Not only that John Cena helps sells a lot of merchandise and he is popular with kids, since WWE teamed up with Mattel last year, they had no choice but to go to PG rating. Mattel toys are selling so well. So it’s a business decision, it really has nothing to do with John Cena, it’s all about Mattel.

More on it, here.

Oh well, if people don’t like the PG rating with WWE, they can always watch TNA. TNA wrestling has all the bloody violence and sexy women that WWE once had. I’ll admit it, that I do miss the TV-14 rating in WWE myself.


Cool Video: The Macho Man Randy Savage reveals new toy by Mattel!!!

OMG!!!! Even the Macho Man Randy Savage was at SDCC! Well sort of. Randy Savage was actually there, via satellite screen. The reason WWE was there this year at SDCC was that they were there to introduce new action figures made by Mattel. Randy was on a screen to introduce, “The Macho Man” toy. Guess what folks? Randy played the  “Macho Man” in character!!! After all these years Randy’s been away from wrestling, he still has it! He STILL plays “Macho Man” very well, it even put a smile on my face! COME ON RANDY, please come BACK TO THE WWE for one last run! If Bret Hart can do it, so can The Macho Man! Randy Savage just hinted a return to wrestling in 2011???

Enjoy this awesome video!!! 🙂


Report: Universal will bring us “Barbie” to the big screen…

Universal Pictures will now officially bring us, “Barbie” to the live action screen, the film studio made a deal with Mattell toy company. As everyone knows, “Barbie” is the most famous toy in the world.

Variety Reports:


I know this movie is getting a lot of mixed opinions, but sorry to say, I think “Barbie” getting a live action movie, deserves it, seriously. All the little toddler girls that collect these toys deserve a Barbie live action movie. Those of you who are parents out there, don’t you agree?

When I was a kid, I used to think Barbie toys were pretty fascinating. I couldn’t help myself but take the toys and undress them, because they make boobs on these Barbie toys. Men shouldn’t be afraid to admit that they played with Barbie toys when they were kids too because they had a sexual fascination with them. Men are attracted to Barbie toys, they gotta admit that.

As for who I think will play Barbie and Ken.

For Barbie, I think they will go for someone from the pop music industry. Don’t be surprised if they will get Britney Spears for this. They need an actress where little girls that can look after. Miley Cyrus wouldn’t be bad, but she’s too young. They’ll probably go with Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson, somebody like that.

As for Ken, same thing, they need a guy that girls can look after, probably Robert Pattison or Justin Timberlake.

A “Barbie” movie can actually be interesting depending on the plot and the cast. It’s nothing I would see in theater, but might wait for DVD depending on how interesting it looks.


Report: Warner Bros. will not make, “Masters of the Universe”…studio parts ways with Mattel on He-Man project…

Hollywood seems to be giving no love to He-Man. Warner Bros. parted ways with Mattel and dropped out of the new He-Man movie. “Masters of the Universe” that Joel Silver has been working on for a long time.

Variety Reports:


I think Warner Bros. is worried that the reboot of He-Man is going to fail. They were the same studio that made “Masters of the Universe” 1987 version that starred Dolph Lundgren, which that film bombed and didn’t do well in box office.

I don’t see the project ending for good. The new “Masters of the Universe” will probably get picked up by either Paramount or Twentieth Century Fox. It may as well be Fox.


Report: Tom Hanks is Major Matt Mason…

Universal Pictures is bringing the “Major Matt Mason” action figures made by Mattel to the live action big screen. Tom Hanks has signed on to star the leading role as the “Major Matt Mason” character. The Matt Mason toys were first made way back in 1966. They are a group of astronauts that worked on the moon and lived in a space station.

Mattel toys is also working with Joel Silver for a reboot of “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” live action film.

Variety Reports: