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The upcoming new “Masters of the Universe” movie gets a writer…

A “Masters of the Universe” reboot is still in the works but they just hired a new writer. Christopher Yost, who was the writer for the first two “Thor” films and the writer for the upcoming 3rd Thor film has been hired to write the new “Masters of the Universe” reboot.

Plot details of the new “Masters of the Universe” movie is being kept underwraps but they do give us a little bit of what the story is gonna be about. They want the new He-Man movie to forget the origin story. They don’t want to focus on the beginning of He-Man’s and Skeletor’s feud. Instead, they’re gonna jump right into the story and Skeletor plans to take over Eternia. Looks like the next movie will be taking place on Eternia instead of Earth this time which is cool.


Which is funny ’cause I just re-watched the 1987 “Masters of the Universe” movie with Dolph on Netflix the other night and it’s still a great movie. I’m a huge fan of the He-Man character. Always has been. When I was a kid, I used to watch the He-Man cartoon series all the time and I used to collect all the action figures. It’s a real shame that a sequel to that film never happened when it was going to.

Why didn’t a “Masters of The Universe II” happen when it was going to? It had something to do with Dolph not willing to return and also had something to do with budgeting and copyrights. They were getting ready to film “Masters of the Universe II” with a different actor playing He-Man but Cannon films owed Mattel a lot of money for rights of the characters and they also owed Marvel a lot of money for the Spiderman movie they were planning so for that reason they had to cancel both projects.

More on it here:


Dolph never enjoyed playing the He-man role ’cause he didn’t like the costume he was wearing for the film. He was embarrassed being half-naked for that role, ya know? So I don’t think you’ll ever see Dolph back in the He-Man role ever again.

I hope they do a good job with the new “Masters of the Universe” reboot and it’s gonna be interesting to see who they’re gonna get for He-Man and Skeletor. I’m sure the new film will be action packed. Lots of special effects and CGI too. I hope they use Battlecat for the next film ’cause that would be badass. They didn’t use Battlecat for the 1987 film.

It’s interesting that the new He-Man movie is taking a long time to make. Sometimes movies take a long time to make, small baby-steps. I think it’s because they’re being more careful with this one and want to make this one a good movie since the 1987 film failed in the box office.


First look at Battle Cat for new “Masters of the Universe” movie…

Pretty cool. This is Battle Cat. This is the pet tiger that wears armor and the animal that He-Man rides in the cartoon series and action figures. This will be for the new “Masters of the Universe” film. The armor on the cat is pretty similar to the one from the cartoon series.

I’m a huge fan of the “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” cartoon and still am. Used to watch it obsessively when I was a kid and I used to collect all the action figures.

I even loved Dolph Lundgren’s version of the “Masters of the Universe” live action movie. The Dolph version wasn’t successful and didn’t get positive reviews but I thought it was a good He-Man movie. It was fun to watch and the action scenes in that film were awesome. Even though Dolph himself never liked his He-Man character, I thought he made the perfect He-Man. I also loved Frank Langella as “Skeletor”. I was hoping a sequel to that movie will happen but it never did.

Dolph would obviously be too old to be playing He-Man again and he said himself that he will never play that role again but still I can see him getting a different role in the new He-Man movie, though. Maybe a Dolph cameo will be cool too. Maybe Dolph can even play Skeletor, who knows.

Anyway, my choices for the new He-Man would be: Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa and Henry Cavill maybe? The new He-man is probably gonna be young and muscular.

Skeletor is probably still gonna be the main villain and I’m sure they will bring all the other main characters back such as Man-At-Arms, Teela, The Beastman, Evil Lynn and I’m sure they will bring in new characters. Also, who’s gonna be playing the new Sorceress of Grayskull?

I’m looking forward to the new He-Man movie and I hope the next movie will be taken place on planet Eternia throughout the whole film instead of planet Earth.


25 years ago today, “Masters of the Universe” was released…

Today, Canon Films, Gary Goddard and Dolph Lundgren celebrated the 25th Anniversary, of “Masters of the Universe”. The film was released August 7th, 1987. Like always, the film didn’t do very well in the box office and the reception wasn’t very good by the public either. I thought the film was good for what it was. Sure, it had some problems, but it’s just a fun action movie, that’s pretty much the only reason I liked it. The story had some problems, plot holes and didn’t stay faithful to the He-Man story, but it was still a fun movie. It’s a shame that we didn’t get a sequel, with Dolph as He-Man. Thanks to Sylvester Stallone who got Dolph Lundgren a role in “Rocky IV” as Ivan Drago, “Masters of the Universe” helped him become a well known star back in the 80’s. After the “Masters of the Universe” role, Dolph went on to even bigger films such as “Red Scorpion”, “The Punisher”, and “Universal Soldier”. After the “Universal Soldier” movie, he made straight to video movies for most of his career.

In Dolph’s official facebook page, the man looks back in the days of his “Masters of the Universe”, filming. He says it wasn’t easy for him, since he is a Swedish actor and he had to get used to the United States style of things.

Read Dolph’s interesting write up about “Masters of the Universe”, here.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Warner Bros., and Mattel are going to do with the He-Man reboot. He-Man deserves a good live action movie and a successful one, so hope they get it right next time around.

“Masters of the Universe” will be getting a Blu Ray release in Oct., which I will be getting.


Cool Video: Dolph Lundgren finally responds his thoughts on the upcoming “Masters of the Universe” re-boot…

While promoting the new “Expendables 2” movie with IGN, they asked Dolph Lundgren his thoughts on the upcoming “Masters of the Universe” re-boot, on whether or not, Dolph approves of it. Well, it seems that Dolph is all for it ’cause he just said it’s a good idea. Will Dolph be willing to make some kind of appearance in the film? He said he would, but he would not play the He-Man character again because of his age. Keep in mind, Dolph was young when he first played the He-Man role. I would think he was around the early 30’s back then. Dolph said he would rather play the King (in which he is referring to the character, King Hiss, or maybe King Randor).

The original “Masters of the Universe” film with Dolph didn’t do well in the box office and got mixed opinions. The film still gets mixed opinions to this day, but I love the film very much. It’s a shame we didn’t get a sequel with Dolph like originally planned. I thought “Masters of the Universe” was a fun movie and a great action film.

For the new film, I think the entire film should be taken place on the home planet of Eternia, instead of on Earth in our present time. The new “Masters of the Universe” will probably be action packed and will probably be a big CGI fest, will probably be in 3D but, I’m hoping they’ll stay faithful to the action figures and cartoon series. I think a reboot is a good idea too. He-Man deserves a proper film since the last one failed. It deserves another try.

Who’s going to play the new He-Man? I can think of two different actors for that character and it would be appropriate if they use a younger actor who is big and muscular. The two best candidates for the new He-Man would be either Chris Hemsworth (Thor) or Jason Momoa (Conan, Game of Thrones). They need to cast someone for Teela, Man at Arms, Skeletor, and Evil Lynn. I also hope they make a better Beast Man too.

Lets hope they don’t bring back the Gwildor character from the original film ’cause I hated that character, he was the only thing I didn’t like about the original, “Masters of the Universe”.


Report: Sony gets “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” movie…

See? I told you it wouldn’t take long for the new “Masters of the Universe” to get a new studio. It seems that Sony has picked it up.

Variety Reports:


Very cool.

I really am looking forward to this. I am also happy that the new He-Man movie will be taking place on Eternia and not planet Earth like the old movie.

I hope the new one stays true to the cartoon series and the action figures.


Report: Warner Bros. will not make, “Masters of the Universe”…studio parts ways with Mattel on He-Man project…

Hollywood seems to be giving no love to He-Man. Warner Bros. parted ways with Mattel and dropped out of the new He-Man movie. “Masters of the Universe” that Joel Silver has been working on for a long time.

Variety Reports:


I think Warner Bros. is worried that the reboot of He-Man is going to fail. They were the same studio that made “Masters of the Universe” 1987 version that starred Dolph Lundgren, which that film bombed and didn’t do well in box office.

I don’t see the project ending for good. The new “Masters of the Universe” will probably get picked up by either Paramount or Twentieth Century Fox. It may as well be Fox.


Confirmed: John Stevenson is the director of the new “He-Man” live action movie…

The new live action “He-Man” movie which is being produced by Joel Silver and being developed by Warner Bros., finally has a director. “Kung Fu Panda”, co-director John Stevenson has been signed to helm the new He-Man flick simply titled, “Masters of the Universe”.

Stevenson at first wasn’t interested in directing the film, he came close to turning it down, but then he immediately jumped on the opportunity when he visited the Mattel headquarters to a secret room where it had the classic He-Man action figures locked up.

The He-Man character was already made into a live action movie that starred Dolph Lundgren as He-Man and Frank Langella as Skeletor, but the film bombed. Now that the next He-Man reboot will be taking place on his home planet of Eternia, He-man fans would be in for a treat! The script is written by Justin Marks.

Variety Reports:


Glad they’re moving forward with the film and found a director, that’s awesome. Now the film has finally hired a crew, they need to start casting now. I hope they find a good actor for He-Man, Man at Arms, Teela, Skeletor, and the Sorceres of Grayskull. Just don’t bring the Gwildor character back!!!!!

For He-Man, why not bring Dolph back? Dolph made a perfect He-Man portrayal, and I think it would be great if they got him again. He’s still doing action flicks, so why not? I liked the Dolph version of “Masters of the Universe” very much, I still think it needed improvements so I’m glad a He-man reboot is happening.

As for who to play Skeletor, it shouldn’t be Langella again. Someone more intense who can act, Skeletor needs to have a good actor so it can be a moving and powerful performance, a good actor who can play Skeletor and make it good would work. I think either Daniel Day Lewis or Liam Neeson might be pretty damn good choices!!! 


Report: Warner Bros. just shot down “He-Man” live action reboot…

Warner Bros. does not feel the power of the Grayskull. While there were talks in the past of Warner Bros. in negotiations to get the film greenlighted, it failed. There is a few reasons for this. There were plenty of directors in line that were in talks of directing this film, many of the directors loved the script so much that they badily wanted to make but Warner Bros. didn’t like the script that much. Bryan Singer and Doug Liman were two of those directors who were asked to do it, but both of them turned it down.

Another reason that an executive left Silver Pictures, the man who was responsible for bringing “The Grayskull” script to the company.

More on it here:


In my opinion, they should forget Warner Bros. The only reason I think that Warner Bros. is being strict on the He-man reboot is because of the 1987 “Masters of the Universe” film that starred Dolph Lundgren being a box office flop. They are worried that this new He-man reboot that Justin Marks is writing is going to be a flop too.

Yes, someone else will pick up “The Grayskull” movie. Maybe Paramount will pick it up, Dreamworks maybe, Nu/Image Millenium, MGM, Lionsgate, Universal, etc. There are other opportunities.

I’ve said it once before, that even though 1987’s “Masters of the Universe” flopped, I really liked the film very much. The story and script was kinda corny and silly, but other than that, you have to admit that “Masters of the Universe” had some very cool action scenes. And Dolph Lundgren made a perfect He-Man. Frank Langella was so badass as Skeletor.

He-Man deserves another try in Hollywood, Warner Bros. should give the character another chance.