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Confirmed: John Stevenson is the director of the new “He-Man” live action movie…

The new live action “He-Man” movie which is being produced by Joel Silver and being developed by Warner Bros., finally has a director. “Kung Fu Panda”, co-director John Stevenson has been signed to helm the new He-Man flick simply titled, “Masters of the Universe”.

Stevenson at first wasn’t interested in directing the film, he came close to turning it down, but then he immediately jumped on the opportunity when he visited the Mattel headquarters to a secret room where it had the classic He-Man action figures locked up.

The He-Man character was already made into a live action movie that starred Dolph Lundgren as He-Man and Frank Langella as Skeletor, but the film bombed. Now that the next He-Man reboot will be taking place on his home planet of Eternia, He-man fans would be in for a treat! The script is written by Justin Marks.

Variety Reports:


Glad they’re moving forward with the film and found a director, that’s awesome. Now the film has finally hired a crew, they need to start casting now. I hope they find a good actor for He-Man, Man at Arms, Teela, Skeletor, and the Sorceres of Grayskull. Just don’t bring the Gwildor character back!!!!!

For He-Man, why not bring Dolph back? Dolph made a perfect He-Man portrayal, and I think it would be great if they got him again. He’s still doing action flicks, so why not? I liked the Dolph version of “Masters of the Universe” very much, I still think it needed improvements so I’m glad a He-man reboot is happening.

As for who to play Skeletor, it shouldn’t be Langella again. Someone more intense who can act, Skeletor needs to have a good actor so it can be a moving and powerful performance, a good actor who can play Skeletor and make it good would work. I think either Daniel Day Lewis or Liam Neeson might be pretty damn good choices!!! 


Report: Warner Bros. just shot down “He-Man” live action reboot…

Warner Bros. does not feel the power of the Grayskull. While there were talks in the past of Warner Bros. in negotiations to get the film greenlighted, it failed. There is a few reasons for this. There were plenty of directors in line that were in talks of directing this film, many of the directors loved the script so much that they badily wanted to make but Warner Bros. didn’t like the script that much. Bryan Singer and Doug Liman were two of those directors who were asked to do it, but both of them turned it down.

Another reason that an executive left Silver Pictures, the man who was responsible for bringing “The Grayskull” script to the company.

More on it here:


In my opinion, they should forget Warner Bros. The only reason I think that Warner Bros. is being strict on the He-man reboot is because of the 1987 “Masters of the Universe” film that starred Dolph Lundgren being a box office flop. They are worried that this new He-man reboot that Justin Marks is writing is going to be a flop too.

Yes, someone else will pick up “The Grayskull” movie. Maybe Paramount will pick it up, Dreamworks maybe, Nu/Image Millenium, MGM, Lionsgate, Universal, etc. There are other opportunities.

I’ve said it once before, that even though 1987’s “Masters of the Universe” flopped, I really liked the film very much. The story and script was kinda corny and silly, but other than that, you have to admit that “Masters of the Universe” had some very cool action scenes. And Dolph Lundgren made a perfect He-Man. Frank Langella was so badass as Skeletor.

He-Man deserves another try in Hollywood, Warner Bros. should give the character another chance.