25 years ago today, “Masters of the Universe” was released…

Today, Canon Films, Gary Goddard and Dolph Lundgren celebrated the 25th Anniversary, of “Masters of the Universe”. The film was released August 7th, 1987. Like always, the film didn’t do very well in the box office and the reception wasn’t very good by the public either. I thought the film was good for what it was. Sure, it had some problems, but it’s just a fun action movie, that’s pretty much the only reason I liked it. The story had some problems, plot holes and didn’t stay faithful to the He-Man story, but it was still a fun movie. It’s a shame that we didn’t get a sequel, with Dolph as He-Man. Thanks to Sylvester Stallone who got Dolph Lundgren a role in “Rocky IV” as Ivan Drago, “Masters of the Universe” helped him become a well known star back in the 80’s. After the “Masters of the Universe” role, Dolph went on to even bigger films such as “Red Scorpion”, “The Punisher”, and “Universal Soldier”. After the “Universal Soldier” movie, he made straight to video movies for most of his career.

In Dolph’s official facebook page, the man looks back in the days of his “Masters of the Universe”, filming. He says it wasn’t easy for him, since he is a Swedish actor and he had to get used to the United States style of things.

Read Dolph’s interesting write up about “Masters of the Universe”, here.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Warner Bros., and Mattel are going to do with the He-Man reboot. He-Man deserves a good live action movie and a successful one, so hope they get it right next time around.

“Masters of the Universe” will be getting a Blu Ray release in Oct., which I will be getting.


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