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Look like Tom Cruise starring in “The Mummy’ reboot is true after all ’cause it is now official!!!

I know Tom Cruise has already been set to star in Universal Pictures “The Mummy” reboot for a while but at the same time, I’m finding it hard to believe. Tom Cruise in another major movie franchise? It’s no secret that Tom has done plenty of big movie franchises over the years in his career most notably: the Mission Impossible movies (which I love very much, btw!). Now Tom picked up another big franchise.

I know people are sick of reboots but I actually agree with this one ’cause those “Mummy” movies with Brendan Fraser were horrible. I hated the Brendan Fraser “Mummy” movies, didn’t like any of them. I like the idea of Tom Cruise starring in them instead.

The Mummy reboot just landed another cast member, Annabelle Wallis.


Will the new Mummy reboot with Tom Cruise be a typical popcorn action flick full of CGI? It probably will end up having action scenes yes, definitely. If it’s gonna be an action movie, you know Tom will want to do his action stunts for real. He wants his action scenes to be “real”. Tom does most of his own stunts in his action movies and he will probably want to do his own action stunts for the Mummy movie too.

I know Tom Cruise isn’t everyone’s favorite but come on, y’all. You can’t deny the fact that Tom Cruise doing his own stunts that could get himself killed is pretty courageous of him in my eyes which is why I totally respect the hell out of him. The man’s got balls for sure. He did some dangerous stunts that could kill him in the Mission Impossible movies but survived all of them. Tom is definitely not afraid of heights for sure as I’m sure he’ll do even more dangerous stunts for this movie.

In my opinion, Tom doesn’t deserve to get so much hate. To me, I love the guy’s work as an actor. I think the man is very talented despite his Scientology beliefs. I’m actually looking forward to the Mummy reboot film.


“The Purge: Anarchy” trailer is finally here and I’m pretty impressed with it!!!

The first Purge film starred Ethan Hawke and it was taken place at a home throughout the film. This time it looks the sequel will show the whole town that is under the yearly Purge.

The sequel stars Zach Gilford (who plays Matt in “Friday Night Lights” TV show)… I recognized him as soon as the trailer started… look like this is his first major leading role in a big film so congrats to him!

I’m liking what I see in the trailer so far as it totally explains the first movie. I think I’ll definitely be there to see the second Purge movie. I really liked the first one.



“Fast and Furious 7” will go on as planned…

As I already expected… Universal Studios and director James Wan plans to go on with filming of “Fast 7”. This comes to as no surprise as they all say, “the show must go on”. I would think that’s what Paul Walker himself would have wanted. He would have wanted them to finish the film for him. So they are probably doing this in honor of him. Will Paul’s scenes he filmed still be in the movie? Probably but the film will require major rewrites and they’re gonna have to kill his character off somehow.

This is gonna be an emotional and very sad, “Fast and Furious” film for sure. It’s also gonna be hard on the cast and crew working on the film without Paul. Are they gonna tone down the violence and action out of respect for Paul? Who knows. It’s gonna be interesting to see how they’re gonna pull this off now.

More on the story, here.


Why a 3rd Conan movie with Arnold would work…

This is a great time to make a new Conan the Barbarian movie, with Arnold back as the character. Why? Because around the time, “Conan the Barbarian”, and “Conan, the Destroyer” were made in the 80’s, they didn’t really have the greatest technology back then. Imagine what Hollywood could do with a Conan movie with Arnold, with today’s technology, they have now? Yes, I’m sure “The Legend of Conan”, the third movie, will be a big action movie. I’m also sure it will be a huge special effects movie with quite a bit of CGI.

Some people may think that Arnold as Conan again because of his age wouldn’t work, but I’m sure the writers would find a way to make it work. Hence, the title, “The Legend of Conan”. Sounds like they’re going for the direction of an aging hero looking back at his past. Maybe they’ll make him King or something? Would make more sense. Even Arnold would be too old to be half naked swinging a sword around, I’m sure Arnold himself would agree with that. I’m sure the film crew will find Conan, some appropriate clothing that will cover up his upper body. Clothing that will fit the, Hyborian Age (the fictional period that Conan is set in).

A third Conan movie was supposed to happen a long time ago but it couldn’t because of Arnold being Governor back in the day. That’s why they had to do the Conan reboot with Jason Momoa. It might be hard to make a successful Conan movie with Arnold in today’s Hollywood of movies, though, so I wish them luck. The script needs to be really good and perfect, if they want people to take it seriously. I’m sure they will get Arnold into sword fighting action in the upcoming Conan flick, of course. Arnold knows the Conan character better than anybody, so I’m sure, he can still play the role well with no problem.

It’s going to be interesting to see how they are going to make this film. Now lets see if Arnold will be game to playing the Terminator, for one last time! I’m sure he will.


Report: Arnold set to play Conan again? Seems like it’s for real…

Now that Arnold is done with the governor thing for good, he has been keeping himself busy with movie roles again. Look like Arnold is game for playing, Conan, for one more time. Universal Studios, is moving forward with, “The Legend of Conan”, and Arnold has been confirmed to reprise his role as Conan, in which that is one of his characters that he is most famous for, other than, the Terminator. Read the full story here, at Deadline, who first reported the story.

I’m down for Arnold playing, Conan, again. As a matter of fact, the original movies were supposed to continue has a big franchise, but they stopped for a while since the second movie, “Conan, The Destroyer”, didn’t do well.

I know people are going to laugh at Arnold, accusing him of being too old for the role, blah blah blah, but Sylvester Stallone played Rocky and Rambo for one last time. Sly is still doing action movies with, The Expendables. If he can do it, so can Arnie. Arnie seems to be doing action movies well still, with the Expendables and “The Last Stand”. I’m sure Arnold has plenty of other action movies on the way, so why not?

Arnold may not be in the best of shape to be half naked, swinging a sword around, but I’m sure Arnie can get himself in top shape again before the movie. He may not be able to get back in top shape again like he was back in the 80’s, but I’m sure he’ll find a way to look buff enough in time for the Conan role. Arnold’s the fitness expert, he has plenty of time to get all jacked up in time before filming begins. They still have a long while to go to start filming. I’m all for another Conan movie with Arnold, ’cause the reboot film with Jason Momoa, kinda sucked. The original Conan deserves to be a trilogy.


Report: Alyson Hannigan officially joins “American Reunion”…

Alyson Hannigan is set to reprise her role as Michelle Flaherty for the “American Reunion” aka the American Pie sequel. I’m glad that she’s going to be in it, because it wouldn’t be considered a real “American Pie” reunion without her, if you know I mean. Now that she’ll be in it, I’ll go see it because she was one of the best characters of the series.

If they can get Shannon Elizabeth to do a cameo, then we’re set!

Deadline, reports.


BREAKING NEWS: Javier Bardem closing deal to star as Roland “The Gunslinger” Deschain for Ron Howard’s “Dark Tower”…

Not too long ago, Ron Howard and Universal Pictures offered Oscar winner, Javier Bardem, the leading role to star as Roland “The Gunslinger” Deschain for Stephen King’s “Dark Tower” film that Ron Howard is directing. It seems that Javier is accepting the role because he is closing the deal. Brian Grazer’s, Image Entertainment, will be producing the film along with Akiva Goldsman and Stephen King himself.

The film will have 7 movies and TV series in between each film. Will Javier stay committed to doing all that? That’s a lot of acting.

Deadline, reports.

I know many people will give this casting choice mixed opinions, but I like it. I think Javier will nail the role with no problem.

Now they’ll have to cast someone for Suzanne and Eddie Dean, and the little boy, Jake.



Report: Jason Bourne 4 director found…film will be directed by Tony Gilroy…

Universal Pictures, has officially found their director for Jason Bourne 4. The new director is Tony Gilroy. Gilroy also did, “Duplicity”, and, “Michael Clayton”. Don’t count on Matt Damon coming back for Bourne 4 ’cause it looks like it won’t happen. Damon won’t do it without Paul Greengrass. So look like we’re gonna get a different actor for, Jason Bourne. It also sounds like they are re-booting the entire franchise as this article said they are going back to the beggining, not continuing from the last Bourne movie.

See the article here at, Deadline.

Could the franchise be successful without Matt Damon? To be honest with you, yes it could be successful easily. Hope they find a good actor for the next, Jason Bourne. I’m a big fan of the Jason Bourne stories. Huge fan. If James Bond and Jack Ryan can go through so many different actors, the same will happen with the Jason Bourne movies.

Who should be the next Jason Bourne? I hope it won’t be Jeremy Renner or Channing Tatum.

I would like Jason Ritter from NBC’s “The Event”, to be the new Bourne. That show, “The Event” is almost Bourne like, Jason Ritter might be a good pick.


Report: The new Pee Wee movie to be aimed at kids? Paul Reubens explains the plot…

Now that Judd Apatow has been named producer, Paul Reubens explains the plot for the next Pee Wee movie. Yes, it will be a “Playhouse” movie, but most of the movie will be taken place outside of the playhouse, in the outside world. It won’t be the real world like how we are living right now like “Big Adventure” was, but this movie will have characters mostly being puppets. There will only be two scenes in the, Playhouse.

So sounds like this will be a family friendly version of Pee Wee for kids and family?

More on it here:


In my opinion, the movie shouldn’t be aimed at kids. It should be aimed for audiences in their 20’s – 30’s. That’s how the age range was at the Pee Wee live shows in Los Angeles, I believe. Maybe this movie will still be aimed for adults, could be. Reubens could write a lot of inappropriate Pee Wee jokes that kids shouldn’t be hearing. Pee Wee’s live shows is mostly like that.

From the sounds of things look like Pee Wee will be the only human in the film and the rest of the cast will be puppets being voiced by big name actors?


Report: “Johnny English” sequel greenlighted…

Universal Pictures has greenlighted a sequel to the 2003 spy comedy, “Johnny English” that stars Rowan Atkinson. Rowan Atkinson is the former star of the hit TV show, “Mr. Bean”. Rowan already agreed to reprise his role for the sequel, so he is definitely coming back.

Variety Reports:


It may sound crazy and silly, but Rowan needs this. He hasn’t done anything in film since the first “Johnny English” movie in 2003. Rowan needs a comeback in a huge way. I like Rowan as I was a fan of the “Mr. Bean” TV show, used to watch it all the time.

The sequel may actually be good and might be a very funny one if done right.