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Vin Diesel trying to urge the Oscars to give action movies and sequels a chance???

It’s no secret that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences are not a big fan of action movies and sequels. It loos like Vin Diesel is trying to urge the Academy to give action films and sequels a chance. It’s very rare that the Academy gives action movies and sequels a chance. They do give action movies and sequels a chance but not very often. The first sequel to win Best Picture at the Oscars was “The Godfather part II” and that was a violent film too. Another sequel that won Best Picture was “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” and that film had some action & violence as well. Another violent and dark film that won Best Picture was “Silence of the Lambs”. “Silence of the Lambs” wasn’t a sequel or an action film but still, it’s a horror and crime film and the Academy aren’t a big fan of those kind of films either.


I appreciate Vin Diesel for urging the Academy to have a change of direction but they never will. I do agree that action movies and violent films deserve a chance. Does “Fast 7” deserve a Best Picture win as Vin Diesel claims? I’ll have to see the film for myself which comes out next Friday and I do plan on seeing it. I love the “Fast and Furious” movies. They are fun flicks and entertaining as hell. I saw “Fast 6” in theater and was pretty impressed with the film.

“Fast 7” does deserve some type of Oscar nod ’cause it would be a great way to honor Paul Walker. I remember when Paul Walker’s tragic death was announced, he got so much hate and disrespect by movie fans and I can’t understand why. Yet they mourned for people such as Philip Seymour Hoffman instead. I think people shitted on Paul Walker ’cause thought he was a bad actor, period. Just because he wasn’t the greatest actor didn’t mean he had to get all of this hate. All actors and actresses deserve respect when they pass on ’cause they were all human like us. Shouldn’t matter whether you like them or not. The Fast and Furious crew really loved the guy!

I appreciate Vin Diesel on trying to change the direction of the Oscars but it will never work. There are really good action movies out there that deserve awards and accolades.


“Fast and Furious 7” will go on as planned…

As I already expected… Universal Studios and director James Wan plans to go on with filming of “Fast 7”. This comes to as no surprise as they all say, “the show must go on”. I would think that’s what Paul Walker himself would have wanted. He would have wanted them to finish the film for him. So they are probably doing this in honor of him. Will Paul’s scenes he filmed still be in the movie? Probably but the film will require major rewrites and they’re gonna have to kill his character off somehow.

This is gonna be an emotional and very sad, “Fast and Furious” film for sure. It’s also gonna be hard on the cast and crew working on the film without Paul. Are they gonna tone down the violence and action out of respect for Paul? Who knows. It’s gonna be interesting to see how they’re gonna pull this off now.

More on the story, here.


Report: Dwayne Johnson to play a villain in “Fast and Furious 5”??? Just my guess…

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? It may sound silly as hell, but it is turning out to be true that Dwayne Johnson is in talks with Universal Studios to star in “Fast and Furious 5” along with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. My guess is that they want Dwayne as a villain in the next one? Dwayne to duke it out with Vin Diesel?

I’m a fan of the Fast and Furious movies. I really liked the fourth one. Looking forward to the next one indeed, and lets hope Dwayne says yes to this role!!!

More on it here:



Report: Vin Diesel is game for third “Chronicles of Riddick” movie!!!

Isn’t it way cool that Vin Diesel is now willing to do sequels? Remember, Vinny used to never want to do sequels at all in the past!! I wonder what’s making him change his mind? He signed on for the fourth “Fast and Furious” movie, and now here comes the third “Riddick” movie. It’s good. I really enjoy the first two “Chronicles of Riddick” films. Good stuff. David Twohy who wrote and directed the first two, will write and direct the third one as well.

Variety Reports:



Report: Vin Diesel and Paul Walker still on for “Fast and Furious 5”!!!


I’m happy Vinny and Paul are still on for the 5th “Fast and Furious” movie, ’cause I actually thought the 4th “Fast & Furious” was very entertaining. I hope they make the next movie even better.

And please…more Michelle Rodriguez for the next one! Not just a small cameo!



Report: Rob Cohen drops out of “XXX 3” to do “Medieval” instead…

Rob Cohen has backed out of directing “XXX 3: The Return of Xander Cage” which was supposed to re-team with action star, Vin Diesel. Rob pulled out to do a film titled, “Medieval”, instead. Rob already spoke to Vin Diesel himself about his decision and admitted it was a tough decision. Rob said he won’t be angry if the film makers decided to replace him for a director.

Variety Reports:


Hmmmm, something tells me that deep down inside Rob’s head, he didn’t really enjoy the script of the new “XXX” movie. Him saying not being angry about being replaced, is a sign that he doesn’t really like the direction of the film is going.


Film Review: Fast and Furious

Starring: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster

Directed by: Justin Lin

So this afternoon, I decided to go to the mall to do a little fun shopping and go check out a movie. I decided to see the new, “Fast and Furious” just for the hell of it. I wasn’t really that excited about it, I decided to check it out just to make time fly by.

For shopping, I picked up Neil Young’s “Fork in the Road” and the Eagles of Death Metal, “Heart On” music albums. I also picked up the movie, “The Reader” on DVD, the drama film that stars Kate Winslet that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time. Glad I finally bought, “The Reader”, I will review my thoughts on that film too. I also went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to get a little something to add to my workout equipment that I’m starting up.

Now on to the “Fast and Furious” review:

Plot/synopsis: Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are back in the leading role, reuniting with all the cast members from the earlier “Fast and the Furious” movies. Paul’s character, Brian O’ Connor is now an FBI agent which his mission to hunt down a psycho drug lord, named Arturo Braga. While investigating the murder of their friend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez who is in the film very briefly), Dominic’s investigation led to the same information which forced Dominic and Brian to get into these car races against these gang members to fight war against drugs in their city.

Although I am not much of a “Fast and the Furious” fan, I only loved the first one. The first one was great, but the rest of them, in my opinion, were pretty bad. I was totally surprised on “Fast and Furious 4”. This one was actually extremely fun and quite a ride. The car races in this film were pretty insane. The script was good and the acting of Vinny and Paul were actually decent. It’s nice to see them back together again.

I’m glad that Vinny had a change of heart with sequels, because I remember in the past, he used to never want to do sequels of his own movies and it’s good to see him change his mind.

I thought the movie was very well made, I wasn’t bored. I was entertained all the way through. Edge of your seat action, big time. There is a sequel for “Fast and Furious” coming, I heard that Paul and Vinny are down in coming back for the next one too. I’m sure the next one will be just as good. I thought this was a pretty bad ass film. Go check it out!

Score for “Fast and Furious” = *** (3 stars as in good)


Report: Diesel, Cohen to return to XXX 3…

Vin Diesel must of had a change of heart in sequels lately. In the past he used to turn sequels down like crazy. Now that he’s done “Fast and the Furious 4”, Diesel is now confirmed to star in “XXX 3” to reprise his role as Xander Cage with Rob Cohen helming again.

In “XXX 2: State of the Union” Ice Cube starred the leading role with a different director. Does this mean that Ice Cube will be starring alongside Vin Diesel if Cube’s character is written in the third one? There is no word if Samuel L. Jackson will star in “XXX 3” or not as he already starred in the first two. Yes, I’m sure Samuel L. Jackson will star in the third one too, they just haven’t asked him yet.

Variety Reports:


Good news. I liked the first XXX movie. Action packed. Good to see Vinny doing sequels again.


Report: Even directors give their own movies bad reviews, director of “Babylon A.D.” trashes his own film…

The new film “Babylon A.D.” that stars Vin Diesel and was directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, it appears that he isn’t happy with his new film that the director just made. Mathieu has a lot of harsh and nasty things to say about his film. His original vision of the film was that he wanted the film to be R rated violent but of course the typical FOX wanted the film to be PG-13 and Matthieu couldn’t win the ratings battle over FOX. He also said he hated the script, the film had bad producers, bad partners and calls it a terrible experience. The director says he loves the book though which the film was adapted from.

The film hits theaters this Friday.

To read more on his thoughts on Babylon A.D., read the rest here:


Hmmmm, it is actually nice to finally see a director who is not always proud of his work, he is being honest about it and that’s good. Most directors think all of their films they make are so “great”, but just like a musician or a rock band have to be their own worst critic when they listen to their own music, it’s the same with film makers when they look back at their films too.


Report: Vin Diesel to direct “Fast and the Furious” prequel…

While Vin Diesel is known as a hollywood actor, I’m sure many of you didn’t know that the man did direct his own films in the past, so he does have directing experience. Vin Diesel announced he is directing a short 20 minute prequel to “Fast and the Furious”. Diesel will star in it of course, along with Michelle Rodriguez as Letty and Sun Kang as Han. Diesel says the prequel will tie in between the second and third movies. Vin Diesel is not sure how he will release this prequel when he’s finished with it, but it’s possible he could release it straight to DVD, the internet, or direct to TV.

More on it here:


It’s great to see that Vin Diesel has got his heart back for the “Fast and the Furious” series.