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Dwayne Johnson finally confirms he’s playing “Doc Savage”… his first superhero film…

Director Shane Black has been wanting the Rock to play “Doc Savage” and ever since then rumors been swirling for a long while now that Dwayne Johnson was gonna get the role. Today on Memorial Day, Dwayne the man himself finally confirmed the news.

This is one superhero movie that I’m interested in ’cause like most fans, I too believe that Dwayne Johnson could play Doc Savage and do it well. In my opinion, I think only Dwayne could play character and nobody else.

I never read any Doc Savage comics but googling it and seeing the pictures, I can easily see Dwayne playing that character right away.

I watch a lot of superhero films ’cause I’m not a big comic book reader but Doc Savage looks cool and I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re gonna do with the film. It’s probably gonna be a big action movie. Doc Savage is a big muscular tough guy which is why Dwayne fits the role.


Turns out Sly might give up “The Expendables” franchise after all? Is he about to give up action movies completely?

It’s really turning out that Sylvester Stallone maybe finished with action movies for good. First, he announced that he is done playing Rambo. Now he might give up the Expendables franchise. Sly starred as Barney Ross in the first three Expendables movies and in Expendables 4, there’s a lot of talk that Hulk Hogan may takeover as the leading hero in the franchise. The Rock may also be casted as the film’s main villain.

Also the main reason why Sly is giving up action movies lately is ’cause he’s going to keep his focus on “Creed 2”. Plus, Sly is on the verge of hitting 70 soon so his body probably can’t take doing his own stunts anymore.


‘The Expendables 4’: Hulk Hogan Replaces Sylvester Stallone; The Rock As Villain?

What do you think? Do you think the “Expendables” franchise could do well in the box office without Sly in the lead? I don’t know. People watch these films mostly for him anyways but with the Rock possibly gonna be casted as the main villain that could help the box office for sure. Dwayne Johnson playing a villain in a movie? Wow. That’s interesting. Dwayne’s played mostly heroes in his movies so him playing the bad guy would be cool. I know Dwayne can play an awesome bad guy ’cause he’s played a heel wrestler in WWE many times.


Film Review: “San Andreas”

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Carla Cugino, Paul Giamatti

Directed by: Brad Peyton

Today I’ve just seen the film, “San Andreas”, the film about the Earthquake and here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: In the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California, a rescue-chopper pilot makes a dangerous journey across the state in order to rescue his daughter.

I love movies about natural disasters but most of them were pretty bad and silly. Finally, we get a natural disaster movie about Earthquakes that is really great! Yeah, I was pretty impressed with the film, “San Andreas” starring the Rock. Some people may view this movie as a typical action flick like all the others but not really. The film is more than that. I thought the movie wanted to tell you a serious story. A story that could happen in real life. Some may think that an Earthquake won’t be able to wreck an entire city but yes it can. Earthquakes wrecked cities in the past before in real life. It doesn’t happen very often but it has happened before.

As far as the movie goes, some may say this movie has no plot but they are definitely wrong. I viewed this movie as them given you a safety lesson. They wanted to show you what to do during an Earthquake to protect yourself and to help others in danger. That’s pretty much the goal with the movie the way I saw it. The movie was more than special effects and action scenes… I think the film wanted to save lives in real life in case a huge earthquake ever happened like that again in the future, ya know? Yes, a huge earthquake can happen again. It can happen again anytime ’cause Mother Nature is unpredictable… she does what she wants to the Earth.

Anyway, yes, the action scenes were a blast to watch and a thrill ride. The action scenes were also pretty intense and kind of frightening. Of course, the special effects and cinematography was the most impressive. They did a great job with the CGI in this movie. Dwayne’s acting is improving in every film he does as I thought he did a really good job in this role, I was impressed with him too. Plus, Paul Giamatti is the shit!

This was a very good film surprisingly. I really liked it a lot!

I’ll give “San Andreas” a score of 4 out of 5 as in “Good”.


Yes, a “Big Trouble In Little China” remake is coming and Dwayne Johnson is the new Jack Burton!!!

Some interesting movie news just came out today that Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is in negotiations to star as the new Jack Burton in the “Big Trouble In Little China” remake. I’m sure many of you have seen the 1986 original with Kurt Russell in the leading role and the original was directed by the legendary, John Carpenter!


“Big Trouble In Little China” is one of my favorite films and would make an interesting remake. This film deserves an updated version, taken place in our present time.

Some of you may go, “Oh no, not another remake”. Don’t worry. Knowing how strict John Carpenter is about remakes, he won’t allow the “Big Trouble” remake to make it exactly like his version at all. I remember when Rob Zombie asked Carpenter that he wanted to remake the first “Halloween”, Carpenter was all cool with it as long as he made it a different film and not make it exactly like Carpenter’s. I would think Carpenter would want the same for this remake.

I like the Rock as an action star. I’m interested on how they’re gonna pull this remake off.


The Rock takes his Mom home from the hospital…

Dwayne’s Mom is still smiling despite her injuries. Dwayne himself seems like a strong dude as well. To those who don’t know this, The Rock’s family is a Samoan family.

When Dwayne posts these photos publicly, it’s just his way of taking a stand against drunk driving.

I’m not a fan of drunk driving either. I’ve seen people do it and it’s just dumb. A lot of people just drive drunk anyway. They claim they’re okay even if they only had a few drinks but even a few drinks can affect your driving.

Nothing wrong with drinking and having a fun time but drink responsibly. If you’re going out for the night, don’t drive. Leave your car there and walk or take a taxi or get a ride with someone else who hasn’t been drinking.

I hate when people drink and they say they’re okay to drive.

I always get real nervous going home from a bar with people. I don’t go to bars and parties too much. I hate partying. Only time I go to a bar is to check out a local band which doesn’t happen much. I’m not a bar & club kind of person.

It’s pretty sad that America is obsessed with drinking. I’m glad I gave it up for good.


Report: Dwayne Johnson has abdomen surgery since after getting injured in match with John Cena at WM-29…

Professional wrestling maybe fake and scripted, yes, but not all of it. You can still get injuries for real and this is proof. During the match with John Cena at Wrestlemania 29, The Rock, tore off his abdomen and abduction muscles. Tore them right off the bone. So he just had a successful surgery today.

Read more on the story, here.

The Rock is already done with the surgery as he just posted a pic of himself in the hospital, see it here

Keep in mind that professional wrestling is a very physical job. Even though it’s fake wrestling, and you can’t really hurt each other, you can still get injuries by accident. You can still get injured in professional wrestling just like you can get injured in any sport or on any job. Yes, professional wrestling is fake and scripted but still can be very dangerous.

Dwayne is a cool guy though, I’ve always looked after him. I wonder if the surgery will hold back his movie career a little bit? He’s gonna have to do a lot of resting and healing so he may have to take a break from acting in movies for a while.

He is a beast, though. He’s gotten even more ripped and jacked than ever before. People will probably blame his physique on steroids but again, all bodybuilders get accused of using ‘roids. It’s just old and tiresome — I just ignore the steroid accusations. It is idiotic and unfair how bodybuilders get blamed for steroids — I can tell you that right now.


Netflix Pick (DVD): Faster

Last night, I finally saw the movie “Faster”, a Netflix DVD rental starring Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton. The story tells of a man who was a former con-man who is out to avenge the murder of his brother, after he was double-crossed by other men he worked with during a bank robbery years back and now he plans on killing them all. Dwayne Johnson plays an un-named Driver, in which he drives a classic car that is pretty powerful and drives fast.

I thought this was Dwayne Johnson’s best action flick. I know Dwayne tries to do other genres like family films, comedy and drama flicks, but to be honest, I think action movies is where Dwayne belongs in. He’s more successful in the action genre, I think we all know that. The writing and the plot was actually pretty good. It’s a good revenge story. Good casting too. I like Billy Bob Thornton in the movie. Maggie Grace the former “Lost” star played the killer’s girlfriend in the film. Mike Epps just ruled.

The violence in this movie is brutal and can get graphic too. Dwayne played a lot of tough guys in his action flicks over the years, but I think this is his best tough guy role. Dwayne doesn’t talk much in this movie, “Faster”. He just goes around and does his job, killing the people responsible for the murder of his brother. There are some twist and turns in the writing, so the movie was unpredictable. It did a good job trying to make you think whether or not Dwayne’s character, the Driver, was good or evil.

I love Dwayne, the action star, and he needs to keep doing action movies. I haven’t seen “Fast Five” yet, but I’ll wait on DVD on that one. I really hope Dwayne gets casted for the “Expendables” sequel because Dwayne and Sly Stallone would be a great team up. I can see Dwayne playing a good villain in “The Expendables” sequel where Sly and the Rock have a major fight scene. So come on Sly, get the Rock for the next “Expendables” movie.

I thought “Faster” was the best action movie that came out this year. Do yourself a favor and check it out soon.


Report: Dwayne Johnson admits to having a violent past as a kid…

As everyone knows Dwayne Johnson, the former wrestler turned movie star, grew up most of his life in Miami, Florida. While promoting his new action movie, “Faster”, Dwayne tells the press that he was violent and had a short temper when he was a kid. He admits to being a bully and picked on other kids but later become friends with them.

Read what, the Rock, have to say, here.

It is no surprise to me that Dwayne might have had a violent past and it turned out to be true after all. Just so you know, Dwayne’s entire family revolved around professional wrestling. Both his father and grandfather, were professional wrestlers, and pretty much his whole family. That’s probably where the young Dwayne influenced the violence from, it came from his wrestling family. Then Dwayne ended up getting into professional wrestling himself in his early days because of it.

Hope Dwayne has plans in returning to WWE for a little while. The wrestling community misses you Dwayne!


New pic of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, man, he’s looking RIPPED!!!

Here is a recent picture of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, spotted leaving the gym in Miami (his hometown, where he grew up for most of his life before his wrestling days). The Rock is currently filming, “Fast and Furious 5” with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Dwayne has been working out for the role.

Either that, or is Dwayne getting ready for a WWE return when he is revealed as the RAW anonyous general manager? We can only hope.

Looking good, Dwayne! This is the best shape he’s ever been in since his wrestling days.


Report: Dwayne Johnson to play a villain in “Fast and Furious 5”??? Just my guess…

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? It may sound silly as hell, but it is turning out to be true that Dwayne Johnson is in talks with Universal Studios to star in “Fast and Furious 5” along with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. My guess is that they want Dwayne as a villain in the next one? Dwayne to duke it out with Vin Diesel?

I’m a fan of the Fast and Furious movies. I really liked the fourth one. Looking forward to the next one indeed, and lets hope Dwayne says yes to this role!!!

More on it here: