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Gov. Perry sets the record straight with video response…

So because he’s a republican/conservative people have to be quick to judge that he’s a  corrupt criminal over an indictment. Without getting yourself informed, you have to accuse Gov. Perry all kinds of things and call him a bunch of names ’cause of his right wing beliefs.

You have to look at facts & the truth. Shouldn’t matter the political party.

Ask yourself this, would you want to support someone with a DWI history and someone who has a violent temper? Tell me you would do the same thing by vetoing funding ’cause you wouldn’t want to support a piece of trash like Lehmberg.

Gov. Perry had every right to do what he did. This is just the democrats opportunity on trying to bring him down over the border stuff. The Democrats are scared of him trying to secure the border and they’re just trying to stop him. Nothing more.

I still believe that Obama is in on this indictment. It definitely sounds like an Obama and Holder thing. They always go after people who disagrees with them. Obama goes after all of his enemies and before you know it: Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Trey Gowdy could be next.

If you believe that conservatives who are corrupt and criminal ’cause of their right wing beliefs, then you are the one who is delusional and paranoid.


The Rock takes his Mom home from the hospital…

Dwayne’s Mom is still smiling despite her injuries. Dwayne himself seems like a strong dude as well. To those who don’t know this, The Rock’s family is a Samoan family.

When Dwayne posts these photos publicly, it’s just his way of taking a stand against drunk driving.

I’m not a fan of drunk driving either. I’ve seen people do it and it’s just dumb. A lot of people just drive drunk anyway. They claim they’re okay even if they only had a few drinks but even a few drinks can affect your driving.

Nothing wrong with drinking and having a fun time but drink responsibly. If you’re going out for the night, don’t drive. Leave your car there and walk or take a taxi or get a ride with someone else who hasn’t been drinking.

I hate when people drink and they say they’re okay to drive.

I always get real nervous going home from a bar with people. I don’t go to bars and parties too much. I hate partying. Only time I go to a bar is to check out a local band which doesn’t happen much. I’m not a bar & club kind of person.

It’s pretty sad that America is obsessed with drinking. I’m glad I gave it up for good.


Lindsay Lohan actually has a point about Amanda Bynes…

A new celebrity feud ignited on the internet between Lindsay Lohan and Nickelodeon star, Amanda Bynes. On Twitter Lindsay wrote, “Why did I get put in jail and a nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?”

Before you go hating on Lohan, you should research on the legal problems between both Amanda and Lindsay. Amanda had similar incidents like Lohan did. Amanda had been caught driving under the influence and had a few hit and runs, but she was let go and not sent to jail.

What did Lindsay get? She got way harsher punishment than Amanda got. Getting jail time, rehab, probation, getting forced on house arrest, and Lindsay even spent months wearing an alcohol bracelet.

This is just a perfect example of how fame can control a famous person. Lindsay got worse punishment because of her fame, period.

And now Lindsay just went and did a hit and run in NYC, maybe she did it on purposely to prove a point to Amanda? Amanda was let go, and I’m willing to bet the law will put Lindsay through hell again. Maybe a couple of months in jail and large fine, and Amanda gets nothing. Think how wrong this is. THINK!

Sorry, but I’m siding with the Lohan on this one.

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