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Is America really divided? Don’t believe the hype… we’re not really and Houston flooding is proof of that…


I think the die-hard left fighting for “equality” and all that stuff is a waste of time ’cause to be honest, we already are as one. Don’t believe the media’s hype. We’re not a divided nation and we’ve never have been. The Houston flooding is proof of that. If you dig around, we have whites and blacks saving each other in Houston. We also have men and women saving each other. They all save each other no matter the color of their skin, no matter the political views, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

The die-hard left (or the alt-left is what we’re calling them now), trying to tell us that we should love each other and stop the hate…well, we’re already doing that. We already do love all people. That’s why we’re supporting Trump to begin with, y’all. The Trump presidency is not about racism and hate like the left and the media is trying to make us out to be. The alt-left is starting to realize that truth after Hurricane Harvey and it’s pissing them off and driving them insane. Keep accusing us of being racist, you bunch of fools ’cause it’s making you look ridiculous the more you do it.

We’re not the ones doing all the hating… it’s the left doing all the hate. That’s why they lost the election ’cause they’ve become so deranged. They’re the ones sitting there 24/7 hating on conservatives and Trump supporters. They’ve gotten a lot more nasty to them… makes you wonder why we’re getting so fed up with the left? We don’t call them “libtards” for no reason ’cause that’s what they are. The left doing all the hate ’cause what’s BLM, Antifa and all their protesting was about to begin with. I’m so glad that I don’t align myself with the left at all. I’m proud to be conservative.

Back to Houston floods, I’ve been following it all on TV and on twitter. It’s sad and heartbreaking stuff for sure. My thoughts and prayers go out to Houston. I might even donate a little something to the Red Cross myself. Probably will. You should too.

Again, don’t listen to the media and the insane left. Us Americans love all people of all types. The media is trying to create a race war but it’s going to fail, big time. There is no race war. It was all made up by the media.



Why is the media calling them biker gangs??? They are “clubs”… not “gangs”… big difference…

A big shootout just happened in Waco, Texas between two motorcycle “clubs” w/ 9 dead and injuring others. The media is quick to calling them “gangs” but they are not “gangs”. They are motorcycle “clubs” as the title says. It’s a proven fact that bikers don’t appreciate being called, “gangs”. “Gangs” and “clubs” don’t mean the same thing.

I think part of the reason the media is quick to calling them “gangs” is so they can make them look like white thugs after all this civil unrest stuff going on. After blacks been called thugs, this is their opportunity to call whites “thugs”. They’re turning the tables. More “division” is what it is.


You see most motorcycle “clubs” are actually good people, it’s just that sometimes you run into a few bad ones. In motorcycle clubs, they go around doing good things for people like help raise money for charities and things like that. Plus, they just like to go ride on their bikes just for the hell of it.

Biker “clubs” aren’t what you see in that show “Sons of Anarchy” at all. Although, “Sons of Anarchy” is a great show.

What happened in Waco is a tragedy, though. Respect to the police. I wonder how liberals are gonna make the police look like racists this time? Should be interesting… they’ll figure out a way, though. Watch for it.


If you think Obama’s illegal “amnesty” is good for the country, then you’re completely insane…

Predictably, libtards are acting like Obama is a hero over his illegal “amnesty” plan. What’s new with libtards in facebook and social networking? The left will support everything Obama does which is crazy and insane.

I did watch Obama’s immigration speech on CNN last night and as usual just his typical bullshit. Lying all the way through. Predictably, there is not one mention of securing the border. You want to stop illegals from entering our country, closing the border will stop that from happening. Deploying more border patrol agents at the Mexican border and deporting illegals back to Mexico isn’t gonna solve anything. That’ll just make illegals entering our country a lot worse.

Deporting immigrant criminals is a bad idea too. Notice how Barack never mentioned the word “terrorist” when talking deporting criminals??? Libtards don’t pick up on that. Deporting immigrant criminals would be very tough and challenging to do plus it would cost a lot of tax dollars.

On top of that, Obama’s immigration is all garbage. I don’t care what Obama’s ideas for illegal immigration are, it’s all illegal and not faithful to the Constitution. He shouldn’t be doing this without Congressional approval.

As for why the major networks like NBC, ABC, CNN, and even FOX didn’t air the speech last night… my observation is that they didn’t want to upset their viewers and send their viewers in an outrage. Obama’s immigration is not for everyone and those networks were worried that they would get in trouble for airing something “illegal” like CNN did. Those networks could lose money and ratings and they didn’t want to get put into a lot of pressure by “conservative” viewers.

Libtards are complaining about the conservatives “negativity” and “hate” over Obama’s immigration… well, we’re not gonna sit back and be positive about it. This is part of Obama’s plan in transforming America but not in a good way. People are scared of Obama and you should be too. If you support Obama’s illegal “amnesty”, then you are un-American and a traitor. If you support illegals going from undocumented to documented, then you don’t believe in America and you disrespect the Constitution.

If you support everything Emperor Obama does no matter the situation, then I want nothing to do with you. I will no longer debate politics with you and you will just be ignored. Hopefully, when January comes and when the GOP take power of Congress, they will fight back at Emperor Obama. They need to fight back hard and do what we elected them for.

Obama was not even born in this country himself. He too is an illegal immigrant. Defend him all you want, I will always believe he wasn’t born here. Deport his ass back to Africa where he belongs.

Anybody that supports Obama or think there is nothing wrong with him, is probably uneducated and knows nothing about politics. If there was a conservative president going for illegal “amnesty”, all the libtards would have wanted him impeached.

Like I repeatedly said before, it didn’t take me long at all to find out what kind of man Obama is. I never liked him since the 2008 elections. I never voted for him for both elections and it’s disgusting that you did.


To those who mistakenly believe that Obama had nothing to do with Rick Perry indictment, check this out…

It’s been discovered that the people who filed the charges is part of a “progressive” coalition that has received $500,000 from billionaire, George Soros who is a well-known Obama puppet and they have a connection with each other. Either way, all this proves is that the left are desperately trying to destroy Rick Perry. Trying to stop him over this border stuff and the left trying to stop him from running for President in 2016.

Sure enough, liberal media ignores the George Soros connection so they can continue to make Rick Perry look guilty. They even went as far as censoring it, too.


Anybody who’s against Perry vetoing the funding ’cause he simply didn’t want to support a drunk driver is nothing but an ignorant and uninformed liberal.

Most of us right-wingers stand with Rick Perry. I stand with him. I think he’s 100% innocent and he will prevail. He will win and I’m sticking with it.

The left needs to learn that this country doesn’t revolve around them. You wanna start a war against conservatives? Well, you got one. Conservatives kick ass. Liberals are weak.


It’s interesting how the Bergdhal prisoner swap was proven illegal… yet national media ignores it…

So Rick Perry got indicted for vetoing funding ’cause he didn’t want to support a drunk driver became huge national news. Yet, when it was proven by congressional investigators that the Obama/Pentagon prisoner swap between Bergdhal and 5 terrorists was illegal, national news media ignores it. You don’t see the national media (like the Today Show, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) reporting Obama’s prisoner swap being illegal.

How is that the Rick Perry indictment story became a breaking news story yet every time Obama is proven to have done something illegal, it gets ignored??? Is it because America thinks Conservatives are the bad guys and liberals are the good guys? That’s the way it seems to be in America lately.

I always get accused of siding with Conservatives/republicans ’cause of their political party but it’s not true. There are some conservative politicians who I don’t like and think they are just as criminal. Like Chris Christie for example, I don’t like the bridge stuff that he got himself into. I’m not a fan of Ted Cruz or Speaker John Boehner either. I think Marco Rubio is a scum bag.

Rick Perry; however, is all cool with me. I think there is nothing wrong with him.

I don’t really hate based on their political party and it would be nice if everyone in America would do the same. Quit siding with their political parties and be realistic for once but of course, nobody will.

It’s just strange to me how Conservatives can easily get in trouble and liberals get nothing when both parties do something illegal. While I do admit that some Conservative politicians can be just as corrupt and criminal… liberals are no better. Liberal politicians like Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Elijah Cummings, Harry Reid, etc. All those assholes need to go but the left sees nothing wrong with them.

When will liberal politicians ever get held accountable for anything??? Will Obama get indicted for the illegal prisoner swap? Will they start impeachment proceedings? Probably not. Conservatives like Rick Perry can get charged and arrested but criminals like Obama, Biden, and Harry Reid will get nothing.

It’s just pathetic really. All of it. It’s pissing me off too.

When will America stop shaming Conservatives ’cause of our right-wing beliefs???

I hate liberalism for a lot of reasons and this is one of them. Conservatives are always looked at as troublemakers, yet, nobody wants to see liberals being the same.

It’s all back and forth hypocrisy.

It’s pretty scary that when Rick Perry criticized Obama over the immigration stuff and then the next thing you know, he gets indicted. If you think Obama had nothing to do with the Rick Perry indictment, you are delusional and insane. Obama is not fooling anyone.



Gov. Perry sets the record straight with video response…

So because he’s a republican/conservative people have to be quick to judge that he’s a  corrupt criminal over an indictment. Without getting yourself informed, you have to accuse Gov. Perry all kinds of things and call him a bunch of names ’cause of his right wing beliefs.

You have to look at facts & the truth. Shouldn’t matter the political party.

Ask yourself this, would you want to support someone with a DWI history and someone who has a violent temper? Tell me you would do the same thing by vetoing funding ’cause you wouldn’t want to support a piece of trash like Lehmberg.

Gov. Perry had every right to do what he did. This is just the democrats opportunity on trying to bring him down over the border stuff. The Democrats are scared of him trying to secure the border and they’re just trying to stop him. Nothing more.

I still believe that Obama is in on this indictment. It definitely sounds like an Obama and Holder thing. They always go after people who disagrees with them. Obama goes after all of his enemies and before you know it: Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Trey Gowdy could be next.

If you believe that conservatives who are corrupt and criminal ’cause of their right wing beliefs, then you are the one who is delusional and paranoid.


More on Gov. Perry’s outrageous indictment…

Usually, when a conservative politician gets in trouble with the law, the left’s response will be like, “Oh my god, another right-winger bites the dust. He’s a corrupt politician like the rest of them”.  Blah blah blah, you get the deal but when a democrat/left-winger does something similar, they get nothing.

How come there is no outrage when Obama illegally funded Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? What about when he illegally funded Syrian Rebels? Obama even funded Hamas and Al-Qaeda at some point. Obama got no outrage. Got no indictment or nothing. Ever since Obama’s 2008 election all he have been doing is abusing his power. All of his crimes and scandals… the usual list: Benghazi, Operation F&F, Obamacare, NSA, IRS, illegal immigration, etc. Obama haven’t been held accountable for anything.

Yet, Gov. Perry could get 99 years in prison or more for doing something good? He refuses to support a drunk and an alcoholic loser piece of trash like Lehmberg… and Gov. Perry is being looked at as a monster or a criminal?

What the fuck is wrong with America???

Why is Gov. Perry being looked at as a monster or a criminal just because he refuses to fund a drunk??? Did Gov. Perry kill innocent Americans??? Did Gov. Perry send guns to drug lords? Did  Gov. Perry spy on innocent Americans? No he didn’t do any of that stuff. Gov. Perry didn’t blow up any fucking buildings or sent Muslims to attack a US consulate.

Even if Gov. Perry did break the law, 99 years in prison or more is way too harsh of a sentence.

No matter what you think of Gov. Perry, he’s innocent until proven guilty.

I’m pretty sure everyone would do the same thing Gov. Perry just did. Force someone to resign ’cause his/her past of a DWI arrest. The only reason Gov. Perry is being looked at as a monster and criminal over this is ’cause he is a conservative/republican. Just jealous and hate from the left, that’s all it is basically. A political “witchhunt” like most of us are saying. The left hates conservatives and they’re just trying to get rid of right-wingers. This is just the left’s way of trying to take over America.

This won’t hurt Gov. Perry’s political career at all as all it’s gonna do is help him, big time. This could make him the next president of the United States.

The left are a bunch of evil, self-centered and hateful pricks. They accuse conservatives of being hateful and evil but we’re not. The left are real hateful toward conservatives and the way they responded to this is proof of it.

Usually when a conservative politician gets in trouble in the news are usually the bad guys. The Democrats/left are like wonderful people who can do whatever they want and they get nothing. Gov. Perry possibly going to jail instead of Rosemary Lehmberg is just proof of this that democrats can’t be touched in America. It’s always those evil conservatives.

Anybody who thinks Gov. Perry did something bad here is a jealous and delusional loser. Before pointing fingers at people and playing the blame game, get yourself informed first. Lehmberg was a drunk and a stupid cunt… watch her videos in youtube for proof on that. You would see exactly why Gov. Perry did what he had to do.

For this, I respect Gov. Perry even more now and he’s becoming my favorite politician. If he runs in 2016, he’ll get my vote for sure. Why do people look at Obama like a hero and Gov. Perry an enemy when it should be the other way around?

Gov. Perry is a real and true leader. He cares for the state of Texas and the United States.


Gov. Perry didn’t do anything wrong, what he did was very heroic actually!!!

Whether or not, Gov. Perry broke the law, what he did was very heroic. I don’t see what he did was bad. He was trying to force District Attorney, Rosemary Lehmberg to resign because she was a drunk and had a past with a DWI arrest. So I thought he did a great thing saying no to funding the PIU. People like that don’t deserve the money and don’t deserve to be working. A piece of trash like Lehmberg doesn’t deserve that kind of support. Watch her arrest video below.

Gov. Perry just didn’t want to support a drunken piece of trash like Lehmberg so Rick did a very good thing.

In my opinion, this won’t ruin his presidential chances in 2016 but it will only help him.

I really do think Gov. Perry was set up by the Obama admnistration.

Seriously, watch the video of this drunken cunt below and tell me whether or not she deserves that fund.

Gov. Perry is the freakin’ man! For this!

I don’t see how this is abusing his power at all but whatever. Liberals are crazy and delusional lunatics!


Really, quit acting like Obama is never behind anything… ridiculous!!!

You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of government. A lot of crazy things can go on. Yes, it is very possible that the Obama administration can contact law enforcement and get someone indicted privately. It is possible for anyone to contact law enforcement to get someone indicted and you can have them not to use your name so the public wouldn’t know.

Dinesh D’ Souza got indicted and he is a long time enemy of Obama. Now Rick Perry have been indicted ’cause he is a long time enemy of Obama too. Is this a coincidence?

This is what Obama does. When he has enemies, he’ll either get them mysteriously killed in a fatal accident, gets them fired from their jobs or gets them in trouble in the law.

Don’t be surprised that Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Trey Gowdy could be next on Obama’s target list. Obama can get them privately indicted for any crime. This is what he’s doing.

Anyway, all this proves is that Obama can’t be touched with the law.

People in lower government like Governors, Senators, Congressmans, Mayor, etc. They can get in trouble with the law with no problem only if they are Republican/Conservative. America likes to look at Dems/liberals as wonderful people who haven’t done anything. Dems/liberals have more power to get away with their bullshit. This is why Barack and Hillary are still standing. It’s all about the political party. America likes to look at Rep/Conservatives bad guys and America likes to look at Dems/liberals as good guys. It’s all pathetic really.

This is why Obama have chosen to be Democrat/liberal ’cause he knows it’ll be easier to get away with stuff.

Gov. Perry is probably gonna fight back, though. He’ll get himself lawyers and defend himself. I’m sure Gov. Perry will give us a statement on this indictment pretty soon.


BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Rick Perry indicted for Abuses of Power…

This is totally wrong and unfair. These are the kinds of things that Obama does when people get all over him. When Obama can’t take any kind of criticism, he goes after people. He goes after conservatives and those evil republicans. Obama got Dinesh D’ Souza in trouble for his movie/book on “America” and now Obama is trying to take down Rick Perry.

Rick Perry is trying to secure the border and all this is just Obama trying to stop Perry from doing that.

All this stuff I explained above is just further proof that liberals/democrats can get away with their crimes easier. Democrats and liberals are no better. They can be just as corrupt and criminal.

All Obama ever did ever since he’s been elected in 2008 was abuse his power and Obama suffered no consequences. Fucking bullshit if you ask me.

This was no surprise. I had a feeling that Obama was gonna get after Rick Perry somehow.

Come on, Obama. You’re too predictable, buddy!!! Is this all you can come up with, idiot???