Is America really divided? Don’t believe the hype… we’re not really and Houston flooding is proof of that…


I think the die-hard left fighting for “equality” and all that stuff is a waste of time ’cause to be honest, we already are as one. Don’t believe the media’s hype. We’re not a divided nation and we’ve never have been. The Houston flooding is proof of that. If you dig around, we have whites and blacks saving each other in Houston. We also have men and women saving each other. They all save each other no matter the color of their skin, no matter the political views, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

The die-hard left (or the alt-left is what we’re calling them now), trying to tell us that we should love each other and stop the hate…well, we’re already doing that. We already do love all people. That’s why we’re supporting Trump to begin with, y’all. The Trump presidency is not about racism and hate like the left and the media is trying to make us out to be. The alt-left is starting to realize that truth after Hurricane Harvey and it’s pissing them off and driving them insane. Keep accusing us of being racist, you bunch of fools ’cause it’s making you look ridiculous the more you do it.

We’re not the ones doing all the hating… it’s the left doing all the hate. That’s why they lost the election ’cause they’ve become so deranged. They’re the ones sitting there 24/7 hating on conservatives and Trump supporters. They’ve gotten a lot more nasty to them… makes you wonder why we’re getting so fed up with the left? We don’t call them “libtards” for no reason ’cause that’s what they are. The left doing all the hate ’cause what’s BLM, Antifa and all their protesting was about to begin with. I’m so glad that I don’t align myself with the left at all. I’m proud to be conservative.

Back to Houston floods, I’ve been following it all on TV and on twitter. It’s sad and heartbreaking stuff for sure. My thoughts and prayers go out to Houston. I might even donate a little something to the Red Cross myself. Probably will. You should too.

Again, don’t listen to the media and the insane left. Us Americans love all people of all types. The media is trying to create a race war but it’s going to fail, big time. There is no race war. It was all made up by the media.



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