If you think Obama’s illegal “amnesty” is good for the country, then you’re completely insane…

Predictably, libtards are acting like Obama is a hero over his illegal “amnesty” plan. What’s new with libtards in facebook and social networking? The left will support everything Obama does which is crazy and insane.

I did watch Obama’s immigration speech on CNN last night and as usual just his typical bullshit. Lying all the way through. Predictably, there is not one mention of securing the border. You want to stop illegals from entering our country, closing the border will stop that from happening. Deploying more border patrol agents at the Mexican border and deporting illegals back to Mexico isn’t gonna solve anything. That’ll just make illegals entering our country a lot worse.

Deporting immigrant criminals is a bad idea too. Notice how Barack never mentioned the word “terrorist” when talking deporting criminals??? Libtards don’t pick up on that. Deporting immigrant criminals would be very tough and challenging to do plus it would cost a lot of tax dollars.

On top of that, Obama’s immigration is all garbage. I don’t care what Obama’s ideas for illegal immigration are, it’s all illegal and not faithful to the Constitution. He shouldn’t be doing this without Congressional approval.

As for why the major networks like NBC, ABC, CNN, and even FOX didn’t air the speech last night… my observation is that they didn’t want to upset their viewers and send their viewers in an outrage. Obama’s immigration is not for everyone and those networks were worried that they would get in trouble for airing something “illegal” like CNN did. Those networks could lose money and ratings and they didn’t want to get put into a lot of pressure by “conservative” viewers.

Libtards are complaining about the conservatives “negativity” and “hate” over Obama’s immigration… well, we’re not gonna sit back and be positive about it. This is part of Obama’s plan in transforming America but not in a good way. People are scared of Obama and you should be too. If you support Obama’s illegal “amnesty”, then you are un-American and a traitor. If you support illegals going from undocumented to documented, then you don’t believe in America and you disrespect the Constitution.

If you support everything Emperor Obama does no matter the situation, then I want nothing to do with you. I will no longer debate politics with you and you will just be ignored. Hopefully, when January comes and when the GOP take power of Congress, they will fight back at Emperor Obama. They need to fight back hard and do what we elected them for.

Obama was not even born in this country himself. He too is an illegal immigrant. Defend him all you want, I will always believe he wasn’t born here. Deport his ass back to Africa where he belongs.

Anybody that supports Obama or think there is nothing wrong with him, is probably uneducated and knows nothing about politics. If there was a conservative president going for illegal “amnesty”, all the libtards would have wanted him impeached.

Like I repeatedly said before, it didn’t take me long at all to find out what kind of man Obama is. I never liked him since the 2008 elections. I never voted for him for both elections and it’s disgusting that you did.


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