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The Fake News MSM is intentionally trying to divide the Trump base… they want him to lose 2020 is all…

The Trump base is so divided right now. How divided is the base? Well, lets make a few observations, shall we?

The Fake Trump base: “Yeah, I’m on the Trump Train but we should have every right to criticize Trump just like we should for every president in the past.”

The True Trump base: “We’re loyal supporters and we’re behind him 100%. I stand with Trump.”

So which side in the Trump base am I on? Well, I’m definitely on the “True Trump” base for sure. So yep, you guess it; I stand with Trump 100%.

President Trump didn’t cave into DACA and “amnesty” at all. This proves my point in the past that some on the right can be gullible and misinformed as well. I knew from the get-go that all the claims of Trump caving into DACA and “amnesty” was all absurd. It was a lie that was started by Schumer and Pelosi; the liberal media just went with it to make Trump look bad.

The next thing you know, the president tweeted this out today, shooting down all claims that he had a deal with Democrats on DACA:

Sure enough, the Fake Trump base just won’t give it up, and they’re still bashing Trump for it. After the lie that Trump had meetings with Democrats got out to the press, it exposed many more Trump backstabbers aka people pretending to like Trump when they really don’t — that’s the Fake Trumpers I’m talking about. That claim is just merely the mainstream media spreading more fake garbage. It’s not only the “left-wing” media trashing Trump about caving into DACA: some in FOX News including Hannity are getting all over Trump about it, the people at INFOWars stabbed Trump in the back and this includes Breitbart News. It’s nothing new… Fox News, InfoWars and Breitbart has all been on and off the Trump Train since the election started anyways. You see? Even some in the right-wing community are desperately trying to divide the Trump base.

The media is intentionally trying to do it. They’re trying to intimidate Trump supporters… hoping they’ll get them to abandon all support from Trump and not vote for him in 2020. The media on both sides of the spectrum are trying to make it look like that the “True Supporters” is pretty meager. Make no mistake about it, y’all. True support for Trump is still alive and much stronger than ever. We’ll prove the media wrong once again when we hit the voting booths in 2020. Many on the Fake Trump side are making wild assumptions that Trump will lose the re-election if no wall is built. lmao… Correction: Trump will win re-election even if there is no wall before 2020. Wall or no wall, Trump is gonna win ’cause there are many of us that believe he’s doing a good job so far. The economy is booming, the military is very strong, immigration is way down, etc. I can go on and on.

While Trump is doing all these good things for the country, many want to whine, stab him in the back and threaten to leave the Trump Train. What I find hilarious that the Fake Trumpers all claim they’re on the Trump Train but they’re always criticizing him. Why are some on the right so desperate to divide the Trump base? Are they trying to push Steve Bannon to run for president? That’s what it’s looking like and that could be a reason. Another reason is that they were never Trump supporters to begin with, and now that the election is all over with, they are free to hate him all they want. Another reason could be is that they are just jealous losers who just wants more attention for themselves.

The thing is there are people who fully supports Trump 100%, and there are people who support him 50% aka half-assed supporters. If you see a so-called Trump supporter, trashing Trump all the time, they could just be a secret hater who never wanted to vote for him. The only reason they voted for him ’cause they didn’t want to vote for Hillary.

Many famous conservatives on twitter are stabbing Trump in the back like mad that includes: Ann Coulter, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Ingraham, Mike Cernovich, Sean Hannity, etc. The list goes on and on.

If you’re wondering if I’m still on the Trump Train after all this DACA bullshit, yes, I’m still on. I’ll always be on the Trump Train 100% and I’m a die-hard supporter. If people have a problem with that, I don’t give a flyin’ two fucks. Here’s another thing that bothers me… all the true supporters are getting knocked by the Fake Trumpers simply because we refuse to criticize Trump. If their goal is to get us to abandon Trump too, it’s never gonna happen so keep trying. They accuse us of agreeing with Trump on everything and all that shit. NEWS FLASH: We don’t. There are stuff that we disagree with Trump about… we just won’t threaten to get off the Trump Train. We act like grown ups and let him do his job.

To all you true supporters out there, don’t listen to the Fake Trumpers and ignore them. I’ll always be on the Trump Train and I’m a true supporter. What will it take to get me off the Trump Train? Well, it’ll take a lot. When he starts doing things like breaking the law and doing things that would destroy the country, that would make me get off. So far he hasn’t done that yet. Ever since Trump got sworn into office, he has been doing great things for America but unfortunately that’s gonna make some people all jealous. It’s all politics so don’t let it bother you.

Trump is still committed to building the wall. Don’t listen to the media’s garbage.

I know this post was kind of long, but I had a lot to say to get off my chest.


While it’s good that the mainstream media is reporting about the blocking of Obama’s amnesty… there’s still one problem…

When it was announced today that the Federal Court of Appeals blocked Obama’s amnesty for the time being, it took a little while for liberal media to pick up on it and they finally did. While it’s good that liberal media is all over this… there’s still a problem…


They’re refusing to call it “amnesty”. I’m noticing that liberal sources like NBC, CNN and Washington Post are calling it “Immigration program” and “Immigration Reform” instead.

News sites that are not in the mainstream are calling it “amnesty”.

You see, this is just another sign that mainstream media refuses to get aggressive on Obama and refuses to call what his “policies” really are. It’s just sickening, man.

It is good news that Obama got another smackdown. Once again, stop thinking that he isn’t capable of breaking the law or disobeying the Constitution. I’m sure Obama is mad as hell about this but he have to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around him.


Look like there is hope with the Republican party after all!!!!

This is good news! Republicans already at work fighting back at Obama’s actions just like we were hoping for.


Trey Gowdy here in this video calling out Obama. Love it! This was Trey’s speech on the House floor earlier today.

Once they block Obama’s illegal amnesty then they need to get work on doing something about Obamacare. I’m sure blocking amnesty will pass through the Senate too.


If you think Obama’s illegal “amnesty” is good for the country, then you’re completely insane…

Predictably, libtards are acting like Obama is a hero over his illegal “amnesty” plan. What’s new with libtards in facebook and social networking? The left will support everything Obama does which is crazy and insane.

I did watch Obama’s immigration speech on CNN last night and as usual just his typical bullshit. Lying all the way through. Predictably, there is not one mention of securing the border. You want to stop illegals from entering our country, closing the border will stop that from happening. Deploying more border patrol agents at the Mexican border and deporting illegals back to Mexico isn’t gonna solve anything. That’ll just make illegals entering our country a lot worse.

Deporting immigrant criminals is a bad idea too. Notice how Barack never mentioned the word “terrorist” when talking deporting criminals??? Libtards don’t pick up on that. Deporting immigrant criminals would be very tough and challenging to do plus it would cost a lot of tax dollars.

On top of that, Obama’s immigration is all garbage. I don’t care what Obama’s ideas for illegal immigration are, it’s all illegal and not faithful to the Constitution. He shouldn’t be doing this without Congressional approval.

As for why the major networks like NBC, ABC, CNN, and even FOX didn’t air the speech last night… my observation is that they didn’t want to upset their viewers and send their viewers in an outrage. Obama’s immigration is not for everyone and those networks were worried that they would get in trouble for airing something “illegal” like CNN did. Those networks could lose money and ratings and they didn’t want to get put into a lot of pressure by “conservative” viewers.

Libtards are complaining about the conservatives “negativity” and “hate” over Obama’s immigration… well, we’re not gonna sit back and be positive about it. This is part of Obama’s plan in transforming America but not in a good way. People are scared of Obama and you should be too. If you support Obama’s illegal “amnesty”, then you are un-American and a traitor. If you support illegals going from undocumented to documented, then you don’t believe in America and you disrespect the Constitution.

If you support everything Emperor Obama does no matter the situation, then I want nothing to do with you. I will no longer debate politics with you and you will just be ignored. Hopefully, when January comes and when the GOP take power of Congress, they will fight back at Emperor Obama. They need to fight back hard and do what we elected them for.

Obama was not even born in this country himself. He too is an illegal immigrant. Defend him all you want, I will always believe he wasn’t born here. Deport his ass back to Africa where he belongs.

Anybody that supports Obama or think there is nothing wrong with him, is probably uneducated and knows nothing about politics. If there was a conservative president going for illegal “amnesty”, all the libtards would have wanted him impeached.

Like I repeatedly said before, it didn’t take me long at all to find out what kind of man Obama is. I never liked him since the 2008 elections. I never voted for him for both elections and it’s disgusting that you did.


Major TV networks refusing to air Obama “illegal” amnesty speech that includes the conservative network, FOX News…

This is getting crazy but it doesn’t surprise me that the major news networks including the right-wing FOX News won’t be airing Obama’s “illegal” amnesty speech live on TV tonight.


CNN will be the only liberal network that will be airing it tonight at 8 p.m. As much as I hate to hear Obama talk, I’m probably gonna watch it.

The question is, why are other major news networks refusing to air the speech? My guess is the Darren Wilson verdict. They’re waiting for that “Breaking News” story for more ratings. They know that nobody in America will pay attention to Barack’s “illegal” amnesty and everyone is waiting for that Darren Wilson verdict.

Obama is about ready to get on TV telling everybody how he is about to break the law and shred the Constitution. That will be good enough proof of his dictatorship.


Get ready for amnesty day tomorrow…

I’ve said it before and will say it again… if you think amnesty is a good thing for the country and if you believe that is what the country needs, then you’re delusional. What Obama is about to do tomorrow when he plans to reveal his “illegal” immigration plan is that he is about to show the world how he is about to break the law and he is also about to show the world that he’s getting ready to tear the Constitution in pieces. He’s about to show that to all of us tomorrow. It’ll confirm the criminal and dictator that he is. He thinks he’s an emperor or a king. He doesn’t only think he is president of the United States, he thinks he is president everywhere else too.

Wake up, America. Obama is an anti-American, corrupt, lying, Marxist and criminal. Whatever you wanna call him these days. Obama is doing all he can to do whatever’s best for other countries and illegal immigrants but Obama doesn’t look up to us. He never did and never will.

In right-wing media, most of us are upset and scared of Obama’s amnesty. While left-wing media will try to make it look like that amnesty is okay and they will claim that Obama is doing nothing wrong. In the right-wing world, most of us are trying to fight back at Obama’s amnesty while the left is completely dead silent.

While I hate Obama’s speeches and haven’t been watching them, I’m probably gonna watch his “amnesty” speech tomorrow ’cause I’m curious on what kind of bullshit he’s gonna spew.

Illegal immigrants aren’t welcome in this country. We should be very afraid of amnesty. I know I am and most of us are too. They really need to impeach this asshole and throw him in jail. It can’t really be all that hard. I don’t know why Congress are too afraid to do something about him. I don’t care what his skin color is. His race shouldn’t be his shield. Everyone needs to be held accountable for their criminal actions that should include Obama.

If you think Obama going forward with this without Congressional approval is okay, then you need to get your fucking head checked.