Get ready for amnesty day tomorrow…

I’ve said it before and will say it again… if you think amnesty is a good thing for the country and if you believe that is what the country needs, then you’re delusional. What Obama is about to do tomorrow when he plans to reveal his “illegal” immigration plan is that he is about to show the world how he is about to break the law and he is also about to show the world that he’s getting ready to tear the Constitution in pieces. He’s about to show that to all of us tomorrow. It’ll confirm the criminal and dictator that he is. He thinks he’s an emperor or a king. He doesn’t only think he is president of the United States, he thinks he is president everywhere else too.

Wake up, America. Obama is an anti-American, corrupt, lying, Marxist and criminal. Whatever you wanna call him these days. Obama is doing all he can to do whatever’s best for other countries and illegal immigrants but Obama doesn’t look up to us. He never did and never will.

In right-wing media, most of us are upset and scared of Obama’s amnesty. While left-wing media will try to make it look like that amnesty is okay and they will claim that Obama is doing nothing wrong. In the right-wing world, most of us are trying to fight back at Obama’s amnesty while the left is completely dead silent.

While I hate Obama’s speeches and haven’t been watching them, I’m probably gonna watch his “amnesty” speech tomorrow ’cause I’m curious on what kind of bullshit he’s gonna spew.

Illegal immigrants aren’t welcome in this country. We should be very afraid of amnesty. I know I am and most of us are too. They really need to impeach this asshole and throw him in jail. It can’t really be all that hard. I don’t know why Congress are too afraid to do something about him. I don’t care what his skin color is. His race shouldn’t be his shield. Everyone needs to be held accountable for their criminal actions that should include Obama.

If you think Obama going forward with this without Congressional approval is okay, then you need to get your fucking head checked.


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