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David Lee Roth crashes bachelor party in Las Vegas but the guys in the party had no idea who he was…

This video is some funny shit. David Lee Roth, the legendary frontman has his own podcast show and the people who works for his show walks by a room in a hotel with Van Halen music blasting from another room. The DLR Show staff went to tell David himself who was in his hotel room so he decided to come out and crash these guys party who were having a bachelor party.

As soon as the door opens, there were several drunk men in the hotel room and the guy who answered the door is wearing a black Harambe muscle tank. David introduced himself and said he heard Van Halen music and told the Harambe shirt guy, “We’re your neighbors”.

It’s funny ’cause these guys didn’t even know who David Lee Roth was? David probably thought they were going to be star struck but David didn’t get the response he wanted. Instead, the drunk men apologized for the loud noise. David was probably hoping for this response: “OH MY GOD, IT’S DAVID LEE ROTH FROM FUCKING VAN HALEN. COME ON IN AND PARTY WITH US, DUDE. HAVE A FEW BEERS WITH US!” Unfortunately, David didn’t get invited into the party and didn’t know who he was.

Some of you may ask… why would they play Van Halen music on a stereo and not know who David Lee Roth is? Well, they were probably playing music on an Ipod through a stereo system and they had it on shuffle.

Welcome to 2019, David. An era where music fans forgot that rock n’ roll existed. We’re in an era that is still dominated by pop, rap and country… nobody knows their rock n’ roll anymore. Gene Simmons is right that rock n’ roll is completely dead.

While David was laughing about it, deep down inside I’m sure he was pissed as fuck and offended. He was looking kinda pissed toward the end of the video. He’s probably thinking to himself: “Nobody knows who I am anymore?”

Yep, welcome to 2019 indeed. This is how music is right now.


The mighty Metallica kills it with their “Rock in Rio” set in Vegas! Wow!!!

I’ve seen too many Metallica live performances on video and I’ve seen them live in person once… I would have to say that this is their best gig in the last decade or so. It seems that Lars Ulrich improved his drumming skills and he was on fire here. Lars helped make the band sound pretty tight that night. All 4 guys were on fire. The sound quality at “Rock in Rio” did a good job ’cause you can hear all their instruments pretty clearly, you can even hear Rob’s bass pretty good.

I loved how they threw in songs they haven’t played in a long time… songs such as “King Nothing” which they don’t play live much.

I love watching Metallica live ’cause they are the best live band. I don’t care what the haters think.

What I love the most about Metallica is that they love their fans so much and they actually show it at their live gigs. When the show is over with, most bands would leave right after their set but not Metallica. When Metallica finishes their set, they stay and hang out for a while so they can celebrate with their fans by throwing guitar picks, drum sticks, beach balls and all kinds of items out in the crowd.

I don’t understand why Metallica continues to get so much hate when they deserve so much respect. Shame on the metal fans who continue to shit on this band like jealous little pussies. Metallica still rocks, I don’t care what anyone thinks.

I watched this whole video from start to finish and you should too. It’s worth it, believe me!


Get ready for amnesty day tomorrow…

I’ve said it before and will say it again… if you think amnesty is a good thing for the country and if you believe that is what the country needs, then you’re delusional. What Obama is about to do tomorrow when he plans to reveal his “illegal” immigration plan is that he is about to show the world how he is about to break the law and he is also about to show the world that he’s getting ready to tear the Constitution in pieces. He’s about to show that to all of us tomorrow. It’ll confirm the criminal and dictator that he is. He thinks he’s an emperor or a king. He doesn’t only think he is president of the United States, he thinks he is president everywhere else too.

Wake up, America. Obama is an anti-American, corrupt, lying, Marxist and criminal. Whatever you wanna call him these days. Obama is doing all he can to do whatever’s best for other countries and illegal immigrants but Obama doesn’t look up to us. He never did and never will.

In right-wing media, most of us are upset and scared of Obama’s amnesty. While left-wing media will try to make it look like that amnesty is okay and they will claim that Obama is doing nothing wrong. In the right-wing world, most of us are trying to fight back at Obama’s amnesty while the left is completely dead silent.

While I hate Obama’s speeches and haven’t been watching them, I’m probably gonna watch his “amnesty” speech tomorrow ’cause I’m curious on what kind of bullshit he’s gonna spew.

Illegal immigrants aren’t welcome in this country. We should be very afraid of amnesty. I know I am and most of us are too. They really need to impeach this asshole and throw him in jail. It can’t really be all that hard. I don’t know why Congress are too afraid to do something about him. I don’t care what his skin color is. His race shouldn’t be his shield. Everyone needs to be held accountable for their criminal actions that should include Obama.

If you think Obama going forward with this without Congressional approval is okay, then you need to get your fucking head checked.


Brocks thoughts on Prince Harry partying with girls and getting naked in Vegas…who cares? Let him have the fun…

Honestly, I don’t find anything wrong with Prince Harry wanting to have a little fun in the USA. He has private sexual fantasies like most of us, so what’s the big deal? He may have an obsession of being a nudist. He probably does these things all the time in England, except when he decided to do it in the USA, of course, he had to be exposed by the media, thanks to TMZ. TMZ is a pretty cold and evil website, I always hated them. I don’t even read TMZ anymore like I used to. Prince Harry deserves the rights to his privacy. So whoever took the pics and sent them to TMZ is a total loser. America is obsessed with famous people, and it’s making me sick. Who cares if Harry wants to have fun and party it up? That’s his business. Can you blame him? It’s VEGAS! Everyone wants to party in Vegas.

Just wanted to give my brief thoughts on this for those who are wondering. Harry did nothing wrong at all. As long it’s legal (which was), he has the right to party it up with women if he wanted. HE IS PRINCE FUCKING HARRY! The man has the power to do what he wants to do, of course, the USA ladies will be all over him. Let him enjoy himself and leave him the hell alone.

Cool Photo: Is this Superman’s new “S” shield logo from Zack Snyder’s and Christopher Nolan’s new Supes flick????

“The Licensing International Expo.” is happening in Las Vegas this week and there it teases films from “The Avengers”, “The Dark Knight Rises” and Zack Snyder’s “Superman”. Above you see Superman’s official new “S” shield logo for Zack Snyder’s “Superman”.

Which is way fucking cool. I love it!

I was a little worried that Snyder and Nolan were going to make the “S” logo differently, but it looks like they are keeping the Superman costume the same red, yellow and blue, and the “S” logo will be the same as Christopher Reeve’s.

Hopefully soon, Snyder, Nolan, and Warner Bros. will reveal what Henry Cavill looks like in the Superman suit.

The question is, will they do that at this year’s San Diego Comic Con? That’s what I’ve been wondering myself if Superman and Batman both will be at this year’s Comic Con. According to reports, Superman and Batman will NOT be at this year’s comic con.

More on the story here.

Remember, Superman and Batman franchises have been avoiding the Comic Con’s for years, but never say never. Maybe Warner Bros. will be there to reveal some stuff about Superman and Batman out of no where to surprise the fans. The Comic Con events are always full of surprises, you never know what will happen at those things.

Back to Zack Snyder’s “Superman”, I’m sure he will stay true to the franchise and you can already see it with the logo above. Zack knows what he’s doing, he’s a huge Superman fan like most of us, so I don’t think he’ll fail this movie at all.


Heidi Montag shows off her new plastic look…

Heidi Montag came out of hiding and attended The Liquid Pool Lounge Grand Opening at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. It’s obvious the only reason she attended was that she wanted some attention with her new look. She’s obsessed with plastic surgery, everyone knows that. This is her latest look.

In my opinion, she’s a disgusting pig. That’s what she is now. She looks like a wax figure from a wax musuem. Plastic surgery is a turn off for me. I like women nice and natural. Women can look sexy and hot naturally, all it takes is good fitness and good nutrition.

This bitch is an attention whore and that’s probably all she wants. Other than Spencer Pratt, I don’t think any other guy would bang her.


Photos of Joaquin Phoenix at the LAVO nightclub from last night!!!

See this blog here who posted photos of Joaquin on stage at the LAVO from last night’s gig, yes, that’s really Joaquin Phoenix for reals!!

See them here:


Oh my, that’s Joaquin’s image as a rapper? A bushy bearded Allman Bros./Grateful Dead look?

That last pic of Joaquin with a blonde woman, I wonder if he’s dating that woman or she’s just some random fan just partying with him? Probably just a fan.

When the youtube videos of Joaquin at the LAVO start going up, I’ll post ’em, if anybody at the LAVO other than Casey Affleck videotaped him that is.