The mighty Metallica kills it with their “Rock in Rio” set in Vegas! Wow!!!

I’ve seen too many Metallica live performances on video and I’ve seen them live in person once… I would have to say that this is their best gig in the last decade or so. It seems that Lars Ulrich improved his drumming skills and he was on fire here. Lars helped make the band sound pretty tight that night. All 4 guys were on fire. The sound quality at “Rock in Rio” did a good job ’cause you can hear all their instruments pretty clearly, you can even hear Rob’s bass pretty good.

I loved how they threw in songs they haven’t played in a long time… songs such as “King Nothing” which they don’t play live much.

I love watching Metallica live ’cause they are the best live band. I don’t care what the haters think.

What I love the most about Metallica is that they love their fans so much and they actually show it at their live gigs. When the show is over with, most bands would leave right after their set but not Metallica. When Metallica finishes their set, they stay and hang out for a while so they can celebrate with their fans by throwing guitar picks, drum sticks, beach balls and all kinds of items out in the crowd.

I don’t understand why Metallica continues to get so much hate when they deserve so much respect. Shame on the metal fans who continue to shit on this band like jealous little pussies. Metallica still rocks, I don’t care what anyone thinks.

I watched this whole video from start to finish and you should too. It’s worth it, believe me!


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