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Metallica… I don’t understand why a lot of people continue to hate on this band…

Metallica has always been my favorite band for years ever since I was a young kid and still love that band now. I’ve heard everything they’ve done and love everything they’ve done. I never got to see Metallica live in concert until they came to Albany for the “Death Magnetic” tour… that was the only time I got to see them live and it was a great experience.

During their thrash metal era between “Kill ‘Em All”, “Ride the Lightning”, “Master of Puppets”, “And Justice For ALL” and the “Black Album”… fans love them. Everybody loved them back then but I believe all the hate and controversy with Metallica started during the “Load/Reload” eras. I remember when those two albums first came out… the band was in a major backlash. Due to their change of sound and their image. That’s when the band completely ditched “thrash” metal ’cause they grew so tired of it and they decided to cut their hair for their albums too. Even their haircuts sparked a lot controversy which was crazy.

I can understand why Metallica did that ’cause they were trying to fit in with the times, ya know? In the 90’s, the alternative rock era was exploding and Metallica wanted to fit in there. They got tired of playing thrash metal all the time and wanted to go for something different. I believe they wanted to focus on songwriting more which is why they did it. They wanted to be looked as songwriters too, not just a bunch of guys banging on power chords and headbanging. They wanted to show people that they are more.

But the controversy with Metallica’s music didn’t stop there… it happened even more when the album “St. Anger” came out in the early 2000’s. People trashed that album like crazy. The two biggest complaints about that album was Kirk having no solos on it and Lars’s weird sounding snare drum throughout the record.

Ya know, I didn’t have a problem with “Load/Reload” and “St. Anger”… actually, I find those three albums pretty fucking amazing and I mean that. “Load/Reload” they showed they can be great songwriters and “St. Anger” was a real heavy and tight album. “St. Anger” was pretty heavy, admit it but no one will. I thought it was a fun album.

The band continues to get criticized for staying away from thrash and heavy stuff. They tried to bring thrash and heavy stuff back when “Death Magnetic” came out. They gave what the fans wanted but sure enough, they’re still complaining. Yes, they brought the thrash back with that album but a lot of fans were saying some of it sounded like the Black album and Load/Reload still.

Then in 2016, Metallica released their latest album “Hardwired To Self Destruct”… with this album they definitely brought back their 80’s thrash and finally, this album got a lot of positive reviews from fans & critics. Many were saying this is Metallica in its true form. This album took the band years to make ’cause they wanted to make it sure was going to be a good one and it was.

Metallica continues to get a lot of hate and negativity even to this day, though. They haven’t been forgiven for their Napster battle and they continue to shit on “St. Anger”. Now that Metallica did that album with Lou Reed “Lulu”… people were shitting on that album like mad ’cause they didn’t get Lou’s singing. I thought it was a great album myself and still listen to it once in a blue moon. I thought it was cool to see Metallica work with someone else and it proved they could make music other than their own stuff.

People should respect Metallica more ’cause love ’em or hate ’em, the band accomplished a lot. They are hit makers too. While it seems like James Hetfield wrote a lot of the bands songs, not really ’cause Lars did most of the work. Lars is pretty much the leader of the band ’cause he directs every aspect of it. Watch all the Metallica footage in youtube for proof on that especially their studio sessions. Yeah, James, Kirk and Rob write together it’s Lars that writes all the songs and put the arrangements together. He’s the one who picks all the riffs that James and Kirk writes. If Lars don’t like the riffs, he’ll trash ’em and would only use the stuff that Lars likes. If Lars doesn’t like what James and Kirk plays, Lars will get onto them about it and try to improve their playing. Watch the videos for proof. Lars does all the work in the songwriting.

You may ask, how does a drummer in a band writes the songs? Well if you’re good with timing and rhythm which Lars is good at, you can make any music you want. It is Lars who is responsible for all of Metallica’s hits… James just provides rhythm guitar, lyrics and vocals. So technically Lars does most of the songwriting and he’s the primary songwriter. Not James.

Lars is in charge of everything… that man works hard and people want to trash the band still. I don’t get it. Lars not only works hard in the studio, he’s also in charge of the marketing/promoting of the band, in charge of the rehearsals and concerts. All of it. That’s because Lars started Metallica years ago himself and he was the one who recruited James first. Lars formed Metallica himself and all it took was that he posted an ad in a newspaper asking that he was looking for members to form a band and James was the first to reply. James and Lars been together ever since. From posting an ad in a newspaper to becoming the biggest metal band of all time. They didn’t get where they are overnight that’s for sure.

This band should be respected more ’cause they put on the best live shows. They kill it every time. They don’t fake anything. They played all over the world even Antarctica. That’s another reason to respect ’em more.

Metallica just released the new live album, “S & M 2” and it’s freaking amazing. The album backed by a live orchestra. Hearing Metallica backed by a live orchestra, just makes their music sound even better especially their hits. “S & M 2” really sick album, gotten around to listening to it this week. James is such a great singer too and his singing is pretty strong on this album. “S & M 2” way better than the first one

Metallica just confirmed they are at work on another new album but who knows how long it will take for them to release it. They are working on new riffs and stuff, though. They have tons of riffs so it will take a while for them to pick which ones they like.

Long live the Mighty Metallica… I’ll always love them no matter what the haters say or think and I’m definitely looking forward to their next record whenever they get it out.


Metallica’s stay at home jam session… they play their song “Blackened” via the internet…

The mighty Metallica are stuck at home just like the rest of us and here they are playing their song “Blackened” which is a song off their “And Justice For All” album. Instead of being at their HQ studios which is where they usually record and rehearse, they are following the strict stay at home orders so the 4 members found a way to be able to jam together live on the internet.

Pretty cool, I must say. Instead of James playing his loud electric guitars and singing, he decides to play it acoustically and he’s singing kind of quiet… assuming he doesn’t want to wake up his family while they’re asleep?

Anyway, this is a great performance and proves that this band can really play and James can really sing. I wish people would stop bashing this band so much ’cause they are great musicians. I love Metallica and always did.

I would think you would see more videos by Metallica like this…. them jamming on more of their songs at home live on the internet. It’s a good idea. I’d like to see them do “One”, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, “The Memory Remains” and all their hits. They probably will so keep an eye out for more Metallica home jam sessions.


I don’t understand all the hate for Metallica’s “Load/Reload” albums… both of them are killer albums, in my opinion…

Even though Metallica’s “Load” and “Re-load” albums both came out like over 20 years ago, Metallica fans are still shitting on these albums even to this day. These are the “thrash metal” only type of Metallica fans that I’m talking about. The type of fans who want to hear only thrash metal from them and that’s it.

Well, I just re-listened to “Load” and “Re-load” albums this week while at the gym and I’m still blown away by those albums. People are calling those albums “alternative” music but I completely disagree. If you actually take the time to listen to the two albums from start to finish, you would still hear that these albums still have “metal” on them and a lot of songs on these albums are still pretty “thrashy” too. So technically they haven’t really moved away from thrash metal at all. Yeah, “Load/Reload” are both pretty different than the 80’s and 90’s metal but that’s what happens with bands when they get older, ya know? The older they get, the more mature their songwriting gets.

This is what a lot of bands do. Some of them just get tired of playing the same style of music for years and years and I love it when bands take big risks like this. I don’t care what the so-called fans think. I think “Load” and “Re-load” both have some pretty incredible songwriting on them. A lot of songs on the albums can still be pretty fucking tight and heavy too. James singing and rhythm guitar work are both pretty impressive.

I’ve heard every Metallica album they’ve ever done and I’ve loved everything they’ve done including “St. Anger” and “Lulu”.

When it comes to “Load” and “Re-load”, I think it’s crazy that people don’t like songs such as “King Nothing”, “Fuel”, “The Memory Remains”, “Until It Sleeps”, “Hero of the Day”, etc. Yes, they are hit songs but still they are beautifully written songs and I love them all.

Metallica is still amazing and always will be. They’re still one of my favorite bands. I have most all of their albums except I’m missing “And Justice For All” and “St. Anger”. Used to have them both on CD but lost them somewhere. I’ll buy them on Itunes soon so I can complete their entire album discography.

It’s weird, ya know? Metallica fans want the band to put out a new album and when they do, everybody starts shitting on it. It happens with pretty much every album they put out. They’ve done that with “Death Magnetic” and “Hardwired”. It’s happening again. Metallica are about to hit the studio again to make their follow up to “Hardwired” and I’m sure fans will be shitting on their next album too.

Oh well…. fuck the so-called fans. Metallica is still great and I’m looking forward to their next album. People need to learn that bands changes and evolves over the years. That’s the way it goes.


James Hetfield of Metallica will make his film acting debut in Ted Bundy biopic film titled, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile”… interesting…

Well this is interesting. Looks like James Hetfield is gonna try something new in his life by trying to do some acting in Hollywood. I never heard about this until Metallica’s tweet came up announcing that James already filmed some scenes for the upcoming Ted Bundy biopic film titled, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” which will star Zac Efron as Ted. It looks like James will be getting more of a cameo in the film ’cause he just landed a huge role. James will be playing Ted Bundy’s arresting officer, Robert Hayward. That means Hetfield will be co-starring the movie along with Efron.

Metallica’s James Hetfield Boards Voltage’s ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, And Vile’

What does this mean for Metallica??? Is Metallica gonna quit after their tour? No. James is still committed to Metallica and always will be. James probably agreed to do this movie ’cause the director Joe Berlinger also directed the Metallica documentary, “Some Kind of Monster”. Maybe James just wants to do something different in his life, ya know?

I’m looking forward to this and Tarantino’s film on Charles Manson. I know it seems a little weird but I find serial killer stories interesting. I think a lot of people do as well which is why serial killer stories are becoming popular in the entertainment world.


21 years ago today Metallica’s album “Load” was released…

Metallica’s “Load” sparked a lot of outrage from Metallica fans. Why? Simply because Metallica has finally had it with thrash metal and hair metal so they decided to ditch it all. They changed their sound and got a hair cut too. Fans weren’t too happy about that at all. They were accused of going “alternative” ’cause of it. They just wanted to change their sound ’cause they have grown tired of thrash metal. They finally wanted to grow out of writing 10 minute headbanging songs to focus on songwriting.

The album got a lot of mixed reviews over the years but I still find it a great album. I loved every song. It showed that Metallica weren’t afraid to be different musically.

I don’t know why fans still bash Metallica for “Load & Reload” ’cause I think both are great albums. Even though they got rid of thrash metal with the two albums, they are still heavy. I’ve always supported Metallica no matter what they did. I even thought “St. Anger” was a great album too. I love all of their music!

I just love how Metallica aren’t afraid to make music they want to make and don’t give a shit what people thought of them. That I think is the reason why I respect the band so much.



When Metallica performs their set at Rock on the Range tomorrow night, what song by Soundgarden would they cover?

Metallica is set to perform the headlining slot for tomorrow’s Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, Ohio and you know Metallica will probably tribute Chris Cornell in some way. They will probably perform a Soundgarden cover, I would think but what song would they do?

I hope Metallica doesn’t do “Outshined” ’cause I’m thinking that song has been overplayed by a lot of metal bands out there. I think James Hetfield would sound great singing, “Jesus Christ Pose”, “Room a Thousand Years Wide”, “Searching With My Good Eye Closed”, “Big Dumb Sex”, “The Day I Tried To Live”, “My Wave”, “Limo Wreck” and “Rhinosaur” (a song off “Down on The Upside” album).

I’m sure James and the boys will do something for Chris ’cause I’m sure Soundgarden was a major influence on Metallica. I’m sure Soundgarden and Metallica both played shows together in the past before but I’m not sure how many times, though. I do know that Metallica and Soundgarden were on Lollapalooza ’96 together. That’s about all I know.

We’ll have to wait to see what Metallica are gonna do. I’m sure Metallica will put on a killer set like they always do. I’ve always liked listening to Metallica live.



Lou Reed was really hurt by negative reception of his album with Metallica, “LuLu”…

Iggy Pop and Lars Ulrich did a sit-down interview and had an interesting conversation at Metallica.com. I didn’t read the whole thing but skipped over to the parts where they were talking about the Lou Reed & Metallica collaboration album, “Lulu”.

Lars explains that before Lou passed, Lou was really hurt and upset of the negative reception he got of the album. Lars explains that Metallica didn’t give a shit about negative reception but Lou did. I guess Lou really wanted people to like the album.

Iggy says Lou was trying to be a real artist which I totally agree with.


Despite the album’s negative reaction, I still stand by it that I thought the album was a real masterpiece. It’s a beautiful album if you take the time to listen to it again. I loved the whole thing from start to finish. While I loved the whole album, the best song on it was “Junior Dad” and you can hear the track above.

I really hope the haters of this album really feel proud of themselves, though. Of course, in a age where popular music continues to dominate, it’s hard for people to like real music these days and this is real music.

A lot of kids these days wanna listen to crap like Korn and all this nu-metal crap, they also want to listen to garbage like rap & pop music. This album “Lulu” wasn’t all that commercial and wanted to stay away from mainstream music. In my opinion, this album didn’t deserve to get negatively criticized ’cause it really was a beautiful record and I still stand by it today.

If this album was made in the 60’s or the 70’s, I’m sure it would have been loved by everyone back then but since the industry is dominated by pop music today, once again, it’s a real challenge to get people to enjoy real music.

I think the only reason this record got slammed is ’cause people didn’t understand Lou Reed. They don’t listen to his music much. Sure, Lou Reed wasn’t much of a singer but he was still amazing at what he did. The man was a poet and a storyteller, that’s how he always performed his songs. I’m a huge Lou Reed fan. Lou Reed would have wanted this album to be his final album. It’s a great record and I’m planning on listening to it again this week.

Is James Hetfield having throat issues after years of singing for Metallica??? Me thinks he’s getting burnt out… time to slow it down boys…

Metallica had to pull out of in a middle of a concert early ’cause James was having trouble singing even they still played a bunch of songs. They stopped the concert before the end of it.


Metallica finally put out a statement explaining that James had throat issues. What is wrong with him? Is it simply because of years and years of singing with Metallica nonstop? The band tours heavily nonstop all year long and all year round. The band is a workhorse. James sings so much over the years whether during live shows and in the studio.

Singing maybe fun but after years and years of doing it and as you get older, it’ll start to damage your throat. James is quite a powerful singer. He’s got pipes for sure and after years of singing, it’s finally getting to him. Keep in mind, he’s not young anymore. He’s in his 50’s.

I think it’s finally time for the band to wake up and realize they aren’t kids anymore. They started Metallica when they were young kids. This band worked so hard over the years and do you think it’s finally time for them to slow down a bit? I understand the need for the band for wanting to tour but at that age, I don’t think they can take it. Maybe play some shows yearly but not a full tour all year long like they do every year.

Hopefully the issues of James’s throat won’t force him to quit singing for good ’cause that would suck. Whether you like Metallica or not, James is a great singer. Always knew that.


Should Metallica have inducted Dave Mustaine along with them in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”??? Yes, Mustaine should have gotten in…

While I love Metallica and all, there is one thing that I disagree with what they did. That is not inducting Dave Mustaine along with Metallica back in 2009. I think that was a stupid move on Metallica’s part. The reason Metallica didn’t want Dave Mustaine in the Hall of Fame with them ’cause they felt that Mustaine never played on any Metallica albums and for that reason alone, they felt he shouldn’t be in there. However, though… Mustaine did write some Metallica songs off of “Kill ‘Em All” and “Ride the Lightning”. Dave had some writing credits on those two albums.

Dave wrote “The Four Horseman”, “Jump In the Fire”, “Phantom Lord”, and “Metal Militia” which those songs are off the “Kill ‘Em All” record. As for the “Ride the Lightning” album, Dave helped write the songs… “Ride the Lightning” which is the title track and he also helped write the instrumental “The Call of Ktulu”.

Sure, Dave didn’t play on any Metallica studio albums but he helped get where Metallica is today with a song like “Ride the Lightning” which is one of Metallica’s biggest hits.


With that being said, I too think Megadeth deserves a Hall of Fame induction as well ’cause they are a great band. I’ve been a Megadeth fan for a long time and still am. I think “Dystopia” is one of their best albums as I’m always listening to it. Megadeth definitely deserves to get into the Rock Hall.


You see bands? James Hetfield finally admitted that Metallica aren’t great musicians… you should try that sometime…

I love how humble James Hetfield is. There is no ego in this guy at all. While talking about Metallica’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon playing kids instruments that went viral, James admitted that Metallica aren’t really that great musicians. James admits that Metallica makes a lot of mistakes on stage. He also admits that sometimes Metallica are tight on stage and sometimes they aren’t. He also admits that Metallica are afraid to jam with certain people.


We need more humble bands like Metallica. Most bands these days whether national or local are so arrogant and ego-driven, it’s crazy. A lot of bands out there can’t take any criticism of any kind. When they do get negative criticism, they become all defensive.

When Metallica responds to criticism, they can be like, “Oh, we do our best. We just make music for ourselves, we can’t please everyone”. That’s another humble response.

When a lot of bands go on stage, a lot of bands are like, “We’re gonna go onstage and kill it. Tear the house down”. How about something more humble instead like, “We’re gonna go on stage and give it our best.” I like that better.

A lot of Metallica fans are always negatively criticizing the musicianship of Hetfield, Ulrich and Hammett. They know that Rob Trujillo is a great bassist but they’re always criticizing his look & image… they believe Rob’s image doesn’t fit in Metallica. You see, y’all… playing in a band or a solo act is not about looking great or playing great. You don’t have to be the greatest musician in the world to do what you love to do. It’s about the music, really. That’s what Metallica is in it for. They do it ’cause they enjoy it and you can tell that the boys in Metallica enjoy it. That’s what being a musician is about, “enjoyment”. Who cares if you’re not good looking or if you’re not the greatest player in the world. Just play music ’cause you simply love it. That’s what I do it for.

Kudos, James and keep saying this stuff!