21 years ago today Metallica’s album “Load” was released…

Metallica’s “Load” sparked a lot of outrage from Metallica fans. Why? Simply because Metallica has finally had it with thrash metal and hair metal so they decided to ditch it all. They changed their sound and got a hair cut too. Fans weren’t too happy about that at all. They were accused of going “alternative” ’cause of it. They just wanted to change their sound ’cause they have grown tired of thrash metal. They finally wanted to grow out of writing 10 minute headbanging songs to focus on songwriting.

The album got a lot of mixed reviews over the years but I still find it a great album. I loved every song. It showed that Metallica weren’t afraid to be different musically.

I don’t know why fans still bash Metallica for “Load & Reload” ’cause I think both are great albums. Even though they got rid of thrash metal with the two albums, they are still heavy. I’ve always supported Metallica no matter what they did. I even thought “St. Anger” was a great album too. I love all of their music!

I just love how Metallica aren’t afraid to make music they want to make and don’t give a shit what people thought of them. That I think is the reason why I respect the band so much.



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