When will liberals stop it with their boring, “We must stop the hate & love all people” bullshit… they’re gonna get us all killed ’cause of it…

At every turn each time you criticize a certain group of people and call them for what they are, those liberals will cry out, “We must stop the hate & love all people”. It’s been going on for a long while now and we Americans are so tired of it. It’s a huge part of why we elected Donald Trump as president ’cause we’re so tired of the left’s “political correctness”.

Libtards do this each time…. let me give you some examples:

  • You think some blacks are dangerous criminals and call them “thugs”, they’ll call you racist. Then they cry out “We must stop the hate & love all people” which was how the Black Lives Matter movement started to begin with. Thanks to Obama, he has successfully gotten liberals to disrespect and hate our law enforcement. Sad.
  • You criticize Islam, call some Muslims “terrorists” and think that Islam is the problem in this country, once again they’ll call you racists and come up with interesting names like bigots. They also cry out “We must stop the hate & love all people”.
  • When talking about “illegal aliens” from down south, illegal aliens such as Mexicans and South America… you call them dangerous people… liberals will be like, “racist” and “bigots”. Once again, they cry out “We must stop the hate and love all people”.
  • When talking about refugees and if we say we don’t want ’em… again, “We must stop the hate & love all people”.

Okay, I think you get my point now and all of this is getting really annoying, tiresome and getting old too.

Look, y’all, I love people of all types. We don’t hate everyone and everything. It’s just that not everyone is your friend, ya know? What will it take to get liberals to realize and wake up that there are bad people out there? They’re gonna get us all killed ’cause of their obsession with “political correctness”. Not calling things for what they are.

Yes, there are some bad black people, some bad Muslims, some bad illegal aliens and some bad refugees. We’re not saying all of them, just some of them. Yet we still get called racist, bigots and every name in the book.

Liberals are the most delusional people I’ve ever seen. Liberals think this way ’cause the media protects those group of people I listed above. That’s probably why they won’t wake up.

Us conservatives are trying to look out for you too liberals but you won’t let us. We’re concerned for everyone’s safety and well-being, including YOU. That’s why we get pissed off and angry at liberals ’cause they don’t want to wake up yet. It’s why we really despise liberals and why we’re getting fed up with them.

We just had another terrorist attack in London ’cause of all this political correctness by liberals. Why are terrorist attacks happening in the UK more? It’s because they let in too many Muslims and refugees and now they’re paying for it. This is the whole point of Trump’s travel ban, you idiots. Why can’t you get it yet? Nope…. “We must stop the hate and LOVE all people”.

We’re gonna get more terrorist attacks in the US if we don’t close the borders. Not everyone is your friend. I’m not gonna love everyone. If someone is a bad person, I’m gonna call it for what it is, I don’t care what race and religion that person is.



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