From this point on I think I’m going to read books from the Kindle app on Ipad, I would like to buy a Kindle gadget at some point, though…

Yesterday, I bought a bunch of books from the Kindle app on my Ipad. I am finding that reading books on the Kindle is a lot better than reading them on Apple’s “Ibooks”. The “Ibooks” app is really crap, though. Kindle is way better. I don’t have a Kindle gadget yet but I do plan on buying one sometime. I’m sure I can buy a cheap Kindle gadget for at least $80 or a little more. You can still read Kindle amazon books on an Ipad.

I like Kindle more than Ibooks ’cause of the prices for the most part. Books in Ibooks can be pretty pricey but Kindle books are definitely affordable and cheap.

I bought several more guitar instructional books on the Kindle app. Mostly books that would spice up my lead guitar playing, theory knowledge and rhythm playing. I also bought books about other stuff. There were guitar instructional books that Kindle had that the Ibooks didn’t have. That’s what made me want to go to Kindle.

Kindle is pretty nice actually and I can see why it’s gotten so popular. Kindle app is much easier to read and easier to use than the Ibooks, in my opinion. Apple’s Ibooks is pretty much garbage.

Reading books is another one of my favorite things to do. There are times where I want my peace and quiet. There are times where I don’t feel like playing music or watching TV, just read books. Reading is good for ya. I’ve always been into reading books ever since I was a kid.



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