Tom Cruise reveals more details about “Top Gun 2” and also reveals the title…

Tom Cruise the man himself did this interview with Access Hollywood and he gave us more details on the upcoming “Top Gun” sequel. He says the name of the movie is gonna be, “Top Gun: Maverick”.

Tom says that the next film is gonna have the same tone as the first one. It’s gonna be pretty much the same as the first. Same music. Same style. Everything. Yes, they’re gonna use the same music that was composed by Harold Faltermeyer.

So if you loved the first movie, don’t worry y’all, sounds like the film crew will not want to disappoint you at all. It’s gonna be a movie that Top Gun fans would want. It’ll have everything the jets and more flying like the first one.

Since Tom said that they will be bringing back the same music does that mean they’ll be using the “Anthem” theme song which is the main theme of the movie? (listen to song in video below).

While I’m glad a Top Gun sequel is happening and it’s going to be pretty similar to the first one, it’s still going to be slightly different ’cause why? Different director. Tony Scott was the one that made the film for what it is. Even if a different director tries to match Tony’s filming style, he won’t be able to do it. Each director has his own style.

One thing to think about though, will everyone from the first movie return for the sequel? Will it be a full-on reunion? Kelly McGillis coming back as Maverick’s girlfriend, Charlie? Tom Skerritt reprise his role as Viper? Val Kilmer coming back as Iceman? Hopefully. I think they all will probably return.

I hope they do a good job with the sequel ’cause if they do it right, I can see it being a huge box office hit. Top Gun was one of Tom’s best films. It’s a film that has been a part of all of our lives.

I wonder who the director is gonna be? Tony is gone so he won’t do it obviously. I’m sure they will find a director and hope they pick a good one.


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