All this over hype of the Metallica “Black Album” 30th Anniversary boxset and it ended up being overpriced on release day… huh????

There’s so much hype of the Metallica 30th Anniversary boxset of the “Black Album”. The “Black Album” that smash hit album in the 90’s which helped Metallica become an even more mainstream of a band. The overhype of this boxset is pretty insane really. The band promoting it everywhere for a while now… they did it through Guitar World, the Howard Stern show, their own official podcast and it’s pretty much everywhere you see really.

Well the Black Album boxset just came out today… while it’s all exciting and good the physical boxset is about a whopping $240 and if you just want the digital version through Itunes, that’s $140.

Anyhow, it seems that most people might agree that the 30th Anniversary set might be a bit overprice ’cause people’s been getting the “The Blacklist” covers album instead by Metallica which just topped the Top 40 rock charts today… “The Blacklist” covers album is $50.

I understand that the 30th Anniversary is something to celebrate but is all this overhype over an overpriced boxset necessary? It’s definitely nothing more of a cash grab for sure. I wanna get the Metallica “Black Album” physical boxset with all the goodies in it but not right away though. Maybe next year I’ll start saving for it ’cause I try to buy everything that Metallica comes out with. I do want to get it, don’t get me wrong.

“The Black Album” is great, though.


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