Metallica’s stay at home jam session… they play their song “Blackened” via the internet…

The mighty Metallica are stuck at home just like the rest of us and here they are playing their song “Blackened” which is a song off their “And Justice For All” album. Instead of being at their HQ studios which is where they usually record and rehearse, they are following the strict stay at home orders so the 4 members found a way to be able to jam together live on the internet.

Pretty cool, I must say. Instead of James playing his loud electric guitars and singing, he decides to play it acoustically and he’s singing kind of quiet… assuming he doesn’t want to wake up his family while they’re asleep?

Anyway, this is a great performance and proves that this band can really play and James can really sing. I wish people would stop bashing this band so much ’cause they are great musicians. I love Metallica and always did.

I would think you would see more videos by Metallica like this…. them jamming on more of their songs at home live on the internet. It’s a good idea. I’d like to see them do “One”, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, “The Memory Remains” and all their hits. They probably will so keep an eye out for more Metallica home jam sessions.


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