Now that the warm weather is just about here finally, expect everyone to go outside more…

Yesterday, I went out for a long walk throughout my small hometown of Middle Falls since the weather was so nice out… weather is so nice out that you can finally go outside without a coat on. I went walking without a coat on yesterday and it’s that type of weather again today.

Today is a lot warmer and I’ll probably go out for another long walk today. Why not, ya know? There is no gym and each time the weather is decent, I’ll go out for a walk just to get my cardio in and try my best to keep my muscle. Also, to stay in shape and lose bodyfat too.

As I went out for my walk yesterday, I’m noticing that pretty much every house I went by, you see people outdoors. Ya know, people just sitting outside in their lawns enjoying the fresh air, also you see people doing yard work, doing projects outside, kids outside playing and all that stuff. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of that.

Why is that, you ask? Well, most families and people are so used to working all the time and since they are out of work… they’re bored just like the rest of us. Just fucking bored sitting in their homes all day during rainy and cold weather during Spring. Now that it finally feels like fucking Spring, everybody is outside… doing their best to try and defeat boredom by doing stuff outside.

The news and Democrats successfully pushed Social distancing and facemask wearing, they got away with that garbage and now those phonies are trying to push “stay indoors” which they are failing, though.

I thought it was amazing to see almost every home I went by and with people outside… all over the street. You hardly ever see that since people are working week after week so they can keep their homes.

I hear them, though. I’m the same way, I’m bored sitting indoors myself so whenever the weather’s nice… I’ll go for my long walks or take a bike ride or just do yardwork some.

The news are now trying to freak us out by going outside, just their sneaky way of trying to get us to stay indoors but it’s not gonna work. Can see you now how the news and the government can easily control every aspect of our lives? Hope you’re all enjoying your first taste of that. People get in trouble for going outdoors and get frowned upon which is insane, in my opinion but fuck ’em.

You can’t tell people what to do and control them. I don’t agree with social distancing and face-mask wearing but I do it anyways just keep the panic-pushers and Doomsdayers happy. I’m not afraid of this virus at all ’cause the numbers are inaccurate and this virus can easily be recovered from. Nobody wants to talk about the high recovery numbers… they all want to talk about the high death numbers which are all lies.

I see all this as a social experiment by the government… you don’t think they have that power to get rid of our social freedoms? Of course they do. Those days of meeting new people in public places could be over for good.

We gotta fight back for our rights which all them protests is a good thing. It’s time to open the country back up. I’m fed up with it myself. The country lockdown was pointless, unnecessary and it was nothing but abuses of power by the government.


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