Ordered some stuff from amazon over the weekend…

Over the weekend I ordered some stuff from amazon… I ordered 4 films on Blu Ray and 3 Batman graphic novels.

While I was browsing through amazon over the weekend, I was looking at the BluRay movie section and was trying to decide what movies I wanted. There were plenty that I wanted. There were plenty of new releases that I wanted to see but I was amazed that most of the new releases were out of stock. Even a lot of older films and bluray box sets that I wanted were out of stock.

Crazy. It’s understandable though ’cause you can’t go shopping at stores like Best Buy, FYE, and Barnes & Noble. Those 3 major retail stores all sell BluRay movies and you can’t go out and buy that stuff at the store for the time being… so people are hoarding BluRay movies on amazon.

This is also why you see those amazon cards being sold out at stores too. You can’t go shopping anywhere, can’t go to the malls so people do all their shopping on amazon. So if you’re shopping at amazon, you’ll have to expect to see a lot of things “out of stock”.

So yeah, I ended up picking 4 BluRay movies and 3 Batman graphic novels. The 3 Batman graphic novels that I got were in a triple box set. I’ll show you all what I got when I get these things dropped off here which they should get dropped off sometime this week. I’ll post a picture of these things on my Instagram.

I also purchased 6 more albums for my Itunes.

Why am I doing all this digital shopping lately? Well, with this country lockdown and shit, might as well ’cause what are you gonna do? Can’t do anything out there so I gotta find ways to entertain myself too. Gotta do something with yourself. I’m doing my best to defeat boredom too.


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