Albums I got from Itunes this month…

So here is the list of albums I got from Itunes this month… enjoy…

  • David Bowie “David/Live” – I have most of Bowie’s studio albums but don’t have much of his live albums. He’s got a lot of live albums so I thought, why not start now? I’ve heard that “David/Live” is his best live album so I went for that one. It’s a double live album that was released in 1974, a classic album and gonna listen to it this week.
  • David Bowie “Young Americans” – Bowie has 25 studio albums in his entire discography and I just about got them all so I added another album of his “Young Americans” an older album that I don’t have yet.
  • ZZ Top “ZZ Top’s First Album” – Been getting into ZZ Top a lot lately and they’re getting addicting so I grabbed another album of theirs. Their very first record.
  • The Violent Femmes (1983 self titled debut) – Used to have this album on CD years ago so I decided to get it again. Love this record. It’s a classic album and had to get it. Listened to it yesterday during my walk and still love the album.
  • Dire Straits (1978 self titled debut) – I have most Dire Straits albums and trying to get them all too so I grabbed their first album. Love Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler is a talented guy.
  • Ac/Dc “Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap” – Grabbed another old Ac/Dc album and also been trying to collect their whole album catalog, almost there too.

I love music and love supporting bands & artists regardless of their political views. It’s the music that matters most.


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