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You see bands? James Hetfield finally admitted that Metallica aren’t great musicians… you should try that sometime…

I love how humble James Hetfield is. There is no ego in this guy at all. While talking about Metallica’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon playing kids instruments that went viral, James admitted that Metallica aren’t really that great musicians. James admits that Metallica makes a lot of mistakes on stage. He also admits that sometimes Metallica are tight on stage and sometimes they aren’t. He also admits that Metallica are afraid to jam with certain people.


We need more humble bands like Metallica. Most bands these days whether national or local are so arrogant and ego-driven, it’s crazy. A lot of bands out there can’t take any criticism of any kind. When they do get negative criticism, they become all defensive.

When Metallica responds to criticism, they can be like, “Oh, we do our best. We just make music for ourselves, we can’t please everyone”. That’s another humble response.

When a lot of bands go on stage, a lot of bands are like, “We’re gonna go onstage and kill it. Tear the house down”. How about something more humble instead like, “We’re gonna go on stage and give it our best.” I like that better.

A lot of Metallica fans are always negatively criticizing the musicianship of Hetfield, Ulrich and Hammett. They know that Rob Trujillo is a great bassist but they’re always criticizing his look & image… they believe Rob’s image doesn’t fit in Metallica. You see, y’all… playing in a band or a solo act is not about looking great or playing great. You don’t have to be the greatest musician in the world to do what you love to do. It’s about the music, really. That’s what Metallica is in it for. They do it ’cause they enjoy it and you can tell that the boys in Metallica enjoy it. That’s what being a musician is about, “enjoyment”. Who cares if you’re not good looking or if you’re not the greatest player in the world. Just play music ’cause you simply love it. That’s what I do it for.

Kudos, James and keep saying this stuff!


Congrats to Metallica. Their new album, “Hardwired to Self Destruct” is no. 1 on Billboard 200…

I’ve always believed that rock & metal can make another comeback. It’s possible that rock & metal can take over the industry again just like the good old 90’s. It’s very rare that a metal album makes no. 1 in the Billboard 200 since pop & rap is still dominating but metal can be no. 1 again.


I still haven’t gotten the new album yet but will pick up a copy when I do my Christmas shopping which should be soon. I think I’m gonna get this album on physical CD instead of digitally. I want the cover and booklet and all.


Metallica makes music what they want to hear, nothing wrong with making music for yourselves!!!

Metallica has always had the mindset of “making music for themselves”. They’ve had that attitude for every album they did in the past. There is nothing wrong with making music for yourselves. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your own music that you make. Is it egotistical to enjoy your own music? Not really. If you’re proud of the music that you make, that’s all that matters the most.

Here’s an interesting little article about James Hetfield explaining what Metallica is all about:


That’s why Metallica always had so many haters over the years. Fans wants Metallica to play nothing but thrash but they just make whatever music that makes them happy and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’ve always had that mindset too. I’ve always made music that makes me happy. Yes, I am proud of the original songs I made in the past even though they all had mixed reviews. I just make music for myself. If others enjoy it? Fine. If others hate my music and finds me untalented? That’s fine too. I make music ’cause it’s what I enjoy doing. I make music that I want to make, not caring if others don’t like it or not. That’s the right attitude to have.

Bands and music artists are always trying to make music that makes everyone happy but if you have that mindset then you’re doing it wrong.


Metallica still kill it… not sure why they still get so much hate and nasty criticism…

Just watched this whole video from start to finish. Listening to Metallica in concert never gets old. This performance in London is in celebration of their new album release “Hardwired to Self Destruct”.  It’s not only in celebration of their new album, it was also Kirk Hammett’s birthday yesterday so happy birthday to Kirk. In this performance they played mostly their greatest hits but only played 3 songs from their new album.

I don’t get why Metallica continues to get so much hate and negative criticism. They are the best live performers right now and they still kill it. Kirk Hammett is a great lead guitarist too. Kirk always get made fun of and gets bashed for his playing and I don’t know why. I think he’s underrated, in my opinion and Kirk deserves more respect. People make fun of him ’cause of his obsession with the wah pedal which I get but I still think his playing is great. Kirk is great at making his solos sound lyrical and musical which is what I like about him.

I like listening to Metallica live more than their studio albums ’cause they are a live band. I’ve always loved Metallica and I’ve never turned my back on them. I’ve always been loyal to them and still am. I’ve never been disappointed in anything they did. When it comes to Metallica, fans are always like this song sounds like this album and that song sounds like that album and I’m like, what? Who cares. Just enjoy the music! People are always picky on what Metallica songs they like and the ones they don’t like but not me. I enjoy all of their music! Even all their ballads and all the songs that sound like St. Anger/Load/Reload. Love those three albums too. 

Metallica is an incredible band. Always has been. Didn’t get their new album yet but I will hopefully next week.


Metallica releasing a music video to every single song off “Hardwired to Self Destruct”??? Seems like it…

Seems like Metallica is releasing a video for each song off of “Hardwired to Self Destruct” set to release this Friday and yes, I will get the album.

As some of you know I’m a huge Metallica fan. I heard everything they’ve done and saw them live in concert once.

So far, “Hardwired To Self Destruct” is sounding really good and I’m digging the album.

I believe Metallica has gone back to their roots, thrash metal and heavy music. So far with these songs, sound quality definitely did improve! It’s so awesome  that you can hear Rob’s bass this time so the mix is real good. Lars has gotten a lot better on the drumming, he sounds tighter than ever!

Can’t wait to get the album. I’ll probably get the album on physical CD instead of downloaded it from Itunes. Yeah I still like to buy albums on physical CD’s even though people don’t do that anymore. I do both buy CD’s and buy albums digitally. I just love buying albums, it’s just something I’ve always loved to do. I just love supporting bands and music artists.


Is Lars Ulrich pretty much the director of Metallica? This video pretty much proves that…

Everybody would like to think that James Hetfield is the leader of Metallica and would like to think that James does all the work but not really. James does indeed work hard but it’s really Lars Ulrich, the drummer doing all the work. He’s been in charge of Metallica from day 1 ever since the band started… probably because Lars was the one who formed the band himself back in the day.

People are always hating on Lars and saying mean and nasty things about him but I can never understand why. Lars is pretty much the primary songwriter of Metallica. That dude knows what he wants out of Metallica songs. You watch all the behind the scenes stuff in the studio with Metallica, you would see Lars directing everything. He would tell James what to play. He would tell Rob what to play. He would tell Kirk what to play too. If the other guys play something that Lars doesn’t like, he’ll explain to them how to make it better. Lars is pretty honest, he knows what he likes and doesn’t like and he’s not afraid to say so.

Lars is the hardest working man I’ve ever seen. If it wasn’t for him, Metallica wouldn’t have been so successful today. Do you think James or Kirk would have made Metallica for what it is if Lars wasn’t in the band? You gotta give lots of props to Lars for his work ethic.

Lars really believes in Metallica and he’s really proud of what he does with them, you can totally see that in this video. Lars was largely responsible for Metallica’s success so I don’t understand all the hate toward the guy.

On top of that, Lars seems like a really nice dude to me. He seems fun to talk to. Ah well, haters are gonna hate, I guess.

I’m looking forward to the new Metallica album and I dig, “Moth Into Flame”.


Metallica on Howard Stern… one word… WOW!

Is it just me or has Lars Ulrich improved on the drumming? It definitely seems like Lars has gotten way better on the drumming ’cause I admit he has falling off with the drumming a little bit in the past. So I guess he listened to the critics of his drumming skills and he decided to get better. Metallica has been sounding so tight lately and it’s Lars’s drumming is key. Lars’s drumming is the one that has been making Metallica sound tight. Lars seems to stay on tempo and keeping in time this time around which is good. His drumming doesn’t sound annoying like he used to.

Even if Metallica performs in a small room to a few people, they still play like they’re in Madison Square Garden. Look at them, just 4 guys enjoying themselves. That’s what music is about. You can tell they love what they do by looking at their facial expressions as they play.

I don’t care what the haters think, Metallica is an excellent band and they still are. I will always love them and will always respect them. I can’t wait for their new album and I will buy it. I’ve heard everything Metallica has done in the past and still loyal to them now.