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Metallica still kill it… not sure why they still get so much hate and nasty criticism…

Just watched this whole video from start to finish. Listening to Metallica in concert never gets old. This performance in London is in celebration of their new album release “Hardwired to Self Destruct”.  It’s not only in celebration of their new album, it was also Kirk Hammett’s birthday yesterday so happy birthday to Kirk. In this performance they played mostly their greatest hits but only played 3 songs from their new album.

I don’t get why Metallica continues to get so much hate and negative criticism. They are the best live performers right now and they still kill it. Kirk Hammett is a great lead guitarist too. Kirk always get made fun of and gets bashed for his playing and I don’t know why. I think he’s underrated, in my opinion and Kirk deserves more respect. People make fun of him ’cause of his obsession with the wah pedal which I get but I still think his playing is great. Kirk is great at making his solos sound lyrical and musical which is what I like about him.

I like listening to Metallica live more than their studio albums ’cause they are a live band. I’ve always loved Metallica and I’ve never turned my back on them. I’ve always been loyal to them and still am. I’ve never been disappointed in anything they did. When it comes to Metallica, fans are always like this song sounds like this album and that song sounds like that album and I’m like, what? Who cares. Just enjoy the music! People are always picky on what Metallica songs they like and the ones they don’t like but not me. I enjoy all of their music! Even all their ballads and all the songs that sound like St. Anger/Load/Reload. Love those three albums too. 

Metallica is an incredible band. Always has been. Didn’t get their new album yet but I will hopefully next week.