Metallica makes music what they want to hear, nothing wrong with making music for yourselves!!!

Metallica has always had the mindset of “making music for themselves”. They’ve had that attitude for every album they did in the past. There is nothing wrong with making music for yourselves. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your own music that you make. Is it egotistical to enjoy your own music? Not really. If you’re proud of the music that you make, that’s all that matters the most.

Here’s an interesting little article about James Hetfield explaining what Metallica is all about:

That’s why Metallica always had so many haters over the years. Fans wants Metallica to play nothing but thrash but they just make whatever music that makes them happy and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’ve always had that mindset too. I’ve always made music that makes me happy. Yes, I am proud of the original songs I made in the past even though they all had mixed reviews. I just make music for myself. If others enjoy it? Fine. If others hate my music and finds me untalented? That’s fine too. I make music ’cause it’s what I enjoy doing. I make music that I want to make, not caring if others don’t like it or not. That’s the right attitude to have.

Bands and music artists are always trying to make music that makes everyone happy but if you have that mindset then you’re doing it wrong.


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