Looks like Mitt Romney may not be Trump’s pick as SOS after all… which is actually good!

Trump supporters have been in panic mode for the last few days ’cause why? Simply because the media kept claiming that Mitt Romney was gonna be Trump’s top choice to become “Secretary Of State”.

I’m not a Romney fan either so that’s actually a good thing. I knew Trump wouldn’t have Romney as “SOS ’cause Trump wouldn’t hurt America like that. Trump knows that Romney isn’t a good person, I think Trump was just trolling him and everybody else. Even though I’m not a fan of Romney, I would have supported who ever Trump picked anyways ’cause I trust Trump’s judgement but it’s good that Trump isn’t gonna pick Romney. Once again, media trying do whatever they can to get us thinking we voted the wrong guy. Trump messing with the media, I think.

Here is who is gonna be the new “Secretary of State”, not confirmed by Trump yet but will be soon. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is being considered for “SOS” and I like that choice better. Trump will probably pick him instead of Romney.


See? Trump knows the best people. He’s got a lot of experience in hiring people so he knows what he’s doing. He knows what’s good for America and who is bad.



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