What musicians in today’s industry will perform at Trump’s inauguration???

This stupid article is trying to make it seem like that not many artists in the music industry today supports Donald Trump. Well this article here is a lie. Ted Nugent is not the only music artist who is all for Trump.

No one seems to want to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration

What about singer Wayne Newton who attended one of Trump/Hillary debates as a guest? Also country legend, Loretta Lynn endorsed Trump. Rapper Azealia Banks is a Trump supporter. There is also Kid Rock. Gene Simmons of Kiss also spoke positively about Trump over the year. There is also actor & singer, Robert Davi. What about singer Aaron Carter? Now you can add Kanye West and Paris Hilton to the list.

I can see Wayne Newton singing at Trump’s inauguration for sure. Maybe Kid Rock too.

I’m sure there are more bands & musicians that are all for Trump, maybe they are just supporting him quietly? Maybe they’re just afraid that it’ll hurt their careers if they publicly endorsed Trump so they keep it to themselves.

I’m sure Trump will find music artists to perform at his inauguration. I’m sure some liberal singers will perform at Trump’s inauguration. Try to remember, Trump is an expert negotiator… he’s good at getting what he wants so if he wants Billy Joel or John Legend to sing at his inauguration, he’ll have to make a deal with them.

It’ll be interesting to see who Trump will get to perform at his inauguration. On Jan. 20th, I’ll watch the inauguration on TV to watch Trump get sworn in and all that stuff.



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