Good riddance Fidel Castro, burn in hell, you monster! No surprise to see liberals in mourning…

So Fidel Castro has died. Which is good. Good riddance to that evil monster. No surprise to see that liberal media calling him a “leader” and hailing him like he’s some kind of hero. He was neither a hero and leader. He was a communist dictator. He was an evil and bad man. Did a lot of horrible things to people. It’s pretty sickening to see liberals in social networking mourn his passing. Which is no surprise, though. They seem to always love communists and dictators but they always have vile things to say about real heros like Navy Seal Chris Kyle and the American heroes of Benghazi.

Fidel Castro did a lot of evil things to people like he sent people to el paredon to be shot and killed. Read up the Fidel Castro: Firing squad story here:

He also did many other horrible things like sinking a tugboat that killed many women and children. He once shot down an American aircraft that killed 4 people including 3 Americans.

Since liberals are so against racist and homophobes as they claim, Fidel Castro was the biggest racist and homophobe out there. He persecuted gays and blacks in the past:

It’s really weird to me that liberals claim to be such champions to “gays” but they love people that oppresses them like Communists and Muslims.

Liberalism is a mental disorder. Obama would probably get invited to Castro’s funeral to deliver a eulogy.



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