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Looks like Mitt Romney may not be Trump’s pick as SOS after all… which is actually good!

Trump supporters have been in panic mode for the last few days ’cause why? Simply because the media kept claiming that Mitt Romney was gonna be Trump’s top choice to become “Secretary Of State”.

I’m not a Romney fan either so that’s actually a good thing. I knew Trump wouldn’t have Romney as “SOS ’cause Trump wouldn’t hurt America like that. Trump knows that Romney isn’t a good person, I think Trump was just trolling him and everybody else. Even though I’m not a fan of Romney, I would have supported who ever Trump picked anyways ’cause I trust Trump’s judgement but it’s good that Trump isn’t gonna pick Romney. Once again, media trying do whatever they can to get us thinking we voted the wrong guy. Trump messing with the media, I think.

Here is who is gonna be the new “Secretary of State”, not confirmed by Trump yet but will be soon. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is being considered for “SOS” and I like that choice better. Trump will probably pick him instead of Romney.


See? Trump knows the best people. He’s got a lot of experience in hiring people so he knows what he’s doing. He knows what’s good for America and who is bad.


Exposing the truth about Mormonism… why the Church of LDS sucks so bad…

Do you think the Mormon religion is a pretty conservative religion? Oh hell no! As a matter of fact, Mormonism is actually a pretty liberal religion and the way this “Trump vs. Romney” feud is going pretty much proves that. I did a little digging on Mormonism and it seems they seem to be more in favor of gay marriage than anybody. Mormons seems to be more supportive of homosexuals than any other religion out there. They’ve been backing LGBT rights more and more, I’m noticing. I’m also noticing that a lot of Mormons don’t hate Barack Obama and they are in favor of a lot of liberal views.

I used to be a member of the LDS and yeah, I used to be a Mormon. I went to Mormon Church for a couple of years which I realized was a big mistake and all. I’ve been baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost and all that stuff. Realizing that Mormonism was a big mistake and all… I stopped going to Church for a long while but Mormon missionaries and other LDS Church members still wouldn’t leave me alone. So I did some research on how to get out of the religion. I had to send a letter of “resignation” to the Church president which I did. It was a long struggle and long battle to resign from the Mormon church but I did it successfully. So I’m no longer a Mormon which I’m very proud of!

I joined the Mormon religion hoping it could better my life but then I thought it was a huge mistake. I don’t like the teachings of the Mormon religion and I felt the religion was a big giant cult. It really is a cult. Mormons teaches you how to live your life of the way they want to and that’s pretty much what turned me off about it. I also believe the Book of Mormon is a real joke too.

Now realizing that some Mormons hate Donald Trump, I’m glad I’m no longer a Mormon. Fuck ’em. So Donald Trump might lose Utah ’cause Utah is a pretty Mormon state. Not sure if Trump will win Utah or not but we’ll see. Utah is where the main church of the LDS is.

The Mormon religion is a joke and I’m glad I got out of it. The question you have to ask is are Mormon people happy and positive people as they seem to be? HELL NO! Many of them are not happy in life and many of them are not friendly people so don’t let ’em fool ya. I used to be an avid Mormon follower but I’m glad I’m not anymore. It was a long battle for me to get out of it but I resigned like several years ago.

I’m real happy now. Living life the way I want to and enjoying life. I realized now that you don’t need to be in a religion to be happy. Does it make me an atheist now? Not really ’cause I still believe in God and Christ but I don’t get all fanatical about it like most religious people do.


Hillary KNEW Benghazi attacks wasn’t a protest over a youtube video, she knew it was a terrorist attack all along…

Man, the Judiciary Watch is on a roll!!! More new information came out of the Benghazi documents that the Pentagon was forced to hand over to the Judiciary.

It turns out that Hillary knew from the very start the Benghazi attack was happening that it was Islamic terrorism all along. The e-mail conversations from top Hillary aides shows that they knew. If they knew it all along, then that means Hillary knew too.


Now let me ask you this? I’m gonna bring up that Obama vs. Romney debate about Benghazi again. Liberals called Romney “insane” and “delusional” for accusing Obama of taking a long time to call Benghazi a “terrorist” attack. Sorry to say libtards but it’s turning out that Mitt Romney was right all along since that debate on Benghazi. Watch the video below for a reminder and you tell me who is the “insane” and “delusional” one now? Of course, you would never admit that Romney was right and he was speaking truth.

This should be good enough to finish Hillary. It should ruin her chances of running for president in 2016, absolutely. Send both her and Barack Obama to prison.

Hopefully, the Judiciary Watch will expose where Obama was during the 13 hours the attacks was going on. Hopefully the documents will show where he was and what he was doing. We all deserve to know what he was doing during Benghazi and I hope we will know soon.

We’re finally getting somewhere in the Benghazi investigation.


Why did Donald Trump flip flop on Mitt Romney? Trying to get more votes???

Did The Donald break-up with Mitt Romney? It appears so!

Back in the 2012 Elections, The Donald endorsed Mitt Romney for president. He kept going on and on about how Mitt was going to be a great president, remember that? Now the Donald is hating on him all of a sudden.


Do I think Donald Trump would make a good president??? Well, lets be realistic here. In my opinion, no. I like Mr. Trump. I think he’s an entertaining as hell guy and funny but I don’t think he’ll be a good president at all. He just has a huge ego problem.

I don’t think Trump will make the economy better ’cause all he’s gonna do when he’s elected, he’s just gonna try to make himself even richer, ya know? I don’t think he has what it takes in foreign policy, war, fighting terrorism and all that stuff.

The Donald maybe pretty popular in the conservative community but that doesn’t mean he’s gonna make a great president.

As for 2016… I got my eyes set on Rand Paul, Dr. Ben Carson and Sarah Palin. Those would be my three choices.

It’s not surprising to me that Mitt Romney stepped down from the election. I’m actually glad that he did that ’cause he has a family to take care of and stuff, ya know? I really think he really won the 2012 election it’s just that Obama robbed him due to electoral fraud.

I’m not a fan of Jeb Bush either.


Obama administration and Hillary KNEW Benghazi was a terrorist attack all along…

Welp, here is more proof that the Obama administration and Hillary have been lying about Benghazi and covering up their crime. They knew that Benghazi was an Al Qaeda terrorist attack ever since it started. They pretended they didn’t know by blaming it on a youtube video instead. Romney was right all along during that Benghazi debate during the 2012 president elections. After that debate, libtards attacked Romney saying that he was insane and delusional and called him every name in the book. Who’s the insane and delusional one now?

The judicial watch obtained documents proving that they knew. Was Romney right now, hey?


This won’t be a breaking news story in the mainstream media, though. As long as there are stories making the administration and Hillary look bad, they won’t report the story.

It’s time to impeach and jail everyone in the administration. It’s time to jail Hillary. It’s time to jail all those in the media who protected this administration over Benghazi and it’s time to jail Mike Rogers of the Intel Committee for jumping on the lying bandwagon.

It’s time to make all those that who were involved in the Benghazi cover-up be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. There are criminals in the White House, y’all. Wake up, America!


I agree with Rudy Giuliani that Romney needs to focus on Benghazi if he wants to be President…

I will never forget that Obama v. Romney debate on Benghazi during the 2012 elections. Guiliani is right that Romney should have kept hammering the Obama administration on Benghazi in order to get elected. During that Obama vs. Romney debate, Romney was on the right track to call out Obama’s bullshit that it took 14 days for Obama to call Benghazi terrorism but that fat bitch, Candy Crowley, of course protected Obama and cut off the Benghazi debate. YouTube that debate if you want a reminder.


Anyway, if we don’t get the truth of Benghazi before the 2016 elections, I definitely think Benghazi will be the main focus by the Republican candidates.

Would I vote for Mitt again? Not sure. I’ll wait to see how he does. I’m probably gonna go for Rand Paul or Ben Carson.


I agree with Mitt that Bill Clinton shouldn’t be the focus to stop Hillary for running in 2016…

I like Sen. Rand Paul and all but I disagree with him bringing Bill Clinton into things hoping that will make Hillary lose her chances of running for President in 2016. I understand why Sen. Paul is doing that but that shouldn’t be the focus. The Monica Lewisnky stuff was a long time ago. It’s over and done with. Bill took responsibility for his actions and admitted to it all. It’s all over… no need to bring it up again, ya know? If Bill is still womanizing, who cares… that shouldn’t be a surprise to people that he’s still trying to get into women’s pants but Bill’s womanizing shouldn’t be the focus on trying to bring down Hillary.

Instead Republicans should be focusing on Benghazi. Expose Hillary for the Benghazi attacks and that will for sure ruin her chances. Hopefully Hillary gets exposed for Benghazi before 2016 comes.

The full story, here.


Ann Romney, “The country lost by not having Mitt as President”…

In an interview with FOX news, Ann Romney, the wife of Mitt Romney, says she continuously runs into people who are sad that Mitt lost to Barack and she claims, “the country lost by not having Mitt as President”…

Full story, here.

Do I agree with her? No. Absolutely not.

Honestly, the country already lost years ago by having Barack elected President in 2008. People in America are sometimes dumb. Before deciding to vote a guy, I wish people would research his past and his life before deciding he might be a good president. I always knew that Barack would be a piece of garbage. I didn’t vote for him in 2008 and didn’t vote for him in 2012. I already knew that Barack is a piece of garbage even before the 2008 election. It didn’t take me long at all to figure this man out. People shouldn’t trust this man when he refuses to be transparent and stuff.

We are in serious need of a Republican/conservative president in the White House. If we get one, I have a bad feeling that all the democrats/liberals will be crying for impeachment/arrest.

Btw, Mitt never lost the election… he actually won it. The election was rigged.

You should also check out the, “Mitt” documentary on Netflix. I watched it last week and it’s good. Mitt is actually a real nice and down to earth guy in real life. I can see Mitt going for another run in 2016, though, and I hope he’s going for it.


Man, I wish Mitt Romney was president now, and I bet you do too, just admit it …

Ya know, Mitt Romney had a very good chance of winning the last president election. That guy was doing so good in it. He was THAT close to getting it too, I remember; however though, Romney messed up a little bit, I’ll admit. Honestly, I know a lot of people out there don’t like Obama. The only reason everyone voted Obama in the re-election ’cause most people didn’t like Romney’s issues with women, abortion, birth control, etc. That’s what Romney messed up on. I don’t agree with his thoughts on birth control but if Romney changed his birth control stance to something better… he would have definitely won the election no matter what happened. That’s the only reason Obama won.

Of course, Obama is still gonna have those sycophants… people who will continue to support him, stay loyal to him, and defend him just to make themselves feel good. Obama sycophants are annoying… they are still out there but I’m not gonna give up on my Obama rants online.

When ever you see a bunch of people talking about Obama’s actions and how he is running things in the office… chances are, you will get a few sycophants who will come around to defend him. Just like what happens here on this blog. In my facebook page, people defend him all the time. Even in other political facebook pages when people bash Obama, there will always be those sycophants who will accuse you of being a “hater” and they will say a lot of stuff like Obama doesn’t deserve to get impeached or it will never happen.

If Mitt Romney was president right now, I’m sure there will be no spying and no IRS targeting. He would have gotten to the bottom of Benghazi, and he wouldn’t use illegal drones. He would have also tried to think of better ways to stop gun violence by not taking away our 2nd Amendment rights. We would have had a better and peaceful nation if he were president today. Look, I’m no fan of Romney but seeing that he is Mormon and very religious… he would have handled things a lot better. I voted him just to help get rid of Obama but of course, unsuccessful. I have a feeling that Romney will probably run again in 2016. Not saying if I will vote for him again, not sure. If Rand Paul runs in 2016, I’m probably gonna vote for him instead.

Just admit that Romney would have done a little better if he was in office.

I can’t stand it when people defend Obama. It just keeps me motivated to keep going with my Obama hate even more. Obama is just gonna keep getting worse in his second term. Lets list of all the things he’s been doing since his second term: IRS targeting of conservatives, spying FOX/Associated Press reporters, NSA/Prism spying on Verizon calls, Google, facebook… and now the latest controversy Obama arming Islamic terrorists in Syria.

Remember people, you voted Obama… you shouldn’t blame him… you should look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, “Maybe I shouldn’t have voted for that guy?”. That’s right, it’s your own fault that he’s still President.

I know you don’t like Mitt Romney’s stance on women and birth control but voting for him is better than innocent people getting killed by drones and igniting illegal war crimes. That’s why I voted for Romney even if I wasn’t much of a fan either. Like I said before, people who continue to defend Obama or stay on his side are just scared people to learn the truth that he could be evil and tyrannical. Deep down inside, they just don’t want to admit that the man is a horrible leader. They’ll never admit it.

Just to keep in mind that Benghazi and “Fast and Furious” will never be left unanswered. It doesn’t matter how long Obama stays quiet on these crimes, we’ll get to the bottom of it. Doesn’t matter if Obama finishes his 2nd term or not. We’ll get him.