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Ghislane Maxwell didn’t kill herself, too soon to say???

Looks like they’re gonna make Ghislane Maxwell the next “murder to look like a suicide” victim. It happened with Jeffrey Epstein… put on suicide watch and then they took him off 12 days before he hung himself. Same thing will happen with Ghislane? Calling it like everyone else.

She’ll be sent to prison on the 28th… already she’s gonna have all kinds of problems in prison and then she suddenly dies.


I don’t care about these sick people as they deserve to die these predators but you can’t help but think that someone behind Epstein’s death and the same will happen to Ghislane soon, just watch. No surprise, though, it’s coming for Ghislane too.

I bet the Clintons are behind it all ’cause the Epstein island stuff will indeed expose the Clintons for sure.


Jeffrey Epstein death was ruled a suicide but there was multiple broken bones on his neck… sorry, still doesn’t add up…

As you all can see through the news today, Jeffrey Epstein’s death was ruled a suicide by hanging. Um, really? If you do a little digging, it was discovered that Jeffrey had multiple broken bones on his neck. That was confirmed by the medical examiner.

I look at all this and ask myself, “How the hell does one break bones during a strangulation?” When in strangulation, a rope or bed sheets wouldn’t be that strong to break someone’s neck. Think about it, right? On top of all this, we still don’t know exactly how Jeffrey hung himself. Was it a rope? Bed sheets? Wires? His bare hands? We don’t know anything!

Jeffrey was left alone when this happened. So my belief that when he was left alone, whoever was hired to kill Jeffrey went to his cell and strangled him with something. What caused the broken bones on his neck, I imagine that who ever strangled him in there was a very huge man. He probably was huge with big arms and huge hands. Somebody used bare hands to squeeze his neck real hard that would cause his neck to break.

Sorry but nobody is STILL buying the “suicide by hanging” theory. Still no proof of suicide.

Look, I don’t care what happens to Epstein but the reason he’s a big deal is ’cause he knows too much about the Clintons and other top Democrats. No doubt they all had involvement in Epstein’s child sex trafficking ring that includes Barack Obama.

Why would someone commit suicide shortly before trial? Epstein never seemed like the suicidal type. I’m not defending him and am glad he’s dead but it’s still against the law to kill someone even if the person is bad.

It’s obvious someone did this to Epstein. Even a lot of liberals out there are starting to admit it.

The media and politicians calling it a “conspiracy theory”, well they are dumb and they are just saying it to protect themselves.

Epstein was murdered by a hired hitman, no doubt. I’m sticking with it.


Seems like you can get away with murder more and more nowadays… very sad and very scary!!!

Some of you probably are wondering what my thoughts on this whole Jeffrey Epstein thing and I’m gonna have to agree with everyone that he didn’t commit suicide at all. Somebody definitely murdered him for sure and made it look like a suicide. The first time they tried that, they failed and somehow Epstein survived the so-called “suicide attempt” then they tried it again later and they were successful this time. Found him dead in jail. He was on suicide watch when it happened.

I mean, fuckin’ christ, how in the fuck can someone commit suicide while on suicide watch? When you’re on suicide watch, you’re being watched 24/7 and if you tried something, the person watching you would try to stop you. That’s the point of a suicide watch. It’s very rare when someone tries to kill himself/herself while on suicide watch… that doesn’t happen and there’s no way. I read all these reports on the Epstein death whether it’s from fake news or real news but either way, it still doesn’t add up.

I’m agreeing with everyone that the Clintons had something to do with it. They are no stranger to committing murders and getting away with it. Not only the Clintons has a very high body count victims list, Barack Obama does the same thing. He has a body count list too. It’s just that Hillary Clinton body count is more well-known than Obama’s right now but Obama does have a body count. Many people mysteriously died under Obama too whether it was an accident, a suicide, a gun shooting and all that stuff.

People want to say the Clintons were involved in killing Epstein but Barack Obama could have been involved in it, too… absolutely. Once Epstein got arrested, all these names of top Democrats started coming out and the next thing you know, someone out there is trying to kill him and they succeeded. Epstein just knew too much about the Clintons, The Obamas and other top Democrats so go figure?

The left want to place the blame on Trump for the Epstein killing but it doesn’t make any sense. So far, I haven’t seen any evidence of Trump associating with Epstein except for several pictures I’ve seen of Trump and Epstein hanging together but that was before Trump started banning Epstein from going to the Mara La Go house ’cause of his predatory behavior so Trump is definitely no fan of him.

It is possible to get away with murder nowadays which is very sad and very scary if you think about it. Look at OJ Simpson as a perfect example.

Other examples would be that look at all these missing persons cases that are all over the United States. People go missing for a reason ’cause most of them end up being murdered. Their bodies never been found while the real killer is out there living his/her life. The Jaliek Rainwalker case is a perfect example of that… the adoptive parents killed that child and they tried to make it look like a runaway. Nobody is buying their run away claim and everybody believes they murdered him and they covered their tracks. They are still out there living their lives, all happy happy joy joy and they haven’t been sent to jail yet. Pathetic!

It’s definitely possible to get away with murder nowadays and it happens all the time in the United States. It’s crazy, ya know? It’s crazy that people think they can do bad things and they don’t get held accountable for it.


Are lefties champions for women like they continue to claim to be? I’ve always said, “No, they aren’t” and still stand by it now…

It is interesting how lefties respond to sexual misconduct and sexual harassment allegations when it comes to both republicans and democrats. Perfect example of what I’m saying here is when a republican is getting accused of sexual misconduct, they get crucified and destroyed. Like when republicans such as Donald Trump, Senator Roy Moore and Judge Kavanaugh all got accused… lefties did all they can to destroy them which they did a good job at. When a Democrat gets accused of sexual misconduct like say democrat political figures such as Bill Clinton, Keith Ellison and Joe Biden… you’ll either see lefties saying nothing about it or they will defend them. If this isn’t further proof that lefties are so one-sided with their political views, I don’t know what else to say.

When women are victims of a Republican that is getting accused of sexual misconduct, we need to feel sorry for all women and stay by their side. When women are victims of a Democrat that is getting accused of sexual misconduct, these women gets crucified and destroyed by the left like what happened with the victims of Bill Clinton. Remember when Donald Trump invited the victims of Bill Clinton to a presidential debate?

So are lefties champions for all women? No fucking way! They are only champions to women that are lefties. They aren’t champions for women who are conservative. Lefties crucify and destroy women who are anti-abortion, pro 2nd amendment, pro-Christian, pro-Trump, etc. Champions for women my ass.

Sorry but liberal women in America nowadays are getting awful and they are much worse right now. I don’t think I could ever date a liberal woman, lmao. Women are all about equal rights? Another big, lmao. Liberal women and feminists are all about power and nothing more. They would do anything to get that.


Finally, can we please lock up the Clintons and Obama over the Uranium 1 deal???

This news story is pretty explosive. I’ve been following it, and it’s pretty amazing stuff. Ya know, it’s pretty funny that each time the left accuses the right of something, they get caught doing the same thing. The left wants to accuse Trump of colluding with Russia when the Obama admin. and the Clintons were doing the same exact thing. The left exposed as hypocrites once again!

This story is interesting, though… Obama getting caught approving a deal with Russia that allowed them to have control of our uranium. Also, the Clintons made some pretty good bucks by Russian nuclear officials around the time Hillary was Secretary of State.

So you have to ask which story is real news??? Russians getting involved in the president election to make Hillary lose or the Obama/Clinton Uranium 1 deal.


Who was the FBI informant that knew about this stuff? We should know pretty soon.

Watching all this is entertaining as hell. There are some media outlets who have no choice but to be honest about this story like the NY Times and the Washington Post for example. They’re even being real about the Obama/Clinton Russian collusion. Predictably, most media outlets are ignoring this story and some trying to defend Obama/Clinton like usual.

I’ve been reading about this stuff and watching this on FOX News. Yeah, FOX News sucks ass, but they’ve been doing a good job reporting the story especially Sean Hannity. I think Hannity has been doing the best job. Him and Tucker Carlson. I find myself watching Carlson and Hannity every night on FOX News. I hate most of Fox News, but those two guys are awesome.

I think this crime is good enough to lock up Obama and the Clintons. I’m tired of them getting away with so much shit. I don’t think they’ll get away with this one. We may actually see them get held accountable this time.



Libtards & Never Trumpers go after Trump for alleged bad treatment toward women but they don’t go after Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein for the same…

I’m sick of seeing how one-sided liberals really are and this is pretty much proof of it. They go after Trump for alleged bad treatment for women, and they even went after Trump for his locker room banter talk with Billy Bush — ya know, the “grabbing the pussy” stuff… blah blah blah and now here comes Harvey Weinstein all over the news over his sexual harassment allegations.

Famous conservatives gets in trouble for  alleged sexual harassment like Bill O’ Reilly, Sean Hannity and Roger Ailes for example, but liberals never say anything about Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. Liberals are completely silent about Harvey… the same goes for Hollywood celebrities. They’re not saying anything about it either.

Do liberals really care about the safety and well-being of women like these feminists claim? It seems that when a conservative is being accused of sexual harassment, that’s when they care about women, but they don’t care about women when liberals are getting accused.

It doesn’t surprise me about Harvey Weinstein, though. Hollywood is full of sexual predators all over. Sure Weinstein is a legendary film mogul, but still though, that guy is a total scum bag.

I’m betting my money that nothing will happen to Weinstein. Bill O’ Reilly was forced to step-down from his show and Roger Ailes was forced to step-down as CEO of FOX News before he passed ’cause of all these allegations. Will Weinstein get forced to step-down from his production companies like Miramax and the Weinstein Co.? No, nothing will happen to him since he’s Democrat and a liberal. Only conservative celebrities get in trouble nowadays. Pathetic.

Movie stars are quiet about the Harvey sexual harassment allegations ’cause that’ll be risky for their careers, and they probably don’t want to lose movie roles. No doubt, Harvey helped a lot of movie stars over the years.

One thing to keep in mind, though, that Harvey is best friends with Bill Clinton. They have been for years, that’s all you need to know about how guilty Harvey is.


Isn’t it weird how liberals get offended at Trump talking dirty but have no problem with Weiner’s sexting? wtf???

When it comes to Donald Trump’s locker room banter stuff, liberals get all offended and they all bashed Trump for it. When it comes to Weiner’s sexting, sending nude photos of himself to women and Weiner sexting to a 15 year old girl, liberals brush it off like it’s nothing. Really? I’m seeing a lot of liberals in facebook going, “Oh Weiner’s in the news again”. Do these freakin’ liberals really care about women like they claim they do? They seem to ignore Weiner’s sexting to women and Bill Clinton’s rape victims, yet they get all over Trump’s alleged treatment toward women. Trump apologized to the locker room banter talk and admitted to it, yet people are still bashing him. Yet, liberals don’t seem to have a care about Weiner’s sexting toward young women and Bill’s rape victims. Are liberals always this one-sided? Liberals love it when Trump gets in trouble and that’s all they care about. Those libtards never cease to amaze me still.


Hillary is not the only one with a health problem: what about Obama, Bill Clinton, Harry Reid???

It’s nice to see that Hillary’s health got out there but she isn’t the only one with a health problem. What about Obama, Bill Clinton and Harry Reid?

As for Obama: Looking really skinny and he seems to be getting skinnier. Speaking voice is getting worse. He used to be a good speaker admittedly but his speaking voice these days… uggghhhh. A lot of stuttering and mumbling. Plus his face doesn’t look too well either.

As for Bill Clinton: Both Hillary and Bill have a health problem. Look at Bill at his speeches and you can tell there is something wrong with him too. What is wrong with Bill’s skin? Does he have AIDS from banging too many women or his bad skin from doing too much coke?

As for Harry Reid: That guy have been having problems ever since his eye injury. He’s been in and out of the hospital quite a lot I hear.

Again, it’s great that Hillary’s health problem got out there but when will the health problem of the other three I talked about will get known?

Obama definitely has a health problem. He’s looking worse each time I see him too. That’s what Obama gets when he does too much hard drugs and too much gay sex over the years.


The NY Times did nothing but prove that Trump is the ultimate alpha-male…

I just read this joke of an article that the NY Times did just for laughs. It’s an entertaining as hell article, I must say. The liberal media is doing all they can to make Trump look like that he treats women horribly but they’re doing a terrible job.

I look through this garbage article and the article highlighted all the so-called horrible things Trump did or said to women.

What’s wrong with asking a woman to put on a swimsuit? What’s wrong with Donald loving beautiful and pretty women? What’s wrong with kissing random women? What’s wrong with calling women “hon” or “dear”? Nothing wrong with that stuff at all ’cause that’s what an alpha male does. An alpha-male aka a man who is dominate to women and that’s all this article proves. An alpha male is a man who is not afraid to show that he loves women. Nothing wrong with that.

Why do you think so many beautiful women in America love Trump? It’s because they know he’s an alpha male. Trump’s been an alpha male all his life and he still is. This article is just another hit-job and smear on Trump. All they’re doing is trying to make it look like that Trump treats women horribly but nobody is buying into the NY Times bullshit. Trump likes beautiful women, who cares? All men love beautiful women. What’s so bad about Trump loving beautiful women?

So the media wants to act like Trump treats women horribly, why don’t they treat Bill Clinton the same way? Bill Clinton treats women like sex objects and the media continues to ignore Bill’s assault victims. Why aren’t the media calling Bill Clinton a sexual predator when they should? Instead they treat Bill like he’s a rock star. It’s quite pathetic really.

I’m so tired of the liberal bias in the media.


Bill Clinton finally admits that Obama is a horrible president and has destroyed the country… WOW!!!

Bill Clinton finally admitted in a speech while campaigning for Hillary that Barack Obama has destroyed the country and admitted that the Obama presidency was awful. Slick Willie Bill also called out how bad the George W. Bush presidency was too and I agree with Bill that both George W. and Obama were both horrible.


Now Bill’s comments on Obama is getting the liberals all fired up. The liberal community is trying their best to brainwash us into thinking that Bill was actually referring to Republicans but he wasn’t, you one-sided dumb asses. Bill said put the “awful legacy of the eight years” behind us… he was referring to Obama. You can only be president for 8 years. Republicans in Congress can stay in office for more than 8 years so it doesn’t make any sense at all that Bill might be referring to Republicans.

The only reason that liberals think he might be referring to Republicans is ’cause they can’t take the truth of who Obama is and what he did to the country. Now Bill’s comments on Obama pretty much confirms the Clinton vs. Obama feud that’s been going on behind the scenes. Bill better be careful though ’cause Barack would be listening. Bill’s comments on Obama could end up get Hillary thrown in prison pretty quickly.