Isn’t it weird how liberals get offended at Trump talking dirty but have no problem with Weiner’s sexting? wtf???

When it comes to Donald Trump’s locker room banter stuff, liberals get all offended and they all bashed Trump for it. When it comes to Weiner’s sexting, sending nude photos of himself to women and Weiner sexting to a 15 year old girl, liberals brush it off like it’s nothing. Really? I’m seeing a lot of liberals in facebook going, “Oh Weiner’s in the news again”. Do these freakin’ liberals really care about women like they claim they do? They seem to ignore Weiner’s sexting to women and Bill Clinton’s rape victims, yet they get all over Trump’s alleged treatment toward women. Trump apologized to the locker room banter talk and admitted to it, yet people are still bashing him. Yet, liberals don’t seem to have a care about Weiner’s sexting toward young women and Bill’s rape victims. Are liberals always this one-sided? Liberals love it when Trump gets in trouble and that’s all they care about. Those libtards never cease to amaze me still.


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