Sly Stallone confirms Rambo V: “The Last Stand” is finally happening??? Seems so…

I woke up this Halloween morning just seen the teaser poster above. Is that a confirmation that “Rambo V: The Last Stand” is finally happening? This is nothing new ’cause Rambo V has been in the works for a long while and it looks like it’s finally confirmed.

However though, there’s another Rambo project in the works too which is a Rambo reboot that is supposed to have a younger actor star as Rambo. So you ask yourself is “Rambo: The Last Stand” and “Rambo: New Blood” are both the same movie? No. I think they’re two different movies. I think Rambo V “The Last Stand” w/ Sly will probably happen first and then the reboot will happen.

I’m fine with a Rambo reboot as long as they don’t make it a remake of the first one, “Rambo: First Blood”. That film is a classic and don’t want to have it remade at all.

It looks like Sly is preparing for another Rambo film ’cause I notice he’s trying to let his hair grow back out again:

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So Rambo: “The Last Stand” gonna be about an aging Rambo it looks like? I wonder what the story is gonna be for that one? There’s been two different plot ideas for Rambo 5 that Sly had. One was about a half-human beast that Rambo was supposed to fight and hunt down, another plot was supposed to be that Rambo was supposed to battle against Mexican drug lords. Anything could change though and Sly might of scrapped those. The last I heard, though in Wikipedia, “Rambo: The Last Stand” is more like a small town thriller that is kind of like the first one “Rambo: First Blood” and the new film could be similar to Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgiven” according to wikipedia.

Sly may have said that he has retired from playing Rambo and doesn’t want to play him ever again but maybe he finally changed his mind? Maybe he’s coming back due to popular demand and fans wouldn’t stop begging him to play Rambo one more. If Sly brought back Rocky to the big screen, why not bring Rambo back? Rambo deserves a good closure too!


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