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Sly Stallone wants prequel to “Rambo: First Blood” and I think it’s a great idea!!!


Sly Stallone just said he wants a Rambo prequel to happen. A Rambo prequel that would be set before the first Rambo film, “Rambo: First Blood” (released in theaters, 1982). Sly just said he visioned in his head that Rambo was a perfect and normal kid in high school. John Rambo was very popular in high school, a great athlete and all that stuff. The film would depict how the Vietnam war completely changed him and turned him into a mean killing machine.


Kind of an intriguing idea, really and I’m all for it. The prequel Rambo film could lead up to “Rambo: First Blood”. In “Rambo: First Blood” the film opens with John Rambo walking down the road toward a home to visit a friend he had during the Vietnam War and it turns out his friend Delmar died of cancer but after that Rambo continues to travel to Hope, Washington where all hell breaks loose against the town’s law enforcement.

The “Rambo: First Blood” movie left a lot of unanswered questions and the prequel could easily explain everything like for example, as I explained above the prequel would explain how Rambo turned into a killing machine, how Rambo got PTSD from the war, it would depict how Rambo first met Col. Trautman and it would show how Rambo first met his friend Delmar in the Vietnam War which he tried to reunite with in “First Blood”. The prequel film could also show how he first got that huge knife and show how he got trained into becoming the killing machine that he is now. We could actually see Rambo first joining the army and see him in action in the Vietnam war which would be cool. You get what I’m saying? The prequel could lead up to the Vietnam War which would be seen toward the end of the film probably.

Most of the film would depict a young Rambo in his high school years which is interesting. Did Rambo had a high school girlfriend and a sweetheart/love interest? Probably, we would see all that too.

If a Rambo prequel were to happen, though… they would need to find a young actor to play John Rambo… they would need to find a young actor who looks similar to Sly and it might be kind of tricky. They would also need a younger actor to play a younger Col. Trautman as well ’cause Col. Trautman would obviously be a big part of the prequel for sure. They would also need a black actor to play Rambo’s friend Delmar in the film too ’cause as you saw in the opening scene of “Rambo: First Blood”, Delmar was with a black family.

I hope a prequel happens and it’s a good idea. Sly would not star in it but I think he should write and direct it himself, though. It could probably end up happening if Rambo “Last Blood” is a big hit which comes out Friday and I’m hoping to see it this Friday and probably will.


Sylvester Stallone shows an interesting still image of Rambo from “Rambo: Last Blood”…

Sly Stallone just posted this interesting still image of Rambo from “Rambo: Last Blood” which is the fifth installment to the Rambo franchise coming out in Sept. As you can see, this is an intense and cold look which Rambo is known to giving facial expressions like this. When he gives you that look, watch out. Rambo is about to explode in a violent rampage.

As you can see in this photo, looks like Rambo either turns himself into the drug lords and sex traffickers or he just got captured by them. Looking at this image, Rambo is surrounded by them.

Some of you may ask, how is it possible for Rambo to be able to survive when getting surrounded by bad people? Well if you knew Rambo and saw the first previous 4 films, Rambo is capable of killing a bunch of people all in one shot by himself. That’s why Col. Trautman says in the first movie, “a good supply of body bags”.

Rambo will be no different in “Rambo: Last Blood”. If you thought the fourth Rambo film in 2008 was violent, it’s looking like that this film will be 10 x’s more violent. Sly is hinting you about that in this instagram post by saying a “brutal storm is about to burst”. Seeing that Sly put his body on the line for this film, it’s looking like this will be a violent movie.

Can’t wait for this flick. When will the trailer for “Last Blood” get dropped? I think we’ll get our first trailer sometime this Spring.



Sly Stallone posts photo of Rambo’s bloody arm, giving us a hint that not only violence will be back, blood will be back too…

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“ Don’t let the bogeyman get you!… “Happy Halloween.

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Today on Sly’s instagram he just posted another Rambo pic while on set of the new film. As you can see he just posted a pic of Rambo’s bloody arm… giving us a hint that the dark, violent and angry Rambo will indeed be back for the next one.

Will Rambo 5 be similar to Rambo II, III and IV? No, I’ve read somewhere that Sly wants Rambo “Last Blood” to be completely different than the previous 4. I read that Sly wanted “Last Blood” to be his own version of “No Country For Old Men”. Kind of like a violent Western movie is what Sly is going for so it looks like they’re definitely going for a more Western feeling. As you can see in the pic, I’m sure there will still be plenty of violence and action scenes.

I remember a time where Sly Stallone came pretty close to retiring the Rambo character for good. Rambo 5 have been in development for a pretty long time. It’s been in the works on and off since Rambo 4 in 2008. Why did Sly almost retire the character? Read this interesting article.


I wonder what made Sly change his mind about retiring the Rambo character and coming back after all? The answer to that question is not yet known but maybe Sly just feels that the fans deserve one more Rambo film ’cause a lot of fans have been begging him for one more. Fans just believe Rambo shouldn’t end with Rambo 4. The Rambo series deserves a better closure then what we saw in Rambo 4.

Sly had other plot ideas for Rambo 5 but Lionsgate/Millennium Films wanted to do a Rambo film about human trafficking so they’re sticking with that plot. Why do they want to do a movie about human trafficking? Probably to help bring awareness to human trafficking. Human trafficking is real and it’s a problem in America. That’s the goal with the movie to bring more awareness to human trafficking. That’s what the studio wants and Sly is going for it.

I’m sure they’ll give us a great Rambo movie and I’m sure they won’t disappoint the fans at all. I wonder how it will all end? Will they make Rambo die in this one? I’m still thinking yes, they probably will kill him off somehow. In “Rambo: First Blood”, they actually tried to kill Rambo off but the studio wasn’t haven’t it so they forced Sly to re-write the ending so Rambo can live for upcoming sequels. I can see them killing Rambo off this time in order to end the Rambo series for good. Would make sense. It’s not a spoiler or anything, just a prediction.



Oh yeah! Sylvester Stallone is finally bringing the “Hunter” novel to the big screen. It’s about freakin’ time!!!!

Initially, Sly wanted the plot for Rambo 5 to be about Rambo battling an inhuman beast in the Arctic but he scrapped that idea and now I guess, Sly is going for the Rambo rescuing the missing daughter from the drug cartel in Mexico plot instead. The scrapped Rambo plot isn’t being thrown out totally, though as Sly Stallone still has plans to finally bring “Hunter” novel to the big screen. Stallone purchased the rights to the book in 2009… he always wanted to make the book into a movie but never got around to it until now. Looks like Stallone is finally moving forward with the ‘Hunter” big screen movie. Stallone will still be starring in the leading role in the “Hunter” film, he just won’t be playing Rambo in it. Stallone is probably gonna play the book’s leading character Nathaniel Hunter in it, that’s what it’s gonna look like to me.


I’ve read the “Hunter” book and it’s fucking awesome. It would be an awesome movie if made right. Will Sly direct the movie himself? It’s not yet known but we’ll have to wait and see. When I read the book, it totally reminded me of Rambo. Why did Sly scrap the idea of Rambo battling the beast? He thought it would be pretty silly?

So the “Hunter” movie is gonna be Sly’s next film after “Rambo: Last Blood”??? That’s what it’s looking like to me.

When is “Expendables 4” gonna happen or is there ever gonna be one? It’s been green lighted earlier this year so looks like it’s still on. They better make EX4 soon ’cause Sly is getting older.


Rambo 5 gonna be more of a Western film instead of a war film? Kind of what it’s looking like…

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Rambo’s man cave…@rambomovie #rambo5

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It’s looking like the next Rambo film which will be the fifth installment is gonna be much different than the previous 4. The next Rambo is looking like to be more of a Western feel. From all the pics I’ve seen of Sly filming on set, looks like you’re about to say goodbye to big machine guns and you’re not going to see Rambo flying in giant helicopters like in the earlier films.

What’s Rambo’s weapons of choice are going to be for the next film? If you look at the background in this picture look what’s hanging on the walls. I see some rifles hanging on the walls so you might see Rambo using those instead of machine guns.

You can also see a knife in Rambo’s hand in which he looks like he was sharpening. Is that Rambo’s new knife? Hmmmm….

This is already looking pretty interesting. Also if you look very closely on this picture, you can see Rambo’s bowie knife hanging on the wall next to the rifles. Was that the old Rambo bowie knife that he used in “Rambo: First Blood”?


Sly Stallone confirms Rambo V: “The Last Stand” is finally happening??? Seems so…

I woke up this Halloween morning just seen the teaser poster above. Is that a confirmation that “Rambo V: The Last Stand” is finally happening? This is nothing new ’cause Rambo V has been in the works for a long while and it looks like it’s finally confirmed.

However though, there’s another Rambo project in the works too which is a Rambo reboot that is supposed to have a younger actor star as Rambo. So you ask yourself is “Rambo: The Last Stand” and “Rambo: New Blood” are both the same movie? No. I think they’re two different movies. I think Rambo V “The Last Stand” w/ Sly will probably happen first and then the reboot will happen.


I’m fine with a Rambo reboot as long as they don’t make it a remake of the first one, “Rambo: First Blood”. That film is a classic and don’t want to have it remade at all.

It looks like Sly is preparing for another Rambo film ’cause I notice he’s trying to let his hair grow back out again:

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Out with the girls

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So Rambo: “The Last Stand” gonna be about an aging Rambo it looks like? I wonder what the story is gonna be for that one? There’s been two different plot ideas for Rambo 5 that Sly had. One was about a half-human beast that Rambo was supposed to fight and hunt down, another plot was supposed to be that Rambo was supposed to battle against Mexican drug lords. Anything could change though and Sly might of scrapped those. The last I heard, though in Wikipedia, “Rambo: The Last Stand” is more like a small town thriller that is kind of like the first one “Rambo: First Blood” and the new film could be similar to Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgiven” according to wikipedia.


Sly may have said that he has retired from playing Rambo and doesn’t want to play him ever again but maybe he finally changed his mind? Maybe he’s coming back due to popular demand and fans wouldn’t stop begging him to play Rambo one more. If Sly brought back Rocky to the big screen, why not bring Rambo back? Rambo deserves a good closure too!


Sly Stallone tease that Rambo is on his way back to the big screen, “Last Blood” coming after all?

Sly posted a cryptic Rambo message on his instagram. On it shows Rambo’s arm holding his knife and his whole arm and hand is wrapped around barbed wire. Through the knife’s reflection you see a reflection of Rambo’s face. For a long while now Sly kept posting about Rambo on instagram from past Rambo films and all of a sudden he posted a Rambo photo never-before seen. I don’t think I’ve seen this before so is this gonna be a cropped image of a new Rambo movie? Looks like Sly has decided to bring Rambo back to the big screen after all. I think Sly can give us one more Rambo film. Rambo deserves a closure. This could be it. A new Rambo film on its way.

The rumored title for the next Rambo is gonna be “Last Blood” but things could change. I hope a new Rambo film happens ’cause we deserve one. Hopefully it’ll be longer than 90 minutes ’cause “Rambo 4” was really short. “Rambo 4” was great but too short. We need more!


Sly Stallone announces he’s done with Rambo… reboot coming soon? Probably…

Sly Stallone dropped a huge bombshell today and announced that he’s officially retired from Rambo. He’s been working on a script for “Rambo V” but suddenly he doesn’t want to play Rambo anymore. Probably because Sly is aging and his body can’t take doing action movies anymore. He wants to do it but his body can’t take it.

It seems that Sly is all game for a reboot ’cause he clearly said, “Leave it to someone else”. So that means he’s willing to let Rambo get replaced by a different actor?


I’m all for a Rambo film reboot series as long as they pick a good actor for Rambo. Who would make a good replacement for Rambo? Sly once said in an interview that he wants Ryan Gosling which is an interesting choice but I’d say go for someone like Jason Momoa or Chris Hemsworth. Those two guys are pretty big, muscular and tough so either one of them would make a badass Rambo.

It’s looking like Sly is gonna be done with action movies soon. So is “Expendables 4” gonna be his last action movie that he’s gonna star in? Will he even star in “Expendables 4”? We’ll have to wait and see what goes on.


Rambo will make comeback but will return to the small screen first, “Rambo V” is put on hold…

News on a new Rambo film has been pretty quiet lately and finally we got some news. Rambo will be making his comeback soon but first it will be to the small screen instead of the big screen. Yes, there is a Rambo TV series in development for FOX and Sylvester Stallone will indeed reprise his role as John J. Rambo for the TV show. The TV show will be a father and son duo.

Yes, “Rambo V” for the big screen is still happening but it is put on hold ’cause Sly has too many other projects in the works including “The Expendables” TV series which is still being planned as well.


So Rambo has a son now, hey? They’re probably gonna go for a plot idea that John Rambo finds out that he has a long lost son that he never knew he had and they meet for the first time. Sounds like an interesting idea.

Kind of funny though ’cause I just rewatched the first three Rambo films over the weekend and those films never get old. I’ll have to admit that the fourth Rambo film was kind of a let-down so hopefully Sly doesn’t direct “Rambo V” film ’cause I’ll admit that Sly isn’t the best director at all. He’s a talented actor, no doubt but I’m not afraid to say that he’s a bad director. He should stick with acting and not directing.

When Sly is ready to play Rambo again for the TV show, he’ll probably grow his long hair back for the role ’cause Rambo with short hair would be kind of silly.

Yep, I’m still a huge die-hard fan of Sly and always will be loyal to the guy. I’m looking forward to seeing “Creed” this week.


If there was ever a Rambo reboot, who does Sly want as a replacement???

Sly Stallone is out doing a bunch of TV interviews to promote his new movie, “Creed” in which Rocky Balboa returns. The interviewer asked Sly an interesting question that if Rambo got replaced, who would Sly want to be playing Rambo next whenever Sly is done with the franchise?

There is probably gonna end up being a “Rambo” reboot. Sly is gonna do one more Rambo himself and after that he’s done. Hollywood will probably reboot Rambo after “Rambo V”.

So who does Sly want as a replacement? Sly replied Ryan Gosling and I agree! Ryan Gosling would make an excellent replacement. In case you didn’t realize, Ryan Gosling had a hand in starring in some action movies over the years. Ryan can be a pretty tough and violent guy especially in movies like “Drive”, “The Place Beyond The Pines” and “Gangster Squad”.

Ryan would make a great replacement. While Ryan’s got a good enough bodybuilding physique, he’s gonna have to be even bigger for the Rambo role, though ’cause you know how huge Sly was for Rambo II & III, Sly was massive back in the day. Ryan’s gonna have to get huge muscles for that role for sure. Great choice, Sly! I agree.