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Oh yeah! Sylvester Stallone is finally bringing the “Hunter” novel to the big screen. It’s about freakin’ time!!!!

Initially, Sly wanted the plot for Rambo 5 to be about Rambo battling an inhuman beast in the Arctic but he scrapped that idea and now I guess, Sly is going for the Rambo rescuing the missing daughter from the drug cartel in Mexico plot instead. The scrapped Rambo plot isn’t being thrown out totally, though as Sly Stallone still has plans to finally bring “Hunter” novel to the big screen. Stallone purchased the rights to the book in 2009… he always wanted to make the book into a movie but never got around to it until now. Looks like Stallone is finally moving forward with the ‘Hunter” big screen movie. Stallone will still be starring in the leading role in the “Hunter” film, he just won’t be playing Rambo in it. Stallone is probably gonna play the book’s leading character Nathaniel Hunter in it, that’s what it’s gonna look like to me.


I’ve read the “Hunter” book and it’s fucking awesome. It would be an awesome movie if made right. Will Sly direct the movie himself? It’s not yet known but we’ll have to wait and see. When I read the book, it totally reminded me of Rambo. Why did Sly scrap the idea of Rambo battling the beast? He thought it would be pretty silly?

So the “Hunter” movie is gonna be Sly’s next film after “Rambo: Last Blood”??? That’s what it’s looking like to me.

When is “Expendables 4” gonna happen or is there ever gonna be one? It’s been green lighted earlier this year so looks like it’s still on. They better make EX4 soon ’cause Sly is getting older.


Book Review: “Hunter” by James Byron Huggins

Today, I just finished reading, “Hunter”, by James Byron Huggins, which is a science fiction, action thriller, mixed into one. Yes, this is the book where Sylvester Stallone, now owns the rights to. Sly bought the rights to this novel years ago. He was going to make this book into a movie, but he never got it made. Sly recently announced that this will be his next film. He originally was going to make this book into the next, Rambo movie, but he changed his mind. He’s still going to make the film however, I guess he will use the Nathaniel Hunter character, after all, in which, I bet Sly will play. Sly will write, direct, and star in this movie if he ever gets it made.

The plot is simple. The main character, Nathaniel Hunter, is a wilderness survival expert, and he was hired to do a mission where he is supposed to hunt down an inhumane beast in the Arctic Circle.

While I think this is an entertaining book. I have a few complaints. No 1., the story was a bit too predictable. No 2., the book was written like a screenplay instead of a novel, and you can easily tell that the story was strictly written for Sly Stallone. No 3., it kind of rips off Arnold’s “Predator” movie as both have similar plot ideas.

Other than that, “Hunter” was an entertaining read, and will be a good action movie, if Sly doesn’t mess it up. I’ll admit, that Sly is not the best screenwriter and director in the world, so I am kind of skeptical of him doing this project. Hopefully Sly, will do a good job and redeem himself with this movie. I read online that Sly is planning to make this a 3D movie, which is going to be pretty cool ’cause I don’t think Sly has ever directed a 3D movie before, so this will be different for him.

I’ve been wanting to read “Hunter” for years, but the book is hard to find. This book was a borrowed copy from a friend of mine. This wasn’t the best book ever, but I did enjoy the ride. It was a quick page turner.


Report: Sylvester Stallone will finally bring “Hunter”, to the big screen…

Sly Stallone have owned the rights, to the James Byron Huggins novel, “Hunter”, for many years, but has never done anything with the film yet. He came close to making “Hunter” into Rambo 5, but changed his mind about the Rambo story, and now he’s going to make “Hunter” adapted from the novel instead. It looks like Sly will write, direct and star. He’s writing the script now and Lionsgate is looking to green light it. It’s a story about a man named, Nathaniel Hunter (Sly will play this character, I bet), who is out to hunt down a beast in the Arctic Circle.

More on the story, here.

This makes me want to read the book before the movie. I’ll download it from Ibooks sometime. Sounds like it’s going to be an action and sci fi adventure. Glad he’s finally getting this in the works.