Report: Sylvester Stallone will finally bring “Hunter”, to the big screen…

Sly Stallone have owned the rights, to the James Byron Huggins novel, “Hunter”, for many years, but has never done anything with the film yet. He came close to making “Hunter” into Rambo 5, but changed his mind about the Rambo story, and now he’s going to make “Hunter” adapted from the novel instead. It looks like Sly will write, direct and star. He’s writing the script now and Lionsgate is looking to green light it. It’s a story about a man named, Nathaniel Hunter (Sly will play this character, I bet), who is out to hunt down a beast in the Arctic Circle.

More on the story, here.

This makes me want to read the book before the movie. I’ll download it from Ibooks sometime. Sounds like it’s going to be an action and sci fi adventure. Glad he’s finally getting this in the works.


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