5 of Bruce Springsteen’s best songs…

There are some people who would only like Springsteen’s earlier music, but they don’t care for his newer music ’cause he’s gone too political. Not with me. I never stopped liking The Boss of rock n’ roll. I still appreciate Springsteen to this day. His latest album “Wrecking Ball” is really good stuff and probably the best new album he did so far. I’m a fan of all of Springsteen’s music, but I just wanted to name 5 of my favorite songs. 5 of his songs that I think were amazingly written.

So in celebration of Springsteen’s 63rd birthday today, here is my top 5 favorite Springsteen songs in no particular order:

“Pink Cadillac”

Whenever I get myself a band, I’m planning on covering this one. This is one of Bruce’s unreleased songs during the “Born in the USA” recording sessions, this song didn’t make that album. It’s a pretty tight song and just fun. I’ve always loved this one.

“Jack of All Trades”

The best song off of “Wrecking Ball” his new disc. Incredible song, blows my mind every time I hear it.


I covered this one a few times at my gigs from the past. It’s a nice acoustic song, and the lyrics just grabs me. I just had to cover this one for myself. Maybe I’ll re-learn this song and record myself on video singing it. Haven’t played this one in a long time.

“Adam Raised a Cain”

While “Darkness on the Edge of Town” is an excellent record, this is the best song. I could probably cover this one too. Sick song.

“Outlaw Pete”

This song gets me every time. It’s just fuckin’ perfect. Everything about this song is beautifully written. I’m dyin’ to cover this song but it might be hard for me to sing, I’ll give it a try though. This song has Bruce’s best singing too, a lot of passion here.

There are too many great Springsteen songs, but those 5, I’ll never get bored of listening to ever.


Edit to add: Oh yeah, I was gonna add, “The Wrestler“, the song for the soundtrack of that movie, but forgot, that’s a beautifully written song too. Another one I’d like to cover.

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