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Bruce Springsteen thinks we’re “embarrassed Americans” ’cause Donald Trump is our president… hey Bruce, we’re not embarrassed Americans at all… we all voted for Trump so shut the fuck up and sing, idiot!

This is why I’m totally done supporting Springsteen’s music. Excuse me, Bruce but we’re not embarrassed Americans at all ’cause “We The People” are the ones that voted Trump in office. Springsteen, just another brainwashed liberal crybaby. Another loser ramming his opinions down our throats and putting words in our mouths like he always is. The only Americans who are embarrassed that Trump is our president are those delusional liberals.

Springsteen is losing more and more respect as an artist. I used to love him but I’m so done. No more buying his music and I will never see him in concert either. He should take note from Lady Gaga and keep politics out of live shows.


Interesting thing happened on twitter when I announced I’m done supporting Springsteen…

I posted that on my twitter tonight and right away, it got all the Hillary fanatics all excited. I got several twitter mentions by Hillary supporters asking me to send them my Bruce albums to them. lmao… funny.

I got a few asking me if I have Springsteen’s album on vinyl but I don’t. I’m not a vinyl collector. I have Springsteen’s albums on CD and a few digitally for the Ipod.

The Springsteen albums that I have in my collection are:

  • Born In the USA
  • Nebraska
  • Darkness on the Edge of Town
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Devils and Dust
  • Magic
  • The Rising
  • Working on  a Dream
  • High Hopes
  • 18 Tracks

I used to listen to Bruce a lot but his liberal politics been driving me up the wall lately. He has always been pretty liberal.  I don’t think I’ll support him anymore. I’ll probably just sell these albums at a used record shop if I can find one. I’ll figure a way to get rid of ’em somehow. Maybe I should just send ’em to people on twitter, haha, I don’t know. I’ll figure something out.

It is strange though that many Hillary supporters asking a Trump supporter to send them these Springsteen albums. Maybe opposing sides can be nice to each other after all?


Sorry Bruce Springsteen but why call it a “book-signing” if the books are gonna be pre-signed???

So Bruce Springsteen confirmed a book signing tour to help promote his upcoming memoir, “Born To Run”. To attend these so-called book signings, you must order these wrist-bands online which are free but in order to get a wrist band you must also buy a pre-signed book of “Born To Run”. Yes, you heard that right. “Pre-signed” as in the books were already signed before the event, not at the event.

It gets even better though, the signing also has all kinds of strict rules like you won’t be allowed to bring any other Bruce Springsteen memorabilia for him to sign. You won’t be allowed to bring CD’s, posters, T-shirts and things like that. The only thing that you’ll be allowed is one photo with Bruce and you will be allowed to take it with your Iphone.

It won’t be much of an event. No book discussion by Bruce, no Q&A session… just a photo with Bruce and that’s it? I bet you won’t even be allowed to talk with Bruce yourself. Maybe Bruce will allow a “hello” and a “handshake” but that’s about all.

Here’s how to get a wristband for Bruce Springsteen’s book signing at the Harvard Coop

Um, sorry Bruce but I’m losing my respect for you more and more. In my opinion, this is a bit egotistical for Bruce and he obviously thinks he’s more important than you.

Ah well, that’s just the way it is, though. A lot of famous bands & artists are great with their fans and some are horrible with their fans. Bruce turns out to be one who is horrible with his fanbase.

There are plenty of bands & artists who are great with their fanbase though. There are kind and down to earth musicians who will sign just about anything that gets handed to them. There are plenty of musicians who will get into long conversations with their fans at “Meet & Greets” and hang out with their fans. One band who I can think of who are great with their fans is Metallica. Watch all their “Meet & Greet” videos in youtube for proof on that.

Bruce is clearly into it for the money alone. He don’t care about the fans at all which is a shame. Bruce is just one of those who are not for autographs much. I think his book is just a big cash grab. Nothing more. I won’t be getting his book.


Bruce Springsteen to join the rock memoir bandwagon, will release “Born To Run” autobiography Sept. 27th…

There’s been too many rock stars over the years that has written their own memoirs published and sold in bookstores everywhere. Bruce Springsteen is about to join the bandwagon. There has been too many biography books about Springsteen everywhere but those biographies weren’t written by the man himself. Finally, we’re gonna get a book written by the man himself. Bruce will finally tell his own story. Bruce started writing the book after the 2009 Superbowl in which he was the halftime performer.


Despite his liberal politics in his songs, I’m still a huge fan of the Boss. Always loved his music for years. I have a lot of albums of his in my collection. I’m planning to give the rest of his albums a listen in Apple Music streaming soon.

I’m a big fan of Springsteen and will be buying this when it comes out. In the book, I’m sure he will talk about the making of every studio album he did and I’m sure he will talk about the history of the E Street Band. It’ll be interesting stuff I’m sure. Can’t wait!


Bruce Springsteen plays surprise two hour bar show in New Jersey…

The Boss maybe taking a break from the E Street band at this time but he decided to make a surprise appearance at a small bar in New Jersey called, The Wonder Bar. Musician Joe Gruschecky had a gig there and all of a sudden he invited a surprise special guest.


Some of you may find this a little strange but before Springsteen got big and famous, he was just like the rest of us local musicians. When the Boss first started rockin’ in bands, he started playing in small bars where only a few people would show up. So fame and fortune didn’t happen for him over night for sure. He came a long way to get where he is today.

Why did he accept this gig at the Wonder Bar?

Probably because since the E Street Band is on a break or something, he probably couldn’t stand sitting around and doing nothing so he took upon the opportunity since he was free. He just wanted to play again.


Happy 65th birthday, Bruce Springsteen!!!

I’m such a huge fan of the Boss. If you can’t appreciate Springsteen’s music, then you aren’t a true music lover! I may not like Bruce’s liberal politics and I don’t like how he’s a big time Obama supporter but I just love him for the music. It can’t be denied that he’s one of the best singer/songwriters and live performers out there.

At 65, Bruce is still doing it. He’s still rockin’ hard on stage. I’ve listened to Bruce’s music for years and still do. I’ve never seen him live in concert, though, never had the chance. I still listen to and buy Bruce’s music to this day.

I think his new album “High Hopes” that he just released in the beginning of 2014 was a killer album. I’m always listening to it.

Age is not stopping Bruce from rockin’ and that’s one reason why I still respect the hell out of him.

Happy birthday, Bruce. I’m sure he’s enjoying it with Patti and the kids.


Bruce Springsteen is now a children’s author…

This is pretty cool. Springsteen teamed up with writer/cartoonist Frank Caruso to write a children’s book based on one of Springsteen’s songs called, “Outlaw Pete”. It’s the first song off the album, “Workin’ On A Dream”.


I’m not into children’s books but this looks like a pretty cool read and I’m actually curious about it.

“Outlaw Pete” is one of Springsteen’s best new songs too. The song really is amazing and powerful. This is a song I’ve always wanted to cover myself sometime but Springsteen sings a lot of high notes which would be a really tough one.

Listen to the track below.


Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam does the ice bucket and challenges Bruce Springsteen…

Here’s another pretty good ice bucket… Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. Eddie’s speech is pretty funny if you can understand what he’s saying, lol. He seems like a cool dude, though!

Eddie challenges Bruce Springsteen, the Boss. I hope Springsteen does it. Will Bruce do it? We’ll have to wait and see on that one too.


5 of Bruce Springsteen’s best songs…

There are some people who would only like Springsteen’s earlier music, but they don’t care for his newer music ’cause he’s gone too political. Not with me. I never stopped liking The Boss of rock n’ roll. I still appreciate Springsteen to this day. His latest album “Wrecking Ball” is really good stuff and probably the best new album he did so far. I’m a fan of all of Springsteen’s music, but I just wanted to name 5 of my favorite songs. 5 of his songs that I think were amazingly written.

So in celebration of Springsteen’s 63rd birthday today, here is my top 5 favorite Springsteen songs in no particular order:

“Pink Cadillac”

Whenever I get myself a band, I’m planning on covering this one. This is one of Bruce’s unreleased songs during the “Born in the USA” recording sessions, this song didn’t make that album. It’s a pretty tight song and just fun. I’ve always loved this one.

“Jack of All Trades”

The best song off of “Wrecking Ball” his new disc. Incredible song, blows my mind every time I hear it.


I covered this one a few times at my gigs from the past. It’s a nice acoustic song, and the lyrics just grabs me. I just had to cover this one for myself. Maybe I’ll re-learn this song and record myself on video singing it. Haven’t played this one in a long time.

“Adam Raised a Cain”

While “Darkness on the Edge of Town” is an excellent record, this is the best song. I could probably cover this one too. Sick song.

“Outlaw Pete”

This song gets me every time. It’s just fuckin’ perfect. Everything about this song is beautifully written. I’m dyin’ to cover this song but it might be hard for me to sing, I’ll give it a try though. This song has Bruce’s best singing too, a lot of passion here.

There are too many great Springsteen songs, but those 5, I’ll never get bored of listening to ever.


Edit to add: Oh yeah, I was gonna add, “The Wrestler“, the song for the soundtrack of that movie, but forgot, that’s a beautifully written song too. Another one I’d like to cover.

Report: Springsteen battled depression and was suicidal in the earlier days of his career…

Did you think Bruce Springsteen, the boss of rock n’ roll, was a happy man, when he was just becoming a big superstar in rock n’ roll music in the early 80’s? Think again! The Boss, made a public confession that he has been battling depression and was suicidal in the earlier days of his career. It started back around 1982, when he first made his big breakthrough in the music industry. Bruce have been seeing a psychiatrist ever since then. He was never an alcoholic and never did drugs, but he had his problems like most people.

Read more on the story, here.

So some of you may ask, why would fame & fortune make a rock star depressed? I’ve explained it on the blog before, fame & fortune can be pretty risky if you’re not careful. It’ll get to you, believe me. How fame & fortune, can ruin you? I can definitely see how having loads of money would make someone depressed. With fame, you will get no privacy. You will get rabid fans every where you go in public, trying to get after you. You will also get paparazzi after you and non stop interviews with the media. The work load in your career will get to you. You will be away from home and away from your family & friends, a lot. You will be on the road all the time, not having free time for yourself.

That’s what fame will do to you. If you want more examples, look at how many rock stars from the past who drove themselves into drugs and alcohol over the years. Some rock stars have even committed suicide, look at Kurt Cobain. I’ve explained plenty of times before that fame can destroy you if you’re not careful. Look what happened to Amy Winehouse, another perfect example. When famous musicians die, you shouldn’t always blame it on drugs and alcohol. It’s the fame and fortune that causes musicians to drive into depression, so it gets them into drugs and all that stuff.

Fame may sound cool and fun, but the reality is, most rock stars hate being famous. They play music ’cause that’s what they want to do for a living. I know some unsigned musicians want to break into the industry, but it’s not an easy world as you all think. Depression even killed, Elvis Presley too, go figure, another perfect example.

While I’m sure Bruce is all better now and he can handle fame today just fine, I’m sure he still gets depressed at times. His world is not perfect, just like we aren’t. Fame can be dangerous and evil. I don’t know why so many people want it so bad. I don’t care to get famous at all. It’s not what I would want.