Sorry Bruce Springsteen but why call it a “book-signing” if the books are gonna be pre-signed???

So Bruce Springsteen confirmed a book signing tour to help promote his upcoming memoir, “Born To Run”. To attend these so-called book signings, you must order these wrist-bands online which are free but in order to get a wrist band you must also buy a pre-signed book of “Born To Run”. Yes, you heard that right. “Pre-signed” as in the books were already signed before the event, not at the event.

It gets even better though, the signing also has all kinds of strict rules like you won’t be allowed to bring any other Bruce Springsteen memorabilia for him to sign. You won’t be allowed to bring CD’s, posters, T-shirts and things like that. The only thing that you’ll be allowed is one photo with Bruce and you will be allowed to take it with your Iphone.

It won’t be much of an event. No book discussion by Bruce, no Q&A session… just a photo with Bruce and that’s it? I bet you won’t even be allowed to talk with Bruce yourself. Maybe Bruce will allow a “hello” and a “handshake” but that’s about all.

Here’s how to get a wristband for Bruce Springsteen’s book signing at the Harvard Coop

Um, sorry Bruce but I’m losing my respect for you more and more. In my opinion, this is a bit egotistical for Bruce and he obviously thinks he’s more important than you.

Ah well, that’s just the way it is, though. A lot of famous bands & artists are great with their fans and some are horrible with their fans. Bruce turns out to be one who is horrible with his fanbase.

There are plenty of bands & artists who are great with their fanbase though. There are kind and down to earth musicians who will sign just about anything that gets handed to them. There are plenty of musicians who will get into long conversations with their fans at “Meet & Greets” and hang out with their fans. One band who I can think of who are great with their fans is Metallica. Watch all their “Meet & Greet” videos in youtube for proof on that.

Bruce is clearly into it for the money alone. He don’t care about the fans at all which is a shame. Bruce is just one of those who are not for autographs much. I think his book is just a big cash grab. Nothing more. I won’t be getting his book.


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