I think Donald Trump should become the next president just fine, no matter what happens to Hillary…

Whether you like it or not and no matter what the media or the Democrats try to pull, Donald Trump is gonna become the next president no matter what happens. Hillary might drop out or die on us due to her declining health but if that happens the Dems are gonna try to put the Nov. 8th election on hold. Also, there is still a lot of talking going on that Obama could cancel the Nov. 8th election day and Obama would remain president even after Jan. 20th of 2017. Even if Hillary drops out or passes away, the Trump haters will do all they can to try to stop him. Whether they cancel the election or try to find a Hillary replacement.

I warn you no matter what they do, Trump is gonna be the next president. Obama can’t cancel the election. I know he’s desperately trying to do that but the law and the Constitution won’t allow him to do that so that’s out of the question.

Donald Trump is way too powerful right now. They can’t stop him. For the past year Trump had his campaign going, the media, the Dems and the so-called conservatives who went after Trump did all they can to destroy Mr. Trump but they failed. They will fail to stop Trump on Nov. 8th. Even if they get Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden to step in for Hillary, that’s not gonna work either.

Trump is gonna be the next one, Never Trumpers. Deal with it!

Will Hillary even make the Sept. 26th debate to face Trump in person? Nah… I’m predicting she’s gonna drop out before then ’cause even if her health will allow her to debate him Sept. 26th, she’s gonna drop out due to her being afraid to debate Trump. I really don’t think she can handle debating Trump at all. Sorry. If she did show Sept. 26th, Trump will rip her to shreds… he’ll wipe that evil smile off her face easily.

Again, no matter what happens Trump is gonna be the next one. They’re gonna have no choice but to give themselves up and make him president. Trump is way too popular in America, sad that the Never Trump idiots will never admit that but they will in time. At least the Never Trumpers admit that Trump didn’t rig the primaries so that’s a good start.

I can’t wait for him to become the next president. Pretty soon. November is just around the corner.


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