Is Hillary Clinton already dead but secretly? Rumors running wild…

When the news of Hillary having a body double got out there, you should be very suspicious of that. Because of the body double, that helped sparked rumors that Hillary maybe secretly dead. It’s possible that she passed away already behind the scenes and they’re hiding her so-called “death” from the public.

Is Hillary already dead? I doubt she is but ya never know, though. The reason for her body double is that her health is really bad right now and she can’t go anywhere.

Watch this video first before commenting, though. This video actually has interesting insight about all this. If it turns out to be true and ABC was right that she is dead, that wouldn’t surprise me. I could care less as well, good riddance if she is.

All this crazy stuff is probably leading to a Hillary replacement for Nov. 8th. I bet they’ll announce a Hillary drop out from the election soon. I’m predicting Hillary will drop out next week before the Sept. 26th debate.






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