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Picked up new reading material while on my vacation in Cape Cod last week…

Last week, while I was on my Cape Cod vacation, I decided to go to the Cape Cod Mall to do some shopping for myself. Went to the Barnes and Noble store there and the store was pretty huge. The store was two floors and had escalators there.

I picked up these two new political books that just came out. One book is about the fake Russian collusion by Gregg Jarrett and the other one is “Liars, Leakers and Liberals” by Jeanine Pirro. Both of these books has been sparking a buzz in the political world so I decided to pick them up for myself. I’m looking forward to reading them. Haven’t started one of these books yet but I’ll get to them, though.

I love reading “Current Affairs” and political books. I’ve read a lot of them lately. Of course, I only read books that leans toward the right. I stay away from the left-wing trash.

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve always been a book worm ever since I was a little kid. I’m a slow reader but I’m able to get through a lot of books somehow.


Happy 80th birthday, Superman!!!


Superman Action Comics #1 was officially released 80 years ago today. After the release of that comic that year, Superman became immensely popular over the years. Yes, Superman has been 80 years in the entertainment business. Not only that Superman was a hit in the comics, the character continues to entertain us in various forms of entertainment in cartoons, big screen movies, animated movies, TV shows, video games, etc.

I’ve been a fan of Superman my whole life, really. When I was a child, I used to watch the old George Reeves Superman TV show and I watched the old Superman cartoons. After the first Superman Action comics was released, 40 years later we saw the release of the live action Superman film, “Superman: The Movie” which starred Christopher Reeve. That film was a huge hit in the box office which also made 3 more Superman films with Chris after that. I love the original Superman movies with Chris Reeve. Those movies are very special to me.

Superman continues to entertain us even to this very day. Superman went through different actors on the big screen and now currently Henry Cavill portrays the character in which I think he does a good job at. Superman is still the most iconic superhero in the entertainment industry. I’ve always loved the character and still do. I just love the stories and find the Superman character fascinating like a lot of people do.

I wasn’t a big comic collector over the years of my life but I’m trying to get into comic collecting now. I’ve been buying a lot of Superman comics ’cause I just love reading them. I only buy comics like once a year at Saratoga Comic Con but I’m planning to buy comics a lot more often ’cause they are getting quite addicting. I love comics. I can see why they’re popular and why everyone loves comics. I’ll mostly collect Superman comics ’cause he’s my #1 favorite.

Happy 80th birthday, Superman. Thanks for entertaining us for 80 years!


Bruce Dickinson’s book, “What does this Button Do”, a brief review…

Over the weekend, I’ve just finished reading Bruce Dickinson’s rock memoir titled, “What Does This Button Do”. If you don’t know who this guy is, he is the lead singer of the legendary metal band, Iron Maiden. Even though the book was a short read, it’s still an entertaining as hell book to read. It was definitely different than all the other rock memoirs I’ve read in the past.

You know how in most rock memoirs over the years mostly focuses on sex, drugs and rock n’ roll? Well in Bruce’s book talks about mostly rock n’ roll but doesn’t talk about sex and drugs. He mostly talked about his career with Iron Maiden and his solo career as well. When it comes to Maiden, he talked about how he made every album he did with them including the newer Maiden albums. I liked reading all the Maiden stuff in the book.

This book is more than just rock and metal, though. Bruce also talks a lot about his love of flying and airplanes. Flying airplanes is his second passion other than music and he also loved fencing. He also talked about how he got into doing radio, writing books and doing film projects. Of course,  he also talked about his experiences of having tongue cancer. He went into depths of having tongue cancer toward the end of the book which was all interesting to read.

If you’re expecting to read a lot about his love life and sex life and all that like a lot of rock memoirs seem to do, you may want to find a different book ’cause he doesn’t talk  about any of that which was refreshing to read. I hate it when rock stars write books and they talk about their problems with women and all that shit. Bruce’s book is NOT an anything goes tell-all book like all the others. He mostly focused on the things he liked to do in his life and of course talked about cancer.

When I was reading the book, he wrote the book as if he was really talking to you and he wasn’t writing it as a novel if you know what I mean. This is just Bruce speaking his mind. This is like Bruce writing a journal or whatever.

If you’re an Iron Maiden fan or a fan of  metal, it’s a great read for all. I’ve been an Iron Maiden fan for a while now. I’m late getting  into their music, but I’ve just started listening to them. I have 5 of their albums on my Ipod now. They’re one of my favorite bands and I find myself listening to them a lot especially their new album, “The Book of Souls”. I find myself listening to that album repeatedly.


Amazing how overhyped “Fire and Fury” book is… forget that trash… get “American Pravda” instead…

So I went out to Barnes and Noble earlier today ’cause I wanted to pick up “American Pravda” book by James O’ Keefe which I have in my hand as you can see here. So I decided to do a little joking around by making fun of the “Fire and Fury” book by recommending people if they want to read real news read “American Pravda” and not that “Fire and Fury” trash by Michael Wolfe.

When I walked through the Barnes and Noble doors, it didn’t surprise me to see copies of “Fire and Fury” all over the place. It took me a while to find “American Pravda” and I found several copies on a shelf at B & N.

I see all this at B & N and I’m like, “Why is American Pravda kind of hard to find in the bookstore when ‘Fire and Fury’ is all over the fucking store?”.

Yeah, it’s no secret that major bookstores are very liberal. You won’t find many pro-Trump and pro-Republican books in them. You’ll find mostly liberal books in the “Current Affairs” section. While it is appalling that you’ll mostly see anti-Trump books at a bookstore, it’s no surprise to see all that, though.

It is funny as hell how Wolfe’s “Fire and Fury” is over-hyped to death, yet it’ll be a book no one wants to read. “Fire and Fury” will quickly go to the Bargain bin just like it happened with Hillary’s, “Hard Choices”. “Fire and Fury” is tabloid trash, “American Pravda” is real.

I’ve been a long time fan of James O’ Keefe’s Project Veritas for a long while. What he’s doing is good stuff and he is waking a lot of people up. I haven’t read “American Pravda” yet but gonna get around to it soon ’cause there’s other books that I need to get to.

O’ Keefe is doing a good job exposing Fake News Media. I’m going to tweet this pic to James O’ Keefe himself and see if he’ll retweet it. I’m sure he would.



Just saw Stephen King’s “IT” in theater today and it was freakin’ GREAT!!! WOW!!!


Well I’ve just seen the latest Stephen King adapted film which is the IT remake. It was surprisingly a very very good movie. I loved it. Of course, in the film there were minor changes and a few things were left out from the book but not bad. For the most part, though, the film was pretty faithful from the book. I was astounded on how close the movie was to the book. I don’t want to talk about details of how different the film is from the book ’cause I don’t want to reveal spoilers. This film was definitely 10x’s better than the 1990’s mini-series version with Tim Curry playing Pennywise. In this 2017 big-screen version, it’s a lot scarier.

Was I scared watching the movie? No; I wasn’t scared at all. The reason is that I’ve been watching horror films almost all my life, so I’m used to watching dark and creepy films. Of course, I used to be scared to death watching them when I was a kid. Now I see horror films as just entertainment for me.

I thought the cast did a good job playing the characters from the book. I’ve just finished re-reading the book earlier this summer just so I can be reminded of the story. I thought the new film was very entertaining all the way through as I wasn’t bored one bit. This is how today’s horror films should be. Most horror films these days has been nothing but slasher films without any plot at all… well this film is not some typical slasher film at all. Yes, there is plenty of gore throughout the new “IT” film but at least this film has a plot to follow. I like horror films with a plot.

I thought this film was the best Stephen King adapted horror film in a long time. Most Stephen King horror films are garbage but there are a few good ones out there like: Kubrick’s “The Shining”, “Firestarter”, Stephen King’s “Cat’s Eye”, “Creepshow”, “Needful Things” and “Pet Sematary”.

I thought the new “IT” film was great and I’m already looking forward to part II. In this film, the Losers Club were just kids and they’re gonna be full-grown adults in the next one. I wonder who the cast is gonna be for the Losers Club for the next film? Are they gonna use big name stars? It’ll be interesting to see who they’re gonna play the adult versions of Bill, Ben, Mike, Richie, Eddie, Mike and Stan. They’re gonna have to find adult actors who looks like the kids in the first movie which shouldn’t be a problem for them. The actress who plays Beverly Marsh in the 2017 version reminds me of Amy Adams, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they actually get Amy Adams to play Bev in the sequel.


Is the horror genre pretty much dead in the book industry? I would say yes, it pretty much is…

I remember in the 90’s and the early 2000’s years, you could find horror novels in almost all bookstores you went. All bookstores used to have a horror section. Now you don’t see a horror section in bookstores anymore. I know ’cause I used to buy a lot of horror books when I was in high school. Horror novels was the genre that I read the most when I was young.

Some  of you may ask, why do I love horror so much? Well, it’s something that I’ve always loved. I’ve always had a huge fascination with dark & scary things. I’ve never been scared of horror fiction ’cause I’ve been so used to it. Sure, horror is still around but it’s very scarce. Maybe that’s why the book industry don’t publish horror novels much anymore ’cause there is not much of a demand for it. The horror genre is still pretty big in movies & TV shows; that is where the audience is mostly at.

When it comes to books, horror is still around… you just gotta find it. Joe Hill (who is Stephen King’s son still writes horror ’cause his latest novel “The Fireman” is a horror novel and it’s a great book too. I’ve read it). Then there’s books like “John Dies at the End”, “Let the Right One In” and “World War Z” which were made into movies. Plus there are a lot of horror written for young adults like the “Twilight” series by Stephenie Meyer. Once again, horror is still around… you just gotta find it.

I like to read a lot of books. I mostly like to read books on horror fiction,  politics, music and celeb memoirs but horror is what I loved to read the most, though. It’s too bad that the horror genre in books is pretty much dead. It’s almost there. The reason the horror genre is almost done is that authors just don’t care to write horror anymore. Stephen King stopped writing horror a long time ago. When was the last time S.K. wrote a true horror novel?

I’m really am thinking about getting back into fiction writing again and I will probably mostly write horror fiction. I will get back into it ’cause I have plenty of ideas spinning in my head like crazy. I just don’t have a word processor on my computer yet but I’m gonna get one. For now, I’ll just start writing stories on notebook paper. I plan to buy a notebook from  the store this weekend. I’d like to try and bring the horror genre back if I can. I really want to get back into writing again. It’s what I used to do when I was in high school. I gave it up to become a musician instead and I want to become an author again.


WTF??? Loser Hillary to release new book titled, “What Happened” in Sept. of this year… lmao…

Well… at least Hillary’s next book won’t have her ugly face on the front cover this time. Loser Hillary is set to release a new book titled, “What Happened”, a new tell-all book of her giving details of what it’s like to run for president. In other words, I’m sure this book will be nothing but full of whining and her pointing fingers at people like usual. I’m also sure the book will be full of Trump bashing. *yawn*

Hillary will never get over losing; and she will never get the hint that no one likes her. The people on the right-wing community hates her guts and even many on the left hates her guts. The only people who still love Hillary are those delusional die-hard leftists and there aren’t many of those people out there so it’ll be interesting to see how this book sells. I am predicting that this book will get quickly thrown in the bargain bin just like Hillary’s last book, “Hard Choices”.

Yeah, I read a lot of books on politics; but I refuse to read anything by Loser Hillary. I would much rather read these books on politics instead: Milo’s “Dangerous”, Mark Levin “Rediscovering Americanism”, Newt Gingrich “Understanding Trump”, Sharyl Attkisson “The Smear” and Dinesh D’ Souza’s new upcoming book, “The Big Lie”. If you want to read books on politics, read stuff like those. Don’t read any books by die-hard leftists. I’m actually interested in reading Milo’s book and will buy it soon.

Anyhow, FUCK HILLARY! I wish this evil cunt of a woman would go away forever. What happened is that the American people have spoken. We wanted Trump as president so we got him. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?


Bruce Dickinson, singer of Iron Maiden to release memoir on Oct. 19th of this year…

Iron Maiden has went through many different singers over the years but I’ve always thought Bruce Dickinson is their best singer… that’s because Bruce is Iron Maiden. Bruce’s voice fits the band’s style of music perfectly. I’m a huge Iron Maiden fan and have been listening to them for quite a long while. I don’t have a lot of albums by them but just a couple of them — I’m trying to get into their music more, though. The only Iron Maiden albums I have by them are: “Fear of the Dark”, “The Book of Souls”, “The Final Frontier” and I have an “Anthology” 2 disc greatest hits album by them. I’m definitely planning on getting more Maiden albums ’cause my respect for them is immense.

As you can see above, Dickinson is releasing a memoir/autobiography on Oct.  19th of this year. I’m sure he’ll talk about topics like how he joined Iron Maiden, how he got into singing, his love for flying airplanes, tongue cancer and all that stuff. I’m sure it will be a pretty interesting book to read ’cause Bruce is an interesting guy. If you’ve read or have seen Bruce’s interviews with the music press, you would know that he’s smart and interesting. I like Bruce ’cause he’s an honest guy. If you’re one of those people who can’t take brutal truth then you’re probably not gonna like him. That’s why I like Bruce, he just says what’s on his mind and he doesn’t give a fuck. He maybe an outspoken guy but he seems like a nice man, though.

I’m definitely gonna buy this book. I’m sure he’ll go on an autograph tour for it too.


Milo Yiannopoulos lands book deal, “Dangerous” to be released March 14th…

I would definitely buy this book. I’ve been a big fan of Milo for a long while now. When this book comes out in stores, I wonder how many book stores in America will refuse to sell it? I’m feeling that some bookstores will ban the book just like some did to Dinesh D’ Souza.

The question you to have to ask is this, will Milo’s book titled, “Dangerous” become a huge bestseller? Oh yes, absolutely it would! I think it’ll sell big ’cause Milo is very popular. Milo is as big as Donald Trump so it’ll probably sell huge. So if you think it won’t sell and you think it could bomb in sales then you’re delusional.

I’m definitely gonna buy it when it comes out ’cause I’ve been reading Milo’s columns on Breitbart for a long while and I follow his youtube channel. He’s an entertaining as hell guy. Love how he tells the truth about Islam, Black Lives Matter and all that stuff.

I think it’s crazy that he got banned off of twitter over Leslie Jones in which he didn’t deserve that at all. It’s just that twitter hates conservatives and Donald Trump supporters. Period.

What got me interested in Milo? I started supporting him after the Florida nightclub shooting and that’s when Milo started telling the truth that Islam oppresses gays. That was when Milo’s popularity skyrocketed.

I’m looking forward to reading the book and I’ll buy it on hardcover when it comes out. It’s gonna be a good read for sure. I’ve been reading Milo’s columns on Breitbart, saw a few of his public speeches in youtube so I already know he’s interesting. I agree with most everything he says. He nails it on the head every time. Big fan of this guy! Congrats to him on the new book. I’m sure it will sell big!


Thinking about starting a comic book and graphic novel collection to read mostly Batman & Superman stuff…

For some reason, I find myself reading comics and graphic novels more. I don’t know why. I guess my interest in comics is growing. When I was a kid, I used to be a comic collector but I stopped for a long while. I’m thinking about getting back into them. Those three comics above were a gift from a friend of mine for Christmas. Never thought I would become a comic book collector but I thought I would finally get into them. Goal for 2017?

I could start buying comics and graphic novels online like amazon and Ebay maybe. I could also start buying them from the Comic Depot store in Saratoga Springs. I would like to start collecting mostly Batman & Superman stuff ’cause I’m a huge fan of both Batman & Superman. Why would I want to start collecting comics? Well most importantly, I like the stories so I’ll probably buy them to read. A lot of die-hard collectors like to collect them just to have them as a collector’s item ’cause they think they maybe worth something. Yeah, they could be worth something but I’ll just buy them ’cause I like the stories, ya know? I love Batman & Superman stories.

If I were to start buying comics again would I buy comics of other superheroes too? Maybe but not a whole lot. For Marvel comics, I would read the Punisher ’cause I love the Punisher. I love the Wolverine so I would read a lot of his comics too. I was never a big comic book reader but I should start.

As far as Batman goes, I’m becoming a huge Batman addict lately. I just love the stories and characters. I’ll try to get into more comics this year ’cause for some reason I find myself reading them more. Reading comics is actually pretty cool.