WTF??? Loser Hillary to release new book titled, “What Happened” in Sept. of this year… lmao…

Well… at least Hillary’s next book won’t have her ugly face on the front cover this time. Loser Hillary is set to release a new book titled, “What Happened”, a new tell-all book of her giving details of what it’s like to run for president. In other words, I’m sure this book will be nothing but full of whining and her pointing fingers at people like usual. I’m also sure the book will be full of Trump bashing. *yawn*

Hillary will never get over losing; and she will never get the hint that no one likes her. The people on the right-wing community hates her guts and even many on the left hates her guts. The only people who still love Hillary are those delusional die-hard leftists and there aren’t many of those people out there so it’ll be interesting to see how this book sells. I am predicting that this book will get quickly thrown in the bargain bin just like Hillary’s last book, “Hard Choices”.

Yeah, I read a lot of books on politics; but I refuse to read anything by Loser Hillary. I would much rather read these books on politics instead: Milo’s “Dangerous”, Mark Levin “Rediscovering Americanism”, Newt Gingrich “Understanding Trump”, Sharyl Attkisson “The Smear” and Dinesh D’ Souza’s new upcoming book, “The Big Lie”. If you want to read books on politics, read stuff like those. Don’t read any books by die-hard leftists. I’m actually interested in reading Milo’s book and will buy it soon.

Anyhow, FUCK HILLARY! I wish this evil cunt of a woman would go away forever. What happened is that the American people have spoken. We wanted Trump as president so we got him. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?


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