Amazing how overhyped “Fire and Fury” book is… forget that trash… get “American Pravda” instead…

So I went out to Barnes and Noble earlier today ’cause I wanted to pick up “American Pravda” book by James O’ Keefe which I have in my hand as you can see here. So I decided to do a little joking around by making fun of the “Fire and Fury” book by recommending people if they want to read real news read “American Pravda” and not that “Fire and Fury” trash by Michael Wolfe.

When I walked through the Barnes and Noble doors, it didn’t surprise me to see copies of “Fire and Fury” all over the place. It took me a while to find “American Pravda” and I found several copies on a shelf at B & N.

I see all this at B & N and I’m like, “Why is American Pravda kind of hard to find in the bookstore when ‘Fire and Fury’ is all over the fucking store?”.

Yeah, it’s no secret that major bookstores are very liberal. You won’t find many pro-Trump and pro-Republican books in them. You’ll find mostly liberal books in the “Current Affairs” section. While it is appalling that you’ll mostly see anti-Trump books at a bookstore, it’s no surprise to see all that, though.

It is funny as hell how Wolfe’s “Fire and Fury” is over-hyped to death, yet it’ll be a book no one wants to read. “Fire and Fury” will quickly go to the Bargain bin just like it happened with Hillary’s, “Hard Choices”. “Fire and Fury” is tabloid trash, “American Pravda” is real.

I’ve been a long time fan of James O’ Keefe’s Project Veritas for a long while. What he’s doing is good stuff and he is waking a lot of people up. I haven’t read “American Pravda” yet but gonna get around to it soon ’cause there’s other books that I need to get to.

O’ Keefe is doing a good job exposing Fake News Media. I’m going to tweet this pic to James O’ Keefe himself and see if he’ll retweet it. I’m sure he would.



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