Now that HBO Game of Thrones will be ending at Season 8, the series creators will be moving on to Star Wars next…

Well this is interesting. The creators of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” David Benioff and DB Weiss brought us the hit TV series, now we know what they’ll be up to next since they are ending the series at Season 8 next year. Looks like the two GOT creators will be moving on to write a new Star Wars series ’cause Lucasfilm hired them to do just that.

Game of Thrones writers doing Star Wars… does that now mean the new series will be R rated? Also full of sex, incest scenes and killing off characters that people like? I wouldn’t be surprised…

… all joking aside, I think this is interesting, though. You can expect “Game of Thrones” stars to star in their Star Wars films. I would like to see Emilia Clarke in a Star Wars film ’cause that would be cool and Peter Dinklage would be cool too.

Now you can see why the GOT’s cast and crew wants to be done with GOT’s so they can move on to other projects and this is exactly it. These two guys Benioff and Weiss spent half of their lives working on GOT and looks like they’ll spent the next decade or so working on Star Wars.

So we got the original series still going on, SW: Rogue One, SOLO: A Star Wars movie coming this year, the new Rian Johnson SW’s trilogy been announced and now this. I know this may seem weird, but George Lucas gave Disney the permission to make as many Star Wars films as they wanted so that’s exactly what they’re doing. Some are already fed up with all this, but Star Wars is a huge universe so you can create as much stories as possible. If all the Star Wars books can do this then why can’t the movies?

I think Disney is a doing a good job with Star Wars ’cause I’m liking everything they’re doing. “Rogue One” was good and Ron Howard’s “Solo” movie looks awesome. I used to like Star Trek more than Star Wars but I’m not liking the new Star Trek movies at all. I guess, I like Star Wars a lot more than Star Trek now.

It should have been no surprise to you that Disney will be interested in the Game of Thrones creators ’cause why? Watch the “Game of Thrones” show yourself. GOT’s is like Star Wars almost. Think about it, right?


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